Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 9 Cinderella (V) part 1

I wanted to leave here quickly but didn’t expect to take another task after entering.

Su Xingyu sat on the bed and waved at me, looking aloof but unaware that the blush in her cheeks had betrayed her.

“Troublesome.” I put aside some dissatisfaction and hesitantly pushed open the door timidly.

Su Xingyu had asked for a hat. The hat itself is not an issue, but it was the behavior for this hat.

Senior Xi Che had helped us so much, we unintentionally owed so many oceans. I’m really embarrassed to trouble him again, my heart is awkward.

“Hurry up.” When I looked back, she waved her hand at me again, acting like a boss.

Damn it!

If it weren’t for the fact that you’re still a hurt and I felt guilty, if it weren’t for the fact that you’re a little cute with a blushing face, if it weren’t for the fact that you’re a little funny even though you’ve been painted with a big face, I wouldn’t care about you1! Humph ╭(╯^╰)╮

I crept back to the living room of Xi Che’s single lounge and found that there was a man in the living room. His back was to me and he was chatting happily with Xi Che when I was suddenly struck by lightning. I ran back to the bedroom again, slamming the door.

I leaned my back against the door, my heart pounding, it felt like I had been caught on the spot doing something bad. Even if the man’s back was turned, I will never be wrong, because his red hair was as bright as the sun, and his ears, which were pierced with nails, were already deep in my mind…

It’s the Fire Prince who had the honor of getting his pants pulled down this morning!

It’s a sin to be stuck here!

I desperately prayed in my heart. He didn’t see me, he didn’t see me, he didn’t see me!

“Su Qianqian.” Su Xingyu had gotten up from the bed, composed herself, and came toward me. Asking me naturally, “Where’s the hat?”

I opened my mouth, not sure how I was going to explain to her that I was going to tell her that I had taken someone’s pants off and now the victim was coming to me! No, no, no, it’s so humiliating!

“Knock, knock, knock.” The sound of the knock rang with horror, a slight vibration passed through the door to my back and I brushed it off as if I was a startled bird, then quickly pressed against the door again, afraid that they would enter.

“Little sister Qianqian, what happened to you?” Senior Xi outside continues to knock on the door, “Do you need help?”

“No! No need.” I couldn’t help pinching my voice, changing it and then later realized that the Fire Prince had never heard my voice before.

Sure enough, Senior Xi also sensed my strangeness. His voice of worry came in, “You… Are you really all right?”

I was so anxious my brain suddenly lit up with a thought, “No, I suddenly had a stomach ache and wanted to go to the toilet. Oh, my stomach hurts, seniors don’t talk to us anymore. Ouch, ah.”

I didn’t hear Senior Xi Che talk anymore, but Hou Xi’s2 mocking voice came in, “Che, what kind of woman did you rescue and bring back. It’s stupid, don’t do this kind of boring thing in the future…”

You’re stupid! You have stupid written all over your body!

“Tell me, what are you doing?” Su Xingyu’s tone was clear, using one hand propped up against the door behind me3, putting me in between her and the door, asking me with her head bent down condescendingly.

She is much taller than me. Her body looks thin and frail, but in certain places it is not small at all. I lowered my head slightly, and my chin can poked her developed part! Correct! The unspeakable parts.

I felt so oppressed in this small space that I blushed and tried to push her away, but because of my height my hands pushed right into the two lumps of soft…chest!

1 Lol I guess Cinderella likes the Overbearing President who’s also a tsundere?
2 As a little reminder, Hou Xi is the “Prince of Fire”
3 Oh my! A kabedon!

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