Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 9 Cinderella (V) part 2

The accident came too fast, like a tornado.

I held my breath, my brain went blank. The average person holding things in their hands will squeeze by habit, and I am no exception. The gentle touch under my hands told me, yes, Su Qianqian, you are molesting someone else.

Su Xingyu’s face changed at the rate of one hundred milliseconds per second: fair, pink, reddish, red, crimson to smoke…

“Ah!!! Asshole! Shame on you! Go join with the hooligans!”



I was pushed away from her so violently that I didn’t have time to react before she hurried out. My reflexes caught up with me, and at the same time the door she had casually opened flew closed, so…

My head was caught in the door!

Under Su Xingyu’s frightened screams of fear and the double pounding of the door, I only had her in my eyes, my feet kept chasing her.

“Just listen and let me explain!”

I didn’t mean to, I’m not a hooligan!

“I won’t listen! You’re a hooligan!”

Su Xingyu covered her ears. Like a good woman molested by a hooligan, she quickly fled, and ran out of the Senior Xi Che’s single lounge.

My life is innocent! It’s going to be destroyed by this woman’s hands!

I didn’t dare to see the reaction of Senior Xi Che and the Fire Prince and ran out after her.

She has long legs, plus my body, where can I outrun her? Tired and panting, I suddenly shouted in anger, “Su Xingyu! Stop!”

Su Xingyu slowly stopped and I immediately seized the opportunity to catch up.

Afraid that she might run again, I spread out my arms in front of her and apologized, “I’m sorry, did your chest get hurt by me?”

The words, I really wanted to scrape my mouth off. Which pot does not open, opens and the more you do not say the more you mention, it is futile!

Su Xingyu also seemed to be angry at my words, her chest constantly rising and falling. Then she… She twisted my ears!

“You, you- you let go of me! It hurts!” I had to bend my head and follow her strength, for fear that she will twist my ears off if I wasn’t careful.

“You rogue!” Su Xingyu held my ears, pulling left and right. I wanted to cry from the pain, also saying, “I didn’t think expect with your young age and innocent little face, that you’re actually lecherous!”

“I said I didn’t do it on purpose!” I protected my ears in order to get out of trouble, and said without thinking, “Big deal, you can touch it back!”

I felt the atmosphere become a smooth stagnation. I began to regret my words, how can I say these kinds of words, where can a girl’s chest be casually touched?

I wanted to repent, I didn’t expect Su Xingyu to refuse first, her words were very irritated, “Forget it, your Wang Zi1 buns have nothing to touch, even men have more curves than you.”

Damn it! This is simply intolerable!

I can go back on my word, but you can’t go back on yours! You don’t want to touch it, but I want you to!

Impulsively, I grabbed her hand and placed it on my chest, proudly asking, “Am I bigger than Wang Zi buns?”

The author has something to say:
Su Qianqian: Am I bigger than Wang Zi buns?
What should Su Xingyu answer next?
Ps: Today my mother and sister let me eat a lot of walnuts. They said that walnuts fill up the brain. Why don’t they eat it on their own?So much boredom I want to vomit, I can’t love walnuts again.

1 What a savage!! Link or another example page 13 and 14

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