Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 8 Cinderella (IV) part 2

I was so angry, for a moment I became bold, and actually stretched my evil hand towards her…


After finishing, the water stains on my chest were almost dry, so I escaped from the room with a guilty conscience.

There is more than the one bedroom in the “single-man lounge” with a living room outside. I walked out in embarrassment, sitting on the sofa with two cups on the coffee table was Senior Xi Che.

“How’s your friend?” With a gentle smile in the corner of his mouth, he looked like an exceptionally good-looking brother next door.

I couldn’t help but relax and said back cheerfully, “She’s asleep now. There should be nothing wrong, thank you very much Senior Xi Che. If it wasn’t for you, I really don’t know what I would have done, you’re such a good person!”

“Ha ha.” The senior student waved me to sit down and picked up the cup on the coffee table, “I haven’t done anything yet, and little sister already gave me a nice card.”

“Hey, hey.” I didn’t really understand the meaning of the senior’s words, so I could only smile to cover up my embarrassment.

“I don’t know what sister loves to drink. This is the coffee I just brewed, do you want to try it?”

“I only drink Nestle’s coffee!” I blurted out. In fact, I didn’t just drink Nestle, but only Nestle’s instant coffee, which is only a dollar a pack and cheaper than mineral water.

“Nestle?” Senior Xi Che probably didn’t expect that I was picky, and then he pulled out his cell phone and said, “Then I will immediately ask someone to buy it for you…”

“Ah, no, no, no, no, no,” I really didn’t expect him to be so serious, but it made me embarrassed. Quickly waving my hand, “Senior Xi Che I’m joking, I’m not picky!”

To prove that I wasn’t lying, I hurriedly picked up my cup and took a big sip. I stuck my tongue out, good lord it was too hot! But it tastes a little better than Nestle.

I frowned and drank a few mouthfuls, then turned the cup upside down and looked at the senior with pride.

“Cough, cough.” Senior Xi Che faked a few coughs to hide his admiration for me, then took a slow, light sip of his coffee and asked if I wanted another cup.

“No!” I refused loudly, then realizing that I was too decisive and rude to refuse, I mended my ways and changed the subject, “Senior Xi Che your coffee is delicious, where did you buy it, how much is a cup, is it expensive?”

“This is civet coffee, and it’s not expensive. I grind it myself. It’s only five or six thousand dollars.”

Five or six thousand dollars.

Six thousand dollars.

Thousands of dollars.

Only dollars.


And that’s all.


The words of Senior Xi Che went like a screen in my mind, leaving me dumbfounded. One American dollar can probably be exchanged for seven yuan, so a few sips just now I drank on! Ten thousand! The RMB stuff!

This can’t be true…

I fell down on the sofa and couldn’t concentrate on what he had said to me. My mouth tasted the taste of the most expensive coffee I have ever had, holding a cup in my hand.

I’ve drunk more than 30,000 yuan in one gulp, and I can’t feel my conscience, so can I spit it out? Do you want more?

I started to calculate in my head, I can save about two hundred dollars a month in a normal job, excluding what I have to use for household and other necessities, then I can save two thousand four hundred dollars a year, about fifteen years later, I will be able to repay this cup of heavenly water I drank on impulse, of course, only if the seniors don’t count my interest…

Why do I always feel like I’m being blackmailed, ah! Could the original purpose of Senior Xi Che was this…

I have a bitter face, want to cry, let my mouth be cheap, drink everything

Don’t cry, don’t cry! I self-deprecatingly comforted myself, Su Qianqian, you are now someone who has drunk more expensive coffee than gold, can’t you have some ambition? When you’re educated, you’ll be able to save up to $20,000 a month, not to mention $200!

Thinking so, I began to feel better immediately. So can’t I pay it off in more than a month?

Sure enough, knowledge changes fate! The teacher is right! 

My ears moved, I heard a small sound in the room, and immediately ran over happily. I didn’t even have time to excuse myself from senior. I wanted to get out of this hellhole that had cost me 35,000 grand!

The author has something to say:

Today’s a double shift as well. @x@

There may have been more later

Since it’s a dual viewpoint of Cinderella and Mary Sue, the rivalry between the two will be described from both perspectives and there will also be repetitive parts, so will this be annoying?

Translator: Hey does anybody here make bad dad jokes?? Cause I do. And I’m not even a dad…or a male. I brought it up because I had a dream where I dropped three quarters and it rolled under a table and someone told me to “hurry up.” I responded with “just roll with it” and laughed until I cried. Ugh I”m so bad with jokes.

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