Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 7 Mary Sue (IV) part 1

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A warm yellow light flowing in and a soft bed was very suitable for a sleeping environment. My long eyelashes trembled, waking up like sleeping beauty, and I slowly opened my eyes lazily.

It’s an unfamiliar environment, where is this? As I thought of this I remembered my body and I felt a tingling pain coming from my forehead.

I lifted my hand and touched it.

Oh my god! It was a big bump on my forehead, ah! Who!

Who is willing to destroy this flower, who is the one who is so ignorant, who is it!!

The thought of my beautiful face, with a big bump of destructive nature on my forehead, this … This is too funny!

I gently held my forehead, looking around the room in silence, while trying to recall what had happened before I was unconscious.

Only a few dozen square meters of the super small room, but the decoration is still pleasing to the eyes. The room was simple, except for a desk and a bed, there was a chandelier on the ceiling and the light was slightly dim. The room is clean but crowded, it should be because someone lives here.

Although it is a bit small, it doesn’t look like it’s a problem. With no discomfort to my body except for my forehead, I relaxed a little.

But as the memory before the coma came back, I suddenly became nervous again. I remember that in addition to the lost girl, there was a man, which made me vigilant.

It’s not that I think too much, but I am very beautiful. Even a woman would feel confused in her heart, so for a man? There is no doubt. Unless he’s gay…

People who are too beautiful are always destined to live a longer life, however, because the world is always greedy, they do not have the ability to protect their own beauty.  

Fortunately, God gave me the world-famous face but also gave me superhuman wisdom. Before the door was pushed open, I quickly crawled back into the bed pretending to be asleep.

Sleeping was the most advantageous plan of the forty-nine scenarios I analyzed in just a few seconds. Although the light turns into darkness, it also minimizes the vigilance of the enemy, giving me an invincible position.

I closed my eyes to breathe gently, carefully listening to the sound of the person’s footsteps. Judging his gender, age, status, height, strength, and so on.

They’re coming closer! Coming at a brisk pace, it must be a woman, about fifteen years old, less than one meter and a half, and speaks non-standard Mandarin. Don’t ask me why I can hear so much information from the footsteps, because they will speak as soon as they come in!

“Wow, you’re finally awake?” She quickly walked to the bed with a surprise voice, scaring me to quickly cover my head with the quilt.

“I’m not awake so go away!”

“Haha! “

Her unbridled laughter made me realize how silly my words were, suddenly causing some shame. I definitely did not say what I just said! I tucked the quilt, exposing half of my face, staring at her with a cold and noble glare at her. Stupid girl, who are you laughing at?

“Well, I’m not laughing at you, I’m not laughing at you. I really didn’t laugh at you.” She explained to me by covering her mouth. Smirking so that both her small eyes were squinted and ugly. If she had valid reason to convince me, I would like to be forgiven, humph. ╭ (╯-╰) ╮

“I’m laugh-… laughing… Laughing at myself! Yes, I laughed at myself. How can I be so stupid!”

I looked at her with a little pity, but when I thought of when she saved me, I gave a comforting voice: “It doesn’t matter, for you to have this self-knowledge is rare and valuable.”

Her smile was slightly reluctant, probably not the best comfort, what a fragile heart. I am sincere when it comes to comforting a person, naturally I will not give up halfway. I continue to persuade, “people are born stupid, you don’t need to feel inferior.” 

“Ha ha.”  

I saw her gradually open up, and it was rare to get a bowl of chicken broth from her1.

“Sometimes being a little bit stupid is a blessing, after all, the greater the power the greater the responsibility. For example, although I know I’m smart, who knows how much distress I can get? Sometimes I really want to be as stupid as you…” 

“Did you take your medicine today?” 

I gradually into a depressive mood, but the stupid girl suddenly asked an unrelated question. What was the connection between the two?

“Naturally the answer is a no.”

I continued to show only half a face as I kept under my quilt. Ever since I was small I had to pay great attention to health, avoiding pickled veggies and junk food. Not only did I not get cancer, even the common cold was small and few, how can I take medicine for no reason? 

“No wonder…” the stupid girl said nervous, still covering half her face with her hands. Two small eyes twirled around, with a cute silly look. This girl is really interesting, I really can’t figure out what goes through her mind. 

“I’ll tell you, people can be stupid sometimes, but don’t be too stupid. It really is nothing if you’re stupid, as long as …”

“As long as you study every day, you can gather nine dragons to exchange IQ, right?” She interrupted me, looking forward to it. 

1 I can’t wrap my head around it so…¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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