Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 6 Cinderella (III) part 2

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  ”You you you you you you-” I was so angry that I vomited blood and pushed her away hard. Is this how you repay me?

  The first time I kissed a person, it was not a gentle good-looking student, nor a handsome captain in military uniform, nor a domineering president in a suit. Even a hero in a colorful suit and stepping on evil would be fine. But the dream has been disillusioned and destroyed!

  Bastards, hooligan, asshole. Shameless, shameless, shameless!

  ”Humph!” I gritted my teeth and ran away trying not to let the tears flow down my eyes. The first kiss for a girl is important, how can she do this!

  I remembered what my mother said to me.

  Qianqian, to be a good girl.

  Qianqian, don’t let people easily touch you!

  ”Mom…… humph, I’m sorry. Qianqian let people touch, and was tarnished oooh……”

  While I was weeping, my heart grew with regret. I know… I already know after saving her, only to stop and leave her!

  I hatefully kick the ground, and treat the ground as the one who needed retribution. I’ll kick you to death1!

  ”Ah! It hurts!”

The pain made me jump on my feet in my arms! Even the ground bullied me!

  ”Hahaha, sister, look at that girl, that person is so stupid!”

  ”Just talk about it, ignore them and look ahead and be careful otherwise you will end like her.”

  ”I won’t~ my sister will hold me anyway. Unlike like that idiot!”


  I was completely stagnant until the two girls’ voices moved further and further, before I shyly put my foot down.

  It’s so humiliating, I’ve been seen! I was sitting on the steps, burying my head in my knees, and deluded myself. Fortunately, I had my back towards them.

  But at this point in time there are still people hanging out…someone is hanging out…someone…

  My eyes suddenly opened and I got up violently. I couldn’t care about the pain of my foot and ran out again.

  Don’t let anything bad happen! Please!

  ”What are you doing! Let go of her!”

  I ran back, exhausted, and I saw a man in a white shirt trying to misbehave. I felt a cold sweat from the terror and hurriedly shouted loudly.

  With such a large audience, is he afraid to do anything? I was bold enough to push him away and pulled the girl back to my side.

  ”Don’t touch her! Be careful or I will kick your little egg!”

  I gritted and threatened again. There must be no compromise when encountering such things. They must be severely intimidated, otherwise they will only become more aggressive. And I heard that men are afraid of this trick, especially for this baby.

  I felt the girl in my arms holding onto me tightly and quickly forgot what she had done earlier for a while. I felt guilty, she was just scared, and now… how scared she must have been, Will this leave a shadow over her heart?

  She buried her head on me, her voice seemed to be crying, begging me to say, “Take me away.”

  How could this be?

  My eyes are sour again. How can I leave a girl with no support and nowhere to go and run away alone?

  The trust and dependence in her words made me so ashamed that I couldn’t even lift my head.

  ”Students, I have no malice. She didn’t seem to be very comfortable, so I wanted to help send her to the infirmary.” The soft and clean voice reminded me that I almost forgot that there was a third party.

  I looked up and was suddenly sluggish.

  A white boy in white clothes who looked clean like a stream of water.

  The clothes were beautiful, elegant, and gentle.

  I heard my heart thumping, and it took awhile for me to react. Stuttering a reply, “This … Well if the infirmary needed. She… She should not have a serious illness.”

  ”Don’t go… Don’t go to the infirmary.”

  The slightly resisting voice made me recover from the shock, but I continued to blush. I actually became a nympho in this situation!

  ”I have a single-person lounge not far away. If you don’t mind, you can take a break for a while.”

  He smiled slightly, his smile was clear, so I couldn’t help but believe him, nodded and said: “I don’t mind, of course! Thank you classmate.” 

  As soon as I finished speaking, I regretted it. Although he does not look like a bad guy, he looks so good… but this decision was too hasty. I don’t even know his name! But the water is spilled, you can’t get it back.

  Unexpectedly, he seemed to be able to see through my thoughts, and actually introduced himself interactively: “I’m Xi Che, a third-year senior, you can just call me by my name.”

  ”Senior Xi Che, thank you so much. My name is Su Qianqian!”

  The name Xi Che really fits his temperament, but it feels familiar, is it ape dung2?

The author has something to say:

Ah! I slept too early last night, but I forgot to send it. Forgive me QAQ today.

1 Floor: QAQ

2 Monkey dung is someone you find obnoxious so basically she was getting bad vibes from him??

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