Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 6 Cinderella (III) part 1

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With anger, I defeated the scumbag teacher and successfully rescued the girl who was almost ruined. I can already imagine the picture of tomorrow’s headlines.

  Fairy tale Version: “The Valiant Girl, the Evil Demon King, Saves the Princess”

  -The princess took up the knife and was deciding to end her life. Farewell to this dirty world. Suddenly, the gate that held her prisoner was kicked open. A girl with a cold face and deep eyes, holding a magic scepter, summoned a bright light. She raised her magic scepter towards the villain, and began to recite the mantra with a cold voice: “Evil Demon King, this Warrior Su Qianqian judges you on behalf of justice today! Bright power!”

  Social Edition: “Anger!” The Fork School reproduces the event!

  ——Beijing time on September 1, 20XX, the teacher of XYZ at the registration office, actually during work hours, while no one was there, intended to assault the pure and innocent girl. [anger] [anger] [anger]1

  Fortunately, at the key moment another girl bravely stood out, attacking the teacher, and then fled with the student in hand.

  The male teacher is so mad and fearless, is this the destruction of humanity or the loss of morality? And how will this incident be handled? Please continue to pay attention to morals and laws. [smile]

  Gossip Edition: “The Female Student Next Door Dare to Fight with the Evil Force”

  Hey hey, you can’t make the female heroine Su Qianqian who fought the rogue next door and kicked the scumbag? What? Don’t know?! [Shock] [Shock] [Shock] You don’t even know Su Qianqian, are you a brethren from Saturn? Su Qianqian is going to be a great hero written in a textbook in the future. Go and buy a copy of “Su Qianqian’s Great Life” and read it. Stupid illiterate2

  Hey, hey, I’m falling into a beautiful imagination. Suddenly, my neck was tightly held. As I wasn’t checking where I was going, I staggered and almost fell down. Fortunately I held to the wall next to me in time.

  What’s the matter? What are you doing?

  This is spring drug3. Is the medicine attacking? It definitely is! Don’t rub against me! This person kept pushing me against the wall and I started to panic. She wouldn’t want to ××oo me, right?

  Oh my god,

  She started to undress!

  She started to undress!!

  She started to undress!!!

  The important things have to be said three times4!!!!

  She pulled a big piece of the front of her already messy clothes off. I accidentally looked over and saw what I wasn’t supposed to see. Suddenly, my small heart thumped, and a burst of heat rushed to my face. Oh my God. Is it a cow? So big!

  My eyes are bleeding spicy. You’re going into heat, aren’t you?

  ”Hey, don’t pull your clothes!”

  I shouted in a panic, in broad daylight with that kind of body!

  ”Don’t pull my clothes!”

  She didn’t just pull her own, but she started to pull mine as well! I was so scared and in a hurry to protect myself. I didn’t want the headlines of the next day to change from the heroine Su Qianqian to the unlucky girl who was innocently taken (assaulted) by the spring girl.

  At the thought of this overwhelming scandal about us, I couldn’t help wailing:

“Miss! I beg you not to pull it. Can I call your mother?” That’s it!

  Can’t you learn from me?

  She’s only staring back at me! Look… Look… Look! It’s like I’ve bullied her, it’s a wicked witch!

  Looking at her deliberately making miserable eyes, I couldn’t help but be soft-hearted. The purple pupil looks like she’s wearing a beauty lens, but it doesn’t come as unnatural. Her face is so close to me I can see her whole face clearly.

  Deep eye sockets, high nose bridge, lips you could be jealous of, and a beautiful mole between the eyebrows, like the doll I played with when I was a kid, only more delicate.

  Ignoring the extremely weird temperament when I first saw her, the messy clothes, and the face like the sunset. The appearance of the beauty was really… It’s strangely seductive…

  ”It’s really troublesome…”

  Forget it, I actually have a life-like feeling. She broke away and I moved to hug her so that she couldn’t move anymore. I didn’t expect this person to become intrusive. I’ll just hold her tighter. If it were a man, maybe he couldn’t hold it on the spot and pounce.

  Humph, it’s a pity that I am a woman.╭(╯^╰)╮

  But this is not the way to go. I try to ignore people who smell and smell like dogs on me. This school is so big, should there be many toilets? The key now is to first find a bathroom to let her wake up and let her know who saved her regardless of danger and trouble, hum!

  ”I’m telling you, be good. I’ll take you to a place to sober up.” I tried to remember if I saw the toilet anywhere in this big school.

  As long as this is a teaching building, there should be toilets, right? Then I wasn’t afraid of getting lost. When the cold water is poured on her, all our problems will be solved.

  ”When you sober up, you don’t need to repay me for anything. After all, we are all successors of socialism…” After I relaxed, I couldn’t help talking, but when I looked up, I was suddenly terrified.

  The face that I just looked at carefully, zoomed in quickly in front of my eyes until her nose was against the tip of my nose…


  I forgot to breathe.

  I’m being kissed!

  Mouth to mouth!

  Then she licked me!

  And bit me!

  My god!

  She’s a female!

  Ten thousand grass and mud horses gallop past me!

  Then rushed back just as crazy!

  Back and forth!

1 Important things need to be mentioned three times
2 Really stupid. So stupid I went stupid. I didn’t really understand it when translating this (= ﹃=)
3 Aphrodisiac
4 I agree

Translator: I need to say two things
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2. Sigh… I scratched a pimple and now it hurts. 🙁

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