Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 5 Mary Sue (III) part 2

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But her head eventually disappeared with an elegant back.

My heart is confused, and I couldn’t believe it. Is it because I took the advantage, so you left?

Does she know who she left behind?

Don’t go…… Don’t leave me…..

But as time passes little by little, I can no longer deceive myself. She really left me…

My body is getting hotter and hotter, mixed with sweat, but I have nothing in mind. I just want to cry. I don’t know what the consequences would be if someone else came passing by, but the thought of such a possibility made me shiver. The nightmare of Liang Muran1 tearing my clothes apart and holding onto my wrist and ankle appeared over and over again in my mind. Why should I come to this school?!

I touched the wall with my hand and tried to stand up, but my fingers grabbed the wall and slipped down again and again. I blame her. If you are going to leave me then don’t save me in the beginning. Don’t give me hope ah!

I heard the sound of footsteps, full of hope, I looked up but I saw a pair of men’s leather shoes…

“Student, are you all right?”

Go! I’ll be fine as long as you’re far away!

“I’m Xi Che, do you need help?”

Don’t, don’t. They are all big liars with human faces, and they will eventually leave me. Go roll!

I curled myself up into a ball. Don’t come over, don’t come…

“You don’t look good, I’ll take you to the infirmary. If you don’t talk, I’ll take it as you agree with me.”

He crouched down and began to approach me. I couldn’t believe his words, my whole body was almost overwhelmed by despair.

Sure enough, I heard him breathe heavily, like a camel overwhelmed by the last straw, and I burst into tears from despair.

The strange breath surrounded me. My heart is rejecting, but my body couldn’t help but want to approach him. I hate this kind control over my body!

“What are you doing! Let go of her!”

Like the voice of heaven, no one was indeed willing to leave me. I heard her eager footsteps and the voice of anger.

“Don’t touch her! Be careful or I will kick your little egg! “

…… Well, although it is a little vulgar, it inexplicably moved me. In her arms again, I don’t think of the person in front and tightly embrace her, with a hoarse voice that said: “Take me away.” 

I don’t want to lose face in front of strangers, especially a man.

“Students, I have no malice. She didn’t seem to be very comfortable, so I wanted to help send her to the infirmary. “

No, don’t believe him. With this kind of superficial gentle person, the heart is most likely dirty!

“This … Well if the infirmary needed. She… She should not have a serious illness. “

What should I say, I am not sick! And don’t take me to the infirmary! The thought of me being seen by more people as I am now is a disgrace.

“Don’t go… Don’t go to the infirmary.” I pulled her clothes tightly for fear that she would be seduced by the stinking man.

“I have a single-person lounge not far away. If you don’t mind, you can take a break for a while.”

“I don’t mind, of course! Thank you classmate. “

“I’m Xi Che, a third-year senior, you can just call me by my name.”

“Xi Che, thank you so much, my name is Su Qianqian!”

As I listened to them talk, my heart was running!

1 SCUM!!!

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