Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 5 Mary Sue (III) part 1

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The smallest friction only causes me to be more on fire. I can only see a red mist in front of me. I unconsciously tightened my arms and hugged the source around me. The friction made my body feel a little better but it is still very uncomfortable. Rubbing against her only ignited more heat but I’m trying to relieve this grieving goblin.

The clothes on my body have become a burden to me, so I want to take them off.

“Hey, don’t pull your clothes!”

But I’m so hot…

“Don’t pull my clothes!”

Well, it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable it is…

“Miss! I beg you not to pull it. Can I call your mother?”

You’re the mother! Your whole family is a big mother!

“I will leave you!”

She actually yelled at me! Shouted at me. I opened my big watery eyes, not talking, just looked at her.

“It’s really troublesome…”

She was indeed moved by my beauty. Indulged in my shining eyes and wanting to say something, moved to give me a hug.

“Ah, tighter”.

At this moment it feels very good to be hugged. I can’t help rubbing, burying my head in her neck and shoulder and sniffing deeply. Unlike the variety of wonderful aromas I was born with, she only has a faint smell of milk. I don’t know if it’s the medicine, but I don’t hate the smell. Instead I feel that it smells very good. How can it smell good when compared to milk?

“I’m telling you, be good. I’ll take you to a place to sober up. When you sober up, you don’t need to repay me for anything. After all, we are all successors of socialism…” As the stupid girl chattered, I looked at her, with a dizzy look, at her small mouth. My heart actually burst with an impulse, I want her to shut up!


I kissed her…

The fragrance is soft and the lips skin-friendly. But this is not enough, not enough! I had an impulse to go further. I eagerly stuck out my tongue and licked eagerly, then wrapped it in my mouth and sucked hard.

It’s over! Finished! I actually let a short and stupid girl of the same sex take the first kiss!

Son of a bitch! Jerk! Unexpectedly, the stupid girl was this stupid! There are a lot of people after me, and she was the first to succeed.

Her scheme is really good ah. First she deliberately pretended not to be amazed by me nor have a special feeling for me and aroused my interest. Then in my dangerous time acted as hero to save me and brush my good feelings when I am in my drugged state and seduced me. Now that you get a kiss from me your expression gave a look of surprise and panic. This very careful and calculating girl. You are very good, you have successfully attracted my attention!

“You you you you you you- ” the stupid girl seemed happily unable to speak and at a loss accidentally pushed me. My legs went soft and fell to the ground.

Ouch! This goddess ass! I frowned in pain, the ground was not layered with comfortable carpets. So is it suitable for the ground?!

My butt suffered twice, coupled with the body’s discomfort, and the fear of the drug incident caused me to cry from feeling wronged. But the stupid girl actually humphed me, turned around, and left.

Why did she leave me? What the hell is this! She… was actually willing to leave me… this…… this can’t be true!

You stupid girl, come back~ ah. I won’t call you stupid girl again@x@.

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  1. Omg, not sure about this whole situation. Hope she does come back to help out this poor drugged student. Also, hope the teacher is immediately thrown to prison for a long time.

    Thank you releasing this chapter!

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