Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 4 Cinderella (II) part 2

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Seeing a man, with his back to me, violently tearing the woman’s clothes. The woman’s hands and feet were caught when resisting.

“Baby is really naughty, this place can’t be kicked, the teacher will get hurt.”

His mother is mentally handicapped! Mischievous your brother, dead scum die!

Seeing this scum under the teacher’s job but just as savage as a student, the anger in my heart exploded. I could no longer help it and ran into the office to pick up a solid chair. Smashing it onto his back!

The strong rebound made my hand numb, and the chair almost came out of hand. But I firmly held it with a strong grip.

This social scum, see if this female hero doesn’t destroy you! Dirty human, die! Look at me, and I’ll send you to hell!

I am strong as superwoman. Striking a few times so the villain would  be knocked down to the ground and let him bleed.

“Where’s the stinky girl? Dare to be bad, see if this father does not kill you!”

Dare to call me stinky girl. Has he forgotten the shame of getting beaten by me? Well!

This kind of person doesn’t deserve to talk to me at all, but… But looking at him he is at least twenty-five centimetres taller than me. Coupled with his face covered with blood looked particularly vicious. I felt scared, my legs felt soft, clearly those blood was when I hit him!

Is it too late to drop my weapon and run away, right? I had some cowardly thoughts.

But even if the obviously drugged person was really an asshole, I can’t say that the victim is someone I know. Even if I didn’t know, I can’t just turn a blind eye ah!

If I run away on my own and leave her behind, what kind of encounter will I face? I can’t imagine how desperate it would be if it was me in this situation, a girl of a wonderful age. I’m afraid it will leave a shadow over my life. 

“You you you you you you – you let her go! Otherwise see if I don’t blow up your little eggs! “

I fiercely roared, trying to rely on the momentum to overwhelm this animal teacher. He had better be frightened by me, throw his armor, and then kneel for mercy crying.

Maybe my words were too strong, I actually saw him shaking. There was also a hint of shock in his eyes.

Well, it seems that my anger is indeed enough. My self-confidence rose instantly, and the hands on the solid chair were thrown at the beastly teacher.

One arm on one side of his body blocked my hidden weapon, the play was only just beginning!

The pepper spray I had prepared in my hand sprayed his eyes, and he couldn’t stand it. Covering his eyes he started screaming and sneezed.

“Stinky girl, I’m going to kill you! Come out! Get out here!! “

The teacher of the beast, with his eyes closed, his face bruised, looked like a madman.

It’s terrible.

So I picked up a solid chair, went behind him, and smashed it hard.


He completely fell to the ground. I’m not sure, afraid that he might get up, smashed it more on his head. Although it’s bleeding, with this much blood he shouldn’t die. I shed so much blood every month, but am I still not living?

“Hey! Are you okay? Let’s run!” I called a few times, but she did not respond. I had to help her walk, and passing the teacher came a weak voice, intermittently.

This woman is really tall ah. I put a hand around my neck. She also slightly leaned over and bared all of her weight on me.

There is no one around and holding such a tall person is like holding a pig. It made me exhausted. Huu~ Huu~

She seems to be awake!

“Oh, how are you so heavy?”

The person is heavy. I can’t help complaining, do you know how hard it is? Can’t even get up and go on your own! But…… But why is this girl so cheeky?

“What did you eat to grow up looking thin, but heavy like a pig!”

Not only heavy, but also grow so tall. What did you eat, ah. I also want to buy. I may be sixteen years old but I should still be able to grow, right?

The author has something to say:

I want to grow too. @x@

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