Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 4 Cinderella (II) part 1

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The speechlessness in my heart could not be described in words. I’m lost! Lost! If I knew it this would I wouldn’t have run away alone. I continued in this maze-like place that I had gotten out with that strange girl just now! If getting lost is also a skill, I will be able to easily win the advanced lost qualification certificate!

At this time I am not so anxious, it is better to first probe the school environment anyway. Since I am already late, one minute late is late, ten minutes late is late, one hour late is also late!

…… Well, that’s probably true, but I’m still a little underwhelmed.

Nanfeng High School is worthy of being ranked the world’s first high school. The scenery alone is beautiful.

Although it is located in a bustling city, the area is not small, and it also had a luxurious blend of pastoral style.

The golden sun enveloped the school, giving a little hazy feeling, so that the school added a mystery. In the huge fields, there are a variety of flowers that cannot be named, forming a beautiful sea of flowers.

The school complex, with two distinct styles, one side is European style, like a castle, the appearance of the green and gray is more solemn and awe-inspiring. But next to a row of romantic cherry trees planted a lively scene and completed each other.

On the other side is the style of the ancient pavilions, carved columns of jade, and flowing bridges with red maple trees along the road.

When the two styles merge together, it does not feel strange, but has just the right harmony to complement each other. Which made me feel that it is not enough to just see. I wish I could have a few more pairs of eyes!

I will be studying in this beautiful school, I’m so happy ah, “\(≧▽≦)/ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I look around while walking down the street, but still didn’t meet another person. It feels as if I am in my own castle, my own world. Eventually I jump up and down happily when I saw a sign with big words for the new registration office in front of the teaching building. The registration office for new students was thousands of miles away!

“Even the registration office is extravagant, isn’t it?”

I looked at this castle-like place and said to myself that this school has been a serious blow to my self-confidence… Will the toilet be even more luxurious than my home?!

Humph! I must work hard in the future, and strive to make my home as luxurious as the Nanfeng School toilet! I’m sure I can do it!

Sue Qianqian, come on! Let’s go!

I take a step with high spirits and into the new registration office. My heart rose and filled with great pride. Isn’t a pond still a pool1? I, Su Qianqian, am not a normal person. I got admitted into Nanfeng High School tuition free!

I knocked on a few doors, there seemed to be no one here. The school’s big disadvantage came, it was empty everywhere. Finally, I seem to hear someone’s voice.

“Beauty, so beautiful, a natural stunner.”

A natural stunner? What is? The person inside seems to be doing something and I am hesitant to bother him.

“Get off me!”

Oh, the sound is familiar.

“If you dare to touch me, I might as well not let you live! Go die! “

It’s her! This bright voice, that made me lose my temper! What is their situation?

The woman’s words are full of malice and threats and I can’t help but get nervous. I am not deliberately eavesdropping on their words, but they didn’t lock the door. I came to sign up and do the right thing ah. I have a valid reason!

“Baby is really shy! Let the teacher know what is life and death!”

The next move shocked me, Nani2?!! What is this situation? Office play? A teacher-student love affair?

These explicit words made my shy face flush with shame, even to the roots of my ears. This is too – too much!

Wait that’s not right! That woman’s nervous words are obviously a rejection and she is also a new student, so she shouldn’t know the teacher here, so … So?!

I suddenly remembered some of the news broadcasts I’ve seen before, xx school xx teacher, taking advantage of their position. Did this kind of thing happen in real life and right in front of me?

The office door was not closed. I opened the door to quietly look in and the picture in front of me suddenly lit a fire within. A sense of justice burst out, asshole! Animal!

1 Umm I think what she was trying to say was that even if she wasn’t elite she was still just as great? I don’t know to to word it better

2 Yes. She actually said that

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  1. Cool cool cool. Glad to see the female lead is not one to trust blindly and is a bit snoopy.

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