Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 3 Mary Sue (II) part 2

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I clenched my teeth, my eyes began to turn red, and even my hair began to turn slowly to red, which is a sign of my anger.

“If you dare to touch me, I might as well not let you live! Go die!”

The word of a threat, I am not joking, moved me. I don’t mind letting him know what it is called a hundred torture. He must not survive, cannot survive!

If he turned back now, let me go, and had asked for mercy. I would let him keep his body whole.

“Baby is really shy! Let the teacher know what is life and death!”

Deep in his skin, he’s a beast! I began to panic, he put one hand on my shoulder, and began to tear my clothes!

Don’t! Don’t! My heart keeps rejecting, but under the drug my body became soft, hot, and actually obeyed his beastly behavior.

No, no, no! With a hard heart, I bit the tip of my tongue. Pain and my sweet blood instantly sobered me a lot and even gave some strength back.

I stretched and reached for the face of a human but the heart of a beast. At the same time, I exhausted all the strength with one foot in between his legs, I must run away!

“Baby is really naughty.” I didn’t think I’d hit it at all and I was easily picked up by Liang Muran. He held my slender wrist in one hand and my ankle with another hand. Pretending to be helpless said, “This place can’t be kicked, the teacher will get hurt.”

My hands and feet were psychologically disgusted. Listening to his words is a desire to kill and whip his dead body. But the pain on my tongue retreated and the body became more sour and hot. Even biting the tongue did not work.

Am I going to be ruined by a scum like this? I closed my eyes and my heart goes cold. Countless thoughts in my heart flashed, and finally only left three thoughts.

I will definitely kill Liang Muran.

Don’t eat things from strangers.

If…… If anyone saves me, I’ll…


The loud noise frightened me to open my eyes, and then I was startled by the picture in front of me.

It’s her, it’s her!

The lost girl!

Seeing the small girl holding a stool lifted it up and smashed it against Liang Muran knocking him to the ground.

“Where’s the stinky girl?” Liang Muran, with only a moment of no notice, was attacked by her. The reaction came immediately, he wiped the blood on his arm and viciously scolded: “Dare to be bad, see if laozi do not kill you!” “

My heart shrink tightly, this stupid girl was short and small. She simply can not beat Liang Muran, run ah! You should run out and ask someone to save me!

“You you you you you you – you let her go!” The stupid girl is obviously bluffing, “otherwise see if I don’t blow up your little eggs!”

What a stupid girl, I taunted in my heart, even Liang Muran is not afraid of my threat, how can he be afraid of her threat of this degree? But why, in my heart in addition to fear, actually derived a little bit of security?

My consciousness became more and more blurred, I only vaguely heard their quarrel and the sound of the fight. After a little sobering, I was put to lean on the shoulder of the stupid girl, relying on her to leave that wolf’s nest!

I…… I’m saved? Thank you so much – thank you!

“Oh, how are you so heavy?”

The stupid girl is questioning my weight!

“Whew~ What did you eat to grow up looking thin, but heavy like a pig!”

Asshole! Bastard! Stupid girl! Stupid girl! Short girl! Bad girl! Silly girl, silly girl! You’re a pig! Your whole family is a pig! Pigs, pigs, pigs! Even if this goddess is a pig, it is also the most beautiful and dazzling sow!

The author has something to say:

Sue Qianqian: pig ah you, the thief is heavy!

Su Xingyu: actually brush the sense of existence in this way, woman, you are very good, again attracted my attention

Another wave of dog blood.

This translator has something to say:

Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally delete your work? *Sniff, Sniff* Cause I just did that with this chapter. Oh God!!

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