Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 3 Mary Sue (II) part 1

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I found the registration office smoothly. There is only one male teacher in the office at this time.

He sat on a stool with a straight back, his face was very handsome, silver-rimmed glasses on the high bridge of his nose, and holding a pen in his hand from time to time to annotate the paper.

He looked very serious… I had some good feelings towards him in my heart. I knocked three times on the door with my fist.

“Teacher, I am the new student Su Xingyu in sophomore class one. “

My voice moved to make the air stop flowing and my good upbringing let me habitually raise a beautiful smile. Of course, I clearly saw the teacher looking up to see me with eyes that could not hide the fascination.

It’s like this again…

With an angel face and a devil figure, and proud and outstanding temperament. Isn’t this the goddess in everyone’s heart?

“Su Xingyu?” The teacher repeated my name, beckoned me to sit down, and said to me: “Student Su hello, I am Liang Muran, your math teacher. You can just call me Teacher Liang.” 

“Teacher Liang.” Beautiful people always cause very good feelings to surface, such as the math teacher, not to mention he is quite eye-catching.

Teacher Liang got up and poured a glass of water in a disposable cup and pushed it in front of me. He kindly smiled, “Student Su, sit for a while, the teacher will help you get the books.”

I met two interesting people in succession. I have a little to look forward to in this high school life. I hope it will not let me down.

However the office is a little hot, which is strange since my body actually keeps my body temperature even. I could smell the natural scent of my body growing stronger in the air as I got hot.

This school is actually terrible ah, even the teacher’s office can not be compared to my toilet. It seems that I will have to donate money to improve the future of the place.

I don’t want to grieve myself, so I will first donate a few hundred billions. Although it is small, I will not stay here for a long time. A few hundred billions can improve this place temporarily while I settle.

“Student Su, this is your book.” Teacher Liang put a thick stack of books in front of me.

What! That is so much!

It’s your book! I really wanted to roar back.

Seeming to notice my emotions, Teacher Liang pushed the glasses on his nose and took the stack of books away. He said, “Student Su is so thin, with so many books I’m afraid it will be too heavy. This teacher will help you.”

Haha, Teacher Liang actually guessed my thoughts. But to want to help me move the book, surrounded by a hundred million around the earth, is really cheap for him. To let others know, it will perhaps cause them to go frenzy with envy.

“Then I’ll have to trouble Teacher Liang.” Once again, I smiled at him beautifully and said, “The talented person works very hard. “

I was aware of Teacher Liang’s eyes that became more obsessed with me. I was a little disgusted. I quietly withdrew my beautiful smile. Not to mention I really want to leave this office as soon as possible ah, why is it so hot?

“Hold up, wait a minute.” Teacher Liang did not immediately help me move the book. Instead he bypassed and stood in front of me. The smile on his face was a little strange. “However, since the teacher helped you, shouldn’t Student Xiao Su give the teacher a little credit? “

I wrinkled my beautiful crescent-like willow eyebrows. The sorrow between my eyebrows simply made all the creatures move and this teacher is too intrusive. I had a bad hunch and wanted to take two steps back, but suddenly felt my legs go soft and fell back on the stool.

Ouch! This goddess’s ass! The stools are not cushioned with soft and comfortable fur, so is it even suitable as a stool?!

“You… What did you do to me?” I panicked. I felt wrong. My body was soft and it was getting hotter. I looked at the paper cup that I had taken a sip. I was drugged!

Son of a bitch! I didn’t think he was a scum!

“Beauty, so beautiful, a natural stunner.” Teacher Liang no longer hides his true face. A hand rubs against my face, and there was a strong desire in his eyes.

“Get off me!” I had to endure a wave of heat and slapped his hand. His compliments, the temperature of his hand, and even his presence made me sick! It’s disgusting!

I didn’t expect to be drugged here!

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    1. It is. What is even more messed up is that the teacher had the drug on hand and he seemed to be used to doing this. Maybe I think too much but I think he’s done this on multiple occasions and blackmailed the girls. What a piece of scum.

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