Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 2 Cinderella (I)

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My name is Su Qianqian, I am sixteen years old, today is my first day of transfer to Nanfeng High School. Nanfeng High School yes! The legend that ranks first in the world and breeds countless elites high school students.

I rely on excellent grades, successfully reduced the tuition fees, and saved a few jobs.

I got up early in the morning and  made my lunch and got on the crowded bus. This may be a new starting point in my life, I must grasp it.

But I didn’t think that on the first day I was late! Ah! It’s over!

I’m finished, I must have left a very bad impression on the teacher, but teacher I am sorry, it’s really not  intentional ah!

I blame those four princes. QAQ

As soon as I entered the school gate this morning, I saw a lot of girls around the gate and blocked me out. Soon, the girls began to scream frantically, their sharp voices almost shattered my eardrums.

“Ah! Prince Of The River I love you! Just like mice love rice!!”

“Prince of the Night, Prince of the Night!!! “

“The Prince of Fire is so handsome! I’m going to faint! “

“The Prince of the Wind looked over!! The girls here are very lovely!”

They’re going to go to heaven! The sound decibels have completely exceeded my ability to bear, I feel deaf, I no longer love! I pulled a girl next to me and asked her aloud, “What’s this? Who are you waiting for!”

The girl at first did not want to talk to me, but after hearing my words, she looked at me contemptuously.”You don’t know the Nanfeng four princes?” They are the most handsome and attractive men in the world, earthen bun!”

Oh, I’m an earth bun, you don’t eat the buns when you have the ability!

Four cars, which were very, very expensive, came in from the VIP aisle at the school gate. Four men came out and pulled the door open. They were wearing sunglasses, with their hands in their pockets, and leaning on the doors. The girls screamed loudly, and excitedly crowded towards the four disaster sources.

Pretend, get sick! I scolded in my heart, so far apart can you see how handsome they look? This asshole four-person group, simply deliberately stopped here to cause traffic congestion!

My heart kept complaining, but I had to squeeze by these nymphos and towards the four princes.

It’s really too crowded, I can only hold my chest to protect myself, and try to reduce my sense of existence, but the weather is unpredictable. I don’t know who was behind me who hit me hard, my body suddenly flew forward. Oh my God! Am I going to fall face down in front of so many people?! I don’t want me to, who will save me!

My two hands struggled desperately, trying to save my tragic fate, and actually succeeded. I caught two pieces of cloth, although not very strong, but with this buffer, I just gently fell to the ground.

I let out a sigh of relief in my heart, just keep my face. Although I am not a beautiful person, I also do not want to be disfigured into an ugly monster.

But…… Why is it so quiet all of a sudden?


“The Prince of Fire!! “

“Smelly bastard!! Let go Fire Prince’s pants! “

“Where’s the bitch who dares to defile the Prince of Fire!! “

“You dare to use this method to get the Prince’s attention!”

My heart that just calmed down started to beat violently!

I held my breath and looked slowly up to the owner of the cloth that I had borrowed.

The first thing that entered the eye was two thick, sweaty calves. Looking up, a pair of red shorts dominated my sight, and then up, bright red hair appeared in my eyes, his ears were still covered with nails. A handsome face like an axe looked at me in amazement…

Don’t panic, you can’t panic! In this critical situation, my brain actually ran at an incredibly much faster speed than usual, I quickly thought of a countermeasure.


I held my hands up, like a martial arts master, bumped a few people with my thin body, and quickly ran toward the school. This crazy group of nymphos, I don’t dare to let them catch, or I will be skinned! As long as I get to the classroom, they would not dare to openly bully me.

“The female hooligans ran away, quickly afterher!”

“Get justice for the Prince of Fire!” “

“Bastard, stop and see if I don’t tear you apart!”

You are mentally retarded! If you’re going to tear me up, how stupid would I be to stop?!

Listening to the voice of scolding behind me, I ran desperately, not daring to stop for a moment. For fear of being caught up by someone and getting torn apart.

I half crouched and gasped hard. I finally got rid of the endless evil spirits who were still in pursuit.

I wiped my sweat and looked at the watch, ah!!!! I’m late! It’s over!

Son of a bitch! Why am I so unlucky! My legs are sore, I feel extremely wronged. I am also a victim ah. Seeing such coarse leg hair, my eyes are bleeding. Is there any 10,000 volts of damage?

When I thought of those nymphos cursing , I looked up at the sky, and tried not to let the tears flow down.

“Asshole! What kind of Fire Prince are you for your pants to be ripped off so easy, shouldn’t you deliberately take off and frame me? “

I turned around for a while and made sure I was lost. The spacious road is constantly divided into a fork in the road, and is full of the same cherry trees!! And there’s no way! 

I only put the fire on the person who hurt me with bad luck. Although I know that there should be no boy who will deliberately take off pants to frame others, I can’t help but complain. You have the power to drive such an expensive sports car, have the power to buy yourself good pants!

Why isn’t there anyone… I have been walking for a long time, but did not encounter another person. The Nanfeng School is indeed a big name! But this baby really wants to cry.@x@

Wait a minute! Someone!

There was a girl in front of me who was picking cherry blossoms, but I had some hesitation. She shouldn’t be one of the people who chased me just now, right? And most importantly… She has the same abnormal purple hair color as the Prince of Fire! Hair! Color! I almost have a psychological trauma over this colored hair. Are they sick? Is it contagious? What should I do in case of a fight?

But she’s the only one around…

I got close and realized that the girl is really tall ah. At least one foot higher than me. Would I be killed by her in a second?

“I’m sorry… Excuse me…” I tried to contain my fears and it was always right to be polite.

As soon as the girl turned around, I suddenly had the feeling of being flashed. Her figure was so good! That chest, that leg, and no one else needs to live! But this dress… Seems not to be normal ah, is she playing cosplay, it must be like this!

“Student… I… I’m lost, please… How do I get to sophomore class one?” It’s still important and I’ll run quickly after asking.

“I happen to be a new student in the sophomore class. “

Her voice is very nice to hear, but it is really unexpected that she is actually my classmate, but also a new student!

Transferring to Nanfeng High School, whether I can integrate into the new class is one of the problems I worry about. They are all classmates who have been together. Will they exclude the new students?

But somebody was with me now, I suddenly let myself breathe a sigh of relief. With two people it will be easier.I couldn’t help laughing, but with no more than three seconds, my smile stiffened. Because she said, “But I also happen to get lost.”

Oh, just go to TM.

“Ah, such a big school, there is no road sign, how can the new student find it?””

Alas, how can I forget, we are all new students. If I can’t find it, how can she find it?

“It’s okay! We’ll walk a little longer and we’ll be able to get out! “

I decided to go out with this future alliance, two people to find a way is better than a person?

…… And I don’t really trust my ability to find a way. It’s always better to follow her. However, I did not expect that she would not express any opinion! Just following me obediently! Son of a bitch! Does she also have a terrible sense of direction? That’s bad luck!

But why is there someone in my heart who is also a fallen man?

Maybe my sense of direction is lower than her! I decided to show her my hand.

“Well, this way, this side must be right! This side looks the right way.

“Ha… This side doesn’t seem right, either.” It just seems to be on the right path . . .

“Well, then the right must be right!”

“The direction this time is definitely not wrong!” Why there are so many other directions besides left and right …

Half an hour later, I took her back to where I was. Looking at what I did, there was a hint of confusion of embarrassment.Then she took my hand without saying a word and started to walk. If I couldn’t find a way how could she still find it? Don’t joke around.

But her fingers were really long, and once it surrounded my hand, it was a bit cold.

I thought it would become a quiet walk with her, but I did not expect, after only a few minutes, we got out! Out! Come now! It’s over!

“You’re so amazing!” I didn’t have this skill ah QAQ, “I’ll get lost every time, can you take me in the future?” So this baby doesn’t have to worry about being late again!

Promise me, promise me ah! Please don’t refuse!

Wait a minute…… I seem to have overlooked something… So she doesn’t have a terrible sense of direction?

“But… Did you know the way earlier? “

I walked for more than an hour and did not come out, but she took only a few minutes to come out. This wall is not normal ah!

“Okay, you must be secretly laughing at me! I treated you as a friend, you, you… You jerk!”

Perhaps she has scolded me and called me stupid in her heart countless times. I didn’t expect the newly identified ally as this kind of person. The friendship boat really turns over, see you in debt!

The author has something to say:

The dog’s blood continues to spill, please use a pot.

Prince of Fire: Stupid woman, that’s not a nail, it’s an ear drill! It’s an ear drill!

Su Xingyu: I take you as a daughter-in-law, but you take me as a psychopath? Very well, you managed to get my attention!

Su Qianqian: Mom, I’m going to transfer to school and I’m going home@x@

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