Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 14 Cinderella (VII) part 2

I was in shock, but it looked like I still couldn’t trick him. I slowly put the few dollars I had withheld from my palm back into the pile, and now I was giving it all to him, not even leaving the bus fare!

“Jijiji Jijiji~” the kidnapper laughed oozingly again and I stared at him, unbelievable.jpg

How did he know I had a few more dollars stashed in my backpack that I didn’t even pull out? I feel my heart chill, what insatiable greed, not even a few dollars go. Animal!

Or simply…fight with him!

My eyes became fierce, and I quietly winked at Su Xingyu, you go first, I’ll go and get help!

“Su Qianqian, do you have an eye cramp?”

Fuck the cramps. I’m not afraid of opponents like gods, but pi-like teammates. God, I hate it so much!

“Jijiji Jijiji~” the kidnapper’s unrestrained creepy grin reverberated in the bus as the driver’s unrestrained attitude made me suddenly think of something, and I was busy pulling Su Xingyu back who was about to go forward.

“He’s not afraid of guns!” I panicked and gestured, “He’s not afraid if you scare him like that, he must have a card to play!” Maybe the driver has a bomb strapped to his body!

Su Xingyu was even more arrogant, blowing into the gun and saying, “I’ve long sensed that he’s not an ordinary person, but… do you really think I’m an ordinary person as well?” 

She raised her eyebrows at me, incredibly confident, “No one is faster than my gun!”

I felt a lot worse all of a sudden.

A kidnapper who continues to drive calmly even after being held at gunpoint, and a gun-wielding woman who continues to pretend she knows she’s in someone else’s hands. Who is really the culprit behind all of this gambling?

But I’m just an ordinary man!

It was incredibly clear to me that I was involved in a huge conspiracy. No one was faster than her gun? Could it be…the number one female killer in the killer list? Oh no, it doesn’t have to be a woman, I’ve heard that killers are not only good at what they do, but they can also disguise their gender!

No, no, no! Based on this situation, it shouldn’t be a killer, could it be… an undercover agent?! In order to catch the gangster/human trafficker/robber, the police chief recruited a newcomer who had just graduated from the police academy and asked her to sneak into the school, quietly approaching the enemy pretending to be a driver, and seizing the evidence of the crime or arresting him. Then they were brought to justice, and the two started a heart-piercing, vigorous, intriguing, conspiracy, and tender love and killing between the two people!

And possibly agents, mercenaries…

“Su Qianqian!”

“Here!” Hearing my name called, I reflexively stood upright and replied.

“Silly girl, I told you to hide behind your seat, what are you doing standing there silly?”

You’re so mean, QAQ. I still don’t like her just now!

But I also knew that the fight between the agent and the black boss, I, an ordinary person, can’t get involved. I was busy hugging my backpack and struggled to tuck myself under the bus seat.

It was uncomfortable to be under the bus seat, and with my big backpack and the car shaking a little every now and then, it was torture. Thankfully, I was small enough that I to manage to squeeze in there.

I looked out in the small space and was in an extremely excited mood. A magnificent shootout was about to take place in front of me!

I wanted to shout out “Go Su Xingyu!” and wave the flag for her, but I kept my mouth shut. I wasn’t stupid enough to distract her.

The driver was still indifferent to our behavior, he just turned his back on us, as if we were just fools. This defiant act of his obviously angered Su Xingyu as well. Her legs were a little longer than mine, and I saw her take a few steps to the front of the car and slam into it!


I can hear the sound of her forehead being “touched”, and I can feel the pain for her.

“Su Xingyu, hold on!” I caught her hand to stop her pointless spinning and took a look at her forehead…genuinely distressed by her ill-fated forehead…

“What the hell!” She growled angrily, and I wondered, too, what happened to the front of the car, there was nothing in front of it, and yet Su Xingyu was knocked back.

I went up and patted it, certain, “Is it glass?”

It’s the first time I’ve ever seen glass so transparent that I couldn’t see or touch it, I just couldn’t get past it.

“Jijiji~ That’s the boundary!” I seem to hear the bragging in the kidnapper’s words?

But what’s the boundary? Isn’t that something from the fantasy world?

“Jijiji Jijiji~ Since you guys can’t wait so long, I’ll do it for you!”

The kidnapper dropped the wheel and turned around. Although a wide cloak blocked his form, we still saw his face at once.

I felt a bit of a sense of deception at once, what about the creepy uncle who said he was too ugly to be seen?

That’s crazy!

The next moment, however, I saw something even more mysterious.

I lost (# Д)!!!!

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