Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 14 Cinderella (VII) part 1

It’s rare that I have a good chat with Su Xingyu and I’m actually a little excited about her next comment!

Of course, I knew my shredded potatoes were ordinary, and with the added bonus of no secret chili, they were even less likely to taste good. But there’s always something to hope for, why the heck not?

As it turned out, the compliment didn’t wait until the accident happened instead.

“Stop the bus! Where are you taking us! This is not the way out of school!”

Suddenly Su Xingyu is shouting at the uncle driver, I reflexively look out the window, and sure enough! I really…really didn’t recognize where the road actually leads to…

“Stop the bus!”

I also followed the shout, after which I was a little confused. The uncle has been a driver in this school for I don’t know how long, and Su Xingyu is only on her first day in this school. Who is right and who is wrong can be figured out without using my brain, but my body followed Su Xingyu’s actions at the first opportunity.

Hmph, if it’s Su Xingyu who mistook the wrong way and wronged the good guys, I’ll have to… have to… have to… hmph!

However, I believe in Su Xingyu more in my heart. I have a kind of deep trust in her ability to recognize directions, and we both quickly unbuckle our seatbelts in order to deal with the unexpected ability.

Because my little heart has been frightened by the very sure and very serious tone of Su Xingyu’s voice, I can’t help but think and brainstorm.

The wide campus, wandering around but no one to ride the dilapidated school bus, then suddenly ushered in two beautiful young women, slowly driving onto the unknown road. The driver with a hoarse and unpleasant voice, the woman dressed strangely, the seemingly normal girl, and the unknown presence inside the bus, overall…who is…the ghost?

Hey! Stop it! What the hell, I’m not a ghost!

“Are you driving the wrong way, uncle driver?” I was a little anxious to deny my earlier brainstorm, but it was like the uncle had gone deaf and wouldn’t say a word. He just drove the car faster.

“I told you something was wrong with this bus!” Su Xingyu finished unbuckling her seat belt, then bent down and actually pulled out a gun from her boots… a gun…

“I told you to stop!” I watched as she clicked the trigger on her gun and then smirked from behind as she remotely pointed it at the back of the uncle’s head.

I couldn’t care less about the second version of the bus kidnapping of a teenage girl that I had conjured up in my head. I was too busy jumping on her and grabbing her hand, not to mention the fact that I couldn’t think about her hand. Guns are real. Gun or a toy gun, and frantically persuaded, “Su Xingyu you must not be impulsive ah! Put the gun down and let the hostages go, we’re surrounded by the police!”

I sensed a moment of softening in Su Xingyu’s posture, and I even continued, “Don’t kill the innocents indiscriminately, put down the gun and become a Buddha!”

This is the first time I’ve been this close to a shooting, I’m still a little excited. Especially since the killer is my partner, so it looks like I’m going to make tomorrow’s headline!

“Two goods1!” It seems that Su Xingyu doesn’t appreciate my good intentions and tries to break free of my restraint. “Don’t you understand that I’m just threatening him?”

I was at a loss, “His mother is not here.”

“…Su Qianqian you really were sent by the heavens to punish me!” Su Xingyu gnashed her teeth at me, then pushed me away and pulled another gun out of her boot…a gun…another gun…

She forced the gun into my hand, her tone unquestionable, “Protect yourself.”

God damn it! I, I, I—I have become an accomplice! I trembled and held the gun in my hand, cold to the touch, and a little heavy. As soon as I raised my hand, the black muzzle was pointed at myself. I was so scared that I dropped it.

I never thought that one day, I, a good citizen of the new century, would become a gunner. The first thought was to drop the gun, the second thought was no, it already had my fingerprints on it!

“Su Xingyu, let’s talk about it!” I was on the verge of tears when it was obviously me that had held the gun. “It’s illegal to kill someone!”

“It’s okay.” Su Xingyu said in a particularly cold and arrogant manner, “I’m underage.” Then she proceeded to point the gun at the uncle driver and even I was afraid she’d accidentally press the gun, and what was the uncle doing, not reacting at all!

“Tell me, how much money do you want.” With these qualitative words from Su Xingyu, the atmosphere in the car suddenly froze. Was this really a case of kidnapping for ransom?

Even if I don’t have money I can always earn more (although I’m very distressed QAQ), I made a quick decision and turned over my backpack to take out all the RMBs2 hidden in the depths of the bag. A lot of it was put on the table, begging for mercy, “Uncle driver, I have all the money here, just let us go! We’re really poor, with negative assets, an eighty-year-old mother, and a three-year-old child to feed!”

I felt that I wasn’t miserable enough to move the kidnapper driver, so I pointed to Su Xingyu and said, “And her! Uncle driver, she’s actually my sister!” We’re all surnamed Su, so we can hide it.

I wailed miserably, “But my sister’s life is so miserable! From a young age, she had polio, ADHD, autism, etc. , and the family not only spent all their savings to treat her but also owed a huge amount of foreign debt. But now it’s not even cured, and look how old she is and she likes to play with toy guns!”

Is that bad enough, is that bad enough? I tugged on Su Xingyu’s sleeve, signaling her to cooperate, but to my surprise, she looked like she was stupid and really had no resilience at all!

“Jijiji~” the kidnapper’s oozing laughter finally sounded again, but why was he laughing? I didn’t expect him to be snotty and moved by our genuine story and fund our medical bills instead, but at least sympathize and leave us alone. What’s the point of laughing, what is it…what is it?!

1 “Two goods” IS an insult (or was?). It is literally translated as “two” and “good.” It’s another form of calling someone stupid but nowadays it is used between friends when you’re teasing or making fun of them. 
2 “RMBs” I forget that it’s money. I know it as Yuan but others use RMB (Renminbi). They’ll even sometimes use Ren instead.

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