Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 13 Mary Sue (VII) Part 2

The school bus suddenly braked hard and the sound of friction between the tires and the ground could be heard clearly inside the bus. I fell forward with momentum, but luckily I had my seat belt on, and was pulled back to my original position.

This driver! If I had fallen and hurt my face, can he afford to pay for it? It’s a face that all of humanity is obsessed with, regardless of race. If something goes wrong in the bus he’s driving, don’t even think about the consequences!

“What’s wrong with Uncle?” Su Qianqian was clearly frightened as well. “Did you hit someone?”

“No.” The driver actually answered her, and I felt an overwhelming excitement in his voice, “It’ll be here soon, soon, ji ji ji1~”

Huh~ Even if you can’t see the driver’s face, but listening to him sounds like a broken gong. I can only imagine how terrible his face is and my arms can’t help but get goosebumps. 

The bus began to move slowly again and to distract my attention, I asked Su Qianqian, “Is there anything I can play with?”

“Something to play with?” Su Qianqian looked confused, then all at once she hugged her big backpack and unzipped it. “I have nothing to play with, but do you want food?”

“Mmm.” I responded with a reserved, noble and cold voice, “Bring it and I’ll have a taste.”

Su Qianqian rummaged through her backpack and finally retrieved her large lunchbox from it.

I watched with cold eyes as she placed the lunchbox on the small table in front of us and I couldn’t help but tap the table with my fingers, asking, “Your lunchbox is custom-made, right?”

No, that shouldn’t be called a lunchbox, it should be called…a food bowl!

“Yes!” Su Qianqian is particularly proud of me.  “Although this lunchbox is a bit larger than a normal lunchbox, the price is about the same. If you want one, you can ask me and I’ll tell you! “

I don’t need a food bowl, thanks.

Su Qianqian opened the latch of the big food bowl and the potato shreds and white rice almost overflowed. The food exuded heat. It’s a very simple and large bowl, but it makes the two stomachs that have experienced a thrilling morning to rumble in response.

Su Qianqian: “Your tummy is grumbling!”

This is framing me!

“It’s your stomach that’s grumbling!”

I’m not taking the blame!

Su Qianqian: “Mine just rumbled twice, the rest was from your stomach.”

Keep falsely accusing me of that!

“Oddly enough, I only heard mine grumble.”

I will never take the blame!

Su Qianqian: “So it’s your tummy that’s still grumbling!”


“Alright, alright, here you go.” Su Qianqian took out a pair of ordinary chopsticks from the corner of the food bowl and sincerely pleaded with me, “Taste it, I made it myself!”

Her eyes were bright and full of anticipation, and I shuddered inwardly. 

Hmph, and saying that she wasn’t in love with me, she even thought of letting me eat first.

Although these shredded potatoes are served with white rice it is more humble than any food I’ve ever eaten before, but… I’m willing!

I took out a small box from my arms, took out a silver needle from it, inserted it into the dish, and nodded in satisfaction. It was good, although it looked average, it was sanitary.

“What’s this?” Su Qianqian looked at my action with confusion. “Why do you need to insert it.”

I proudly showed the silver needle in my hand for her and introduced, “This needle is no ordinary needle, it’s called a Silver Needle2, as long as it touches the food, it can distinguish the ingredients in the food. If there is something not up to standard or unreasonable in the ingredients, it will turn black. Any kind of gutter oil, dead meat, all of them will have nowhere to hide!”

“It’s that amazing?” Su Shallow’s starry eyes looked at me adoringly, making me feel much happier. I pulled out a new small box from my bosom and handed it to her, saying, “I’ll give this to you, you won’t have to be afraid of eating gutter oil3 anymore.”

“This…” Su Qianqian’s cheeks blushed, “This must be very expensive, right? I’d rather not.”

“This is free.” I didn’t care to mention, “I’m the inventor of this product, so it’s free.”

“Then…then I’ll take it.”

Although I don’t need money here = priceless = very expensive, but… I am happy!

When I picked up my chopsticks and put some shredded potatoes in my mouth and chewed slowly, Su Qianqian stared at me nervously, afraid that I wouldn’t like it. And the more nervous she was, the slower I ate and deliberately furrowed my eyebrows.

Su Qianqian clenched her two hands into fists under her jaw and finally still managed to ask, “Is it good?” After she asked, she answered herself instead, “It shouldn’t be too good. I usually prepare my secret chili powder, so if you sprinkle a little before eating it, it will be very tasty. Unfortunately I ran out of it this morning…”

“I’m just messing with you!” I finished chewing the shredded potatoes in my mouth and smiled, “It’s pretty tasty.”

“Really?” Su Qianqian smiled. “Then you’ll need to eat more!”

I was about to help her critique the taste again so she could improve it next time, but when I raised my head I suddenly sensed something was wrong.

“Stop the bus!” I snapped at the driver, “Where are you taking us! This is not the way out of the school!”

1 “羁羁羁羁” or [ji] is repeated and all I understand is that this is a creepy laugh?? Correct me if I’m wrong.
2 Such a proclaimed genius person but what a terrible naming sense. Really?? “Silver Needle”? Wow.
3 “Gutter oil” I don’t know if you know but it’s cooking oil made from animal fats found in garbage, meat scraps and even grease found in sewage — all mixed together and processed before being sold off to cheap restaurants and street vendors. You can look it up if you want. I won’t stop you nor will I link anything related to that on here. Nasty.

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