Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 13 Mary Sue (VII) Part 1

“Fare, two cups of fresh Type O blood.”

Like a stone cast into a calm sea, the driver’s hoarse, unpleasant voice added a bit of creepiness to the small bus. My heart beat went up and tensed at the words. My sharp eyes went straight to the driver’s back.

The driver was hunched and dressed in a strange way, with a large black cloak embroidered with strange patterns wrapped around him, making him look surprisingly weak.

Looking towards the car door, it had already closed automatically.

I had a bad premonition….

“Two cups of Type O blood?” Su Qianqian was also surprised to let out a question, and it seems she sensed something was wrong. I grabbed her hand and prepared to get off. Although I have an adventurous spirit, I’m not a selfish person and don’t want others to pay for my recklessness. Because as a rule of thumb, if someone has to get hurt or sacrificed, it won’t be me.

But what I didn’t expect was that someone would be more adventurous than me….

Someone: “O type blood? Does it have to be type O blood? Can type H blood work?”  

Me: “…”

Su Qiaqian happily pulled me along and nagged, “Just now when I heard the driver’s voice, I was a little scared, but now it seems that you really can’t just listen to the voice to judge others. The driver is a really good man, too kind.”

Too kind? Okay, I give up, I can’t guess what she’s thinking at all.

Su Qianqian played with her wrist, touching the very obvious veins on it, looking happy. Her wrist was slim, except for a bit of baby fat on her face, everywhere else looked like she was malnourished. 

I was shocked, Su Qianqian was not really going to cut open two cups of blood to pay for the fare, right? The more I looked at it, the more disturbed I became, and I even felt that Su Qianqian’s smile had become bizarre.

I even grabbed her hand and snapped, “Are you crazy?!” 

This weird and dilapidated (emphasis) school bus actually made people weird, so I pulled Su Qianqian up from the seat, “Go, let’s get off!”

“What are you doing?” The idiot asked me with a confused look. “It’s a long way to get out of school. If you don’t have a ride, are you stupid?”

Looking at the “you’re just an idiot look” on her face, I really wanted to punch her. Taking out my anger and intimidating her, “Hardly, do you want to slit your wrists and bleed out and be made into a dry corpse?”

“Huh? Oh~”Su Qianqian finally looked like she had come to a sudden realization, it seemed like she was now aware of the danger, however….

“So you’re a petty and uncaring person.” She threw her hands up and huffed proudly, “I’m proud to contribute to the public good and since you don’t want to donate that cup of blood, I’ll do it all! It’s just two cups of blood, as long as I can help someone, I, Su Qianqian, am obliged!”

Me: -_-||

Although I think this understanding of her is nonsense, however, the weird feeling in my heart completely disappeared, and I can no longer bring up the idea of taking her away or even jumping out of the bus.

I can only grumble inwardly, cat sickness, with her small, malnourished body donating blood? Haha.

I leaned weakly against the seat, Su Qianqian was already conversing with the driver and was having a nice one-sided chat.

“Mister Driver, is your job a chauffeur? Aren’t you tired? How did you come up with the great idea of donating blood instead of fare money?” She asked a series of questions, like an annoying reporter. At this point I actually have some sympathy for that weird driver.

The bus has driven off quietly at some point. The scenery outside the bus is slowly receding, Su Qianqian is still chattering, the driver is driving very quietly, and because of the position, I can see his abnormally white hands on the steering wheel.

“Why don’t you say anything, Mister Driver? How many years have you been in public service? We don’t have type O blood, is type H okay?” The driver didn’t pay any attention to Su Qianqian, but it didn’t dampen her enthusiasm in the slightest. “Do you know about H blood type, Mister Driver? H blood type is very, very rare. There is a nickname called Panda blood. I am H blood type!”

Su Qianqian looked at me again and shifted the topic to me, “You must be type AB blood, right Su Xingyu?”

“No.” I don’t want to talk to her, if you love your chauffeur uncle so much, why are you talking to me? But I was curious, “Why did you guess I’m type AB?”

“Just judging by the character,” Su Qianqian shrugged and smiled brightly, showing off her little white eyes, but I had the strange feeling that she was teasing me.

“Hmph!” How childish.

“Pbbt~” she actually threw her tongue out at me and then… proceeded to strike up a conversation with the driver… huh?

“Is it okay for Uncle Driver to have H blood type? But do you have a syringe ready? It should be ready, it’s not like it’s Uncle’s first time…”

I guess the driver was annoyed, too, and finally spoke, “Half a cup total for two people with H blood type for the fare.”

“Really?” Su Qianqian almost jumped up, “I knew my blood was more valuable, half a cup is worth two cups, in the future if I really can’t make a living, I might be able to make a living by selling my blood. It really is worthy of the panda blood type, the value is a lot!”

I don’t care to hear her crazy words. I’m afraid two cups of it won’t be enough to cover all of your medical expenses. I can’t help but chastise her, “Panda blood type? It’s not that rare, and my dad also have it. It’s actually common.”

“That’s just a coincidence.” Sue Qianqian was completely unpersuaded, as if she was determined to pay this weird fare, and asked me, “So you’re H blood type, too? Such a coincidence.”

“No.” I rolled my beautiful white eyes in disdain, “My blood type is much more expensive than your panda blood.” I’m not showing off, absolutely not.

“What’s rarer than a panda blood type? Do you think I’m uneducated, I’m an exceptionally gifted student who relied on my grades to get into Nanfeng High School!”

How dare you doubt me! What a strange person, unbelievable.

I didn’t want her to think I was bragging, so I explained to her specifically the peculiarities of my blood. “My blood type isn’t any of the ABO, nor is it H. So far, no other human with an equivalent blood type has been found besides mine. My blood doesn’t have the unpleasant smell of blood and rust of your ordinary people, instead it is permeated with a faint fragrance of green grass. It is intoxicating to you people…”


1 “Chi” is sometime used to express contempt and surprise

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