Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 12 Mary Sue (VI) part 2

The school bus is even closer, I sighed helplessly. I can’t believe I can’t persuade her to give up, I don’t even know what to do with her.

Although we’ve only known each other for a few hours, I have a great affection for her and even want her to be my best friend (little pet). So wouldn’t a relationship other than friendship spoil the friendship? But in my years of experience, this seems to be inevitable…

#I feel like the whole world is in love with me, I’m so sad and worried about how to break it, very urgent, waiting online! #

“There’s a school bus coming, so let’s get on the school bus first.” Since I wanted to keep a low profile, I didn’t drive into the school or have anyone follow me, but now it was a bit of a hassle.

“There’s actually a school bus?” Su Qianqian seemed to have completely forgotten about the shock just now, looking happily forward to the school bus that was about to drive closer. “I was worried just now, the school is so big, how long will we have to walk. I didn’t expect the school to be so considerate.”

“Yes, fortunately, there is a bus, although it looks a bit broken, and a bit low-level.” I couldn’t resist the kindness again, “But it’s okay, I’ll throw in an extra 100 million next time and have the school refurbish all the buses and replace them with the latest model, so as not to bring this school down another level.”

“One… one hundred million?!”

“You don’t think 100 million is enough? A billion then.”

“A… a billion?!”

“Then ten billion okay.” Ten billion is a moderate investment, but it’s okay for the sake of my future friend’s happiness, who’s to say I have so much money that I can’t even pullover with a big truck?

“You sure are teasing me with the jokes…”

Teasing her? I feel bad. I didn’t joke. It’s only 10 billion. It’s not much. Do you think $10 billion is too little? It’s possible. “Ten billion isn’t enough, so one hundred…”

“Ah! How did the school bus leave!” Su Qianqian suddenly shouted to interrupt my raise. I looked over and saw the school bus heading in the other direction about ten meters away from us.

I raised my nice eyebrows in displeasure, what is wrong with this school bus, can’t you see that there are two big people waiting here?

“Hey wait for us! Driver! There’s someone here! Someone needs a ride!” Su Qianqian waved and shouted loudly. The school bus stopped in front of us for a moment, then pulled towards us.

“Screech!” The school bus stopped in front of us, and the door opened automatically. Su Qianqian had already stepped up the stairs and ran inside, for fear that the driver would drive away again, “Su Xingyu, hurry up!”

I was a little disgusted with the school bus, although this school is not big, the environment is good, but I did not expect that a school bus can actually be trash to this level. The white body outside the school bus is already yellowing, and the word “school bus” is written in red paint on the side. The style is also very old, like that of the last century, and it looks a bit broken. It looks very unreliable, what happened to fearing about personal safety?

“Su Xingyu, hurry up, the mister is about to drive!” Su Qianqian urged firmly. I had to reluctantly get on the bus. I didn’t expect the bus outside to look so unsatisfactory, but the inside of the bus was barely seated.

The interior is larger than the average bus, with a clean and fresh environment, a table, chairs, and a bed, and besides the driver, there are only two people, me and Su Qianqian, which made me feel relieved.

We found a seat near the back door, and I tried to open the window but found that the window was fixed and could not be opened.

“Mister, mister, let’s go- Hey, where are we going?”

“Let’s go outside the school.” There are my people outside the school.

“Only two people?” The driver’s voice sounded so loud that Su Qianqian and I both wanted to cover our ears in discomfort. Not that we were fussy and impolite, but his voice was really awful, like dried bark, and grinding sand in an iron pot, which gave us goosebumps.

The driver gave a few restrained laughs and said something that gave me the creeps, “Fare, two cups of fresh Type O blood.”

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Today is late, tomorrow during the day I will check again, mmmm (>^ω^<)

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