Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 12 Mary Sue (VI) part 1

Su Qianqian stared at me with her mouth slightly open in shock. It really amused me, so silly haha!

“Silly girl, I’m just teasing you!”

I’m not that horny, why would I be interested in her two buns? Even if I was, I wouldn’t admit it.

“Teasing me?” Su Qianqian grimaced like a little mouse, just about to jump up and down, “How could you make such a joke! What if I’m serious?”

“I don’t care,” I said back. “If you take it seriously, you can only call me a pervert in your heart in your heart, what else can you do? Hey, you’re not really scolding at me in your heart, are you?”

“No… no… no scolding, I didn’t ah.” Her eyes were fluttering, she just didn’t dare look at me. This little one actually scolded me in her heart! But I was generous enough not to count it and my big, beautiful eyes blinked very innocently and I spread my hands, “I didn’t think you were that dumb to take it seriously.”

“Am I dumb?” Someone was outraged.

I nodded. Obviously yes.

“I’m not. I, I, I…I should have known you were joking, how could anyone actually want to touch someone else…come on.” A certain someone lied.

I raised my eyebrows with interest, “Well…what is it?”

Su Qianqian raised her head sharply, shaming her face, so fierce, “You’re sick!”

I nodded and teased her again, “Yeah, I’m sick, do you have any medicine?”

“Psychotic, catatonic, boring, sick!” Su Qianqian seemed to be so angry that she couldn’t see the amplitude of her chest rising and falling, and finally threw up her hands in anger and ran away leaving me behind.

I kindly warned her, “Wrong direction.”

Su Qianqian’s body had a momentary pause, then very quickly naturally pretended to return to walk in the opposite direction. When she was passing me she also deliberately made a face to grunt at me. I am amused by her childish behavior, and again, kindly reminded, “That direction is wrong as well.”

Su Qianqian’s body is completely stiff, I think she should be like this at this time: 囧rz1

Hahaha, so stupid 233332

“Okay.” I walked over to her and took her hand to offer her a hand down the steps, “I said I’ll take you to dinner, come with me.”

“Hmph, and I told you I brought lunch.” Su Qianqian’s eyes were gloomy, she threw her hands to get away from me but didn’t try hard enough. I easily dragged her small body forward.

This attitude of her wanting to refuse me made me even more determined of the suspicion in my mind. I started a conversation to test it out, “Xiao Qianqian3, what do you think of me?”

“Huh?” Su Qianqian thought for a moment, then said with a complicated face, “…you’re tall.”

I raised my eyebrows proudly, which was true, I was still young but I was already taller than the average model, and Su Qianqian wasn’t even up to my shoulders, there was still growth to be done. “What else?”

“Uh…you’re in pretty good shape.”


“Huh? You…you seem to be pretty smart.”

“Ahh.” I sighed, Su Qianqian had named three of my strengths so unthinkingly, and I was afraid that my theory was eighty-nine percent accurate. But I needed to be more certain.

“And?” I continued, “There’s no need to mention the facts that everyone knows, such as that I’m super beautiful, wonderfully smart, very rich, vibrant, beautiful, and understanding… In short, there’s no need to mention those that can be seen at a glance from the surface.”

Su Qianqian didn’t say anything for a long time. I tugged her a bit before she reacted, then she actually shyly smiled at me. The smile is a little unnatural. Is it because you think I’m a great person that you don’t know where to start?

Sure enough, another innocent human who was bewildered by me outside. I sadly narrowed my eyes and saw that a school bus seemed to be driving in the distance, before I stopped, I seriously persuaded her, “You haven’t known me long enough to understand me. I actually have a lot of flaws. I don’t even know what’s so good about me myself. I’m so arrogant, indifferent, cold, and ruthless. I’m always hurting people who adore me; I’m too smart, too cute, too beautiful, and I always scare away people who want to be my friend. And I’m also very rich and powerful, I’m always bullying and hitting people with money! Anyway, I have a lot of faults!”


I think Su Qianqian had heard my refusal and was so uncomfortable that she couldn’t speak. But what I didn’t expect was that she was such a stubborn woman.  

“…Does this…have anything to do with me?

1 “囧rz” is supposed to look like someone who’s on his/her knees with their hands on the ground. Here.
2 ”23333” think of it as lolololol but in Chinese form
3 Okay, for clarity. The use of “Xiao” means “little,” as I’m sure most of you know. It’s a nickname given to people you consider close OR it is used to address someone who is younger than you. So for Mary Sue to be using it on Cinderella we understand that she considers her close. Unless she still thinks that Cinderella is younger than her?? But I’m pretty sure it’s already been established back in chapter 1 that they’re both in sophomore year.

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