Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 11 Cinderella (VI) part 2

Well, from now on, I’ve decided to give her a boost of affection by turning on the Su Xingyu powder!

Su Xingyu turned to Senior Xi Che again, but this time it was quite polite, “Thank you very much for your help today, I will definitely return the favor in the future.”

But although she is in a disadvantaged position and owes someone a favor after all, she spoke without being humble or overbearing, as if she concluded that Senior Xi Che will definitely need her help in the future, actually giving me the feeling that she is the one who is in charge of this matter and everything is under her control.

Su Xingyu didn’t wait for Senior Xi Che’s response after finishing speaking, but she turned around and left, reminding me of a poem, gently waving my sleeves, without taking away a single cloud1. I gazed at her back obsessively and suddenly felt that she was so dashing.  [Idiot Face]2

“Su Qianqian, hurry up.”

“Ah? Oh.” I didn’t react yet when my name was called, and I was busy saying goodbye to Senior Xi Che, “Senior Xi Che, thank you. Then I’ll be going now, see you next time!”

As for that Fire Prince, let’s call it even, I made him lose face once, he also insulted me once. Heh, this kind of person, I simply don’t want to encounter him anymore. Of course, the main reason is that Su Xingyu has already gotten back on the spot ←_←

I trotted to keep up with her. Then we slowly walked up again, I still can’t calm down the excitement in my heart, I can’t help but pull Su Xingyu’s sleeve, in adoration, “Su Xingyu, you were so cool just now! I heard that Huo Xi is the Fire Prince of the school. Are you not  afraid of him complaining to the fans? He’s got a lot of them. Just this morning I was just…hmmm…being chased by a large group of people”

I can’t help but remember the horror of being chased by a group of people in the morning, my heart started palpitating, and I can’t wait to share it with her as I open my arms to demonstrate, “So, so, so much! In short, there are so many, like the stars…”

“Is he the second master of the Yan family?” Su Xingyu’s sudden words interrupted my self-high, Yan family’s second young master?

“Ah? The Yan family? The second master?” I was a little confused, “Isn’t his surname Huo?”

Su Xingyu sighed and gave me a simple explanation, “The Yan family strength is also ranked in the world’s top ten families. The current patriarch has a total of seven known sons, combined with the name and age of Huo Xi, I guess he is the second son of the Yan family – Yan Huo Xi.”

“Seven sons? His mother is so fertile!”

I was once again stunned that their sons could form the seven dwarfs.

The otherwise inscrutable smile on Su Xingyu’s face became gossipy and she winked at me, “Who knows if it’s from one mom and dad?”

“What? What do you mean-“

Today is destined to be a day of constant surprises for me. The amount of information is too large. I look from left to right for fear of others around. Huo Xi has a fan group. If his fans know that we are gossiping about him, who knows what the consequences will be.

“You mean his mother gave his father a green hat or his father gave his mother a green hat or his father and mother gave each other a green hat?”


“You inquired that much?” I was instantly awakened by a pat on the head from Su Xingyu, a little embarrassed, probably because although we’ve only known each other for less than half a day, we’ve gone through so many twists and turns together. It’s like we’ve known each other for a long time and I can’t help but start to expose my true nature in front of her. What a disaster, my image.

I quickly changed the subject and threw a question at her, “Hey! No, I thought you didn’t know him, how do you know so much about him?”

Originally, I just asked casually, but I didn’t know that Su Xingyu seemed really unspeakable and hesitant. I waited curiously, but she said…

“I…I Baidu it.”

“Baidu?” What’s so bad about that? Did you think it would ruined her profound image? But I also instantly realized, “Yeah, Baidu, you know, with so many fans, Baidu must have his information!”

Entering my name in Baidu now is a topic that is not relevant to me. What [Su Qianqian], [The novel by Su Yue, Su Qianqian’s son], and even more the name of the heroine of the novel, [Su Qianqian, a rich daughter-in-law], [The prince’s stupid girl Su Qianqian], [ Su Qianqian Chasing Her Husband]…Isn’t my name hot and suitable for being a heroine? I was so scared that I never dared to Baidu my own name anymore, I was afraid that if I accidentally clicked into the novel and read it, I would never return.

My thoughts are indeed a little naive, but don’t all those novels who have the characters with the same name, didn’t they transmigrate? I don’t want to risk it, huh ╭(╯^╰)╮

Speaking of reading books, something occurred to me….

“Su Xingyu, where are we going? Don’t we have to go to class?”

Oh, God! I, I, I,…I’m skipping class! Ever since I was a kid, I have never skipped a class, although I’ve been late only because I was always lost. Although things happen for a reason, but I didn’t take the day off, I still feel panicked.

When Su Xingxue looked at her watch, I thought she was also anxious, but the person brightly said, “Let me take you to lunch, to thank you for your heroic deed today.”

“Huh? Aren’t we going to class?”

Why do you want to eat? I panicked, but she still has a leisure time to eat, although she is really hungry…Bah, baah! Why are you hungry? I got to the heart of the problem, “Delaying for such a long time, will the teacher remember we skipped class?”

Su Xingyu still looked calm, “Don’t worry. Someone will help us take time off.”

“Me too?”

“Of course, I can’t forget you, my little lifesaver.”

Hmm, I gave her a blank stare, since I had already taken my leave, why didn’t you say so? I’ve been worrying for nothing. Then let’s go eat now! I’m starving!

But I can’t just accept a treat from someone else and I backhanded my bulging bag and politely refused her.



“But I brought my lunch!”

My lunch can’t go to waste, so go ahead and eat by yourself.

Su Xingyu, however, has an inexplicable obsession with treating me to dinner and actually enticed me by saying, “The place I was going to take you to eat can help enlarge the breast, are you sure you still don’t want to go?”

Fuck! I was really tempted to ask, “Really? Does it work?”

“Hey.” She cocked an eyebrow proudly, “Look, I should know the effect.”

Fuck, the big cow! I’m so jealous as my eyes follow her train of thought and dart to a certain part of her body.

I can’t help but gulp, is it possible that I will grow even more if I eat with her? Even if you can’t develop like her, even a little bit of development is good!

But, but, but…but how can I just accept a treat from someone else? Not to be unproductive, but to be practical. This kind of treat is usually a return treat, which is quite humiliating, but I have to admit that I don’t have the financial means. It must be expensive to eat food that you can help you grow QAQ, and it looks like I won’t be able to go eating alone anymore.

I closed my eyes and finally refused the temptation with a hard heart, “No… I don’t need it… My lunch hasn’t been eaten yet.” I thought for a few seconds to save face, “And I have a chest, no need to make up… Isn’t that right?”

“You do? You really have them?”

Once again, the skeptical tone of Su Xingyu’s voice instantly irritated me and I immediately retorted, “Hey! I really do!”

I puffed out my chest and glared at her, “Didn’t you touch it?!” You’re such a shameless bastard. You touched it, and yet you still say I don’t have it. What do you have in mind? It’s so dirty and despicable!

Su Xingyu continued her deadpan denial, “But I didn’t touch it.”

Hey big bro, I can’t take this anymore and struggle to retort, “You did, touch it again! Right here, they are at least the size of two Wang Zi buns!”

Su Xingyu actually didn’t hesitate to shamelessly suggest, “Perhaps the clothes are too thick and I couldn’t touch them, so why don’t we…”

What the what? She tried to take off my clothes and touch me? I was simply stunned, I felt like I had jumped into her trap, she hadn’t planned this, had she?

Haha, Su Xingyu, I didn’t expect you to be this kind of person.

Fondness -100

1 “Gently waving my sleeves, without taking away a single cloud” a poem called Creating my Cambridge written by Xu Zhi Mo
2 The square brackets [] were in the raws if there was any confusion

Translator: JUST ADMIT THAT SHE HAS TWO WANG ZI BUNS ALREADY!! YOU’RE MAKING HER SO SAD! Sigh…feel free to support this novel on Ko-fi if you enjoyed it and want more chapters.

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