Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 11 Cinderella (VI) part 1

What is it like to be touched on the chest? Well, it’s weird in short.

Su Xingyu’s fingers are long and slender and the nails are trimmed short and round. Not like other girls who keep their nails long or rub nail polish and so on, it looks clean.

Her hands were gently placed in front of my chest and she looked gently and carefully. With her eyebrows lightly furrowed, as if she had encountered something difficult.

She moved her hand slowly over my body as if she could bring a slight tingling through my clothes, and my heart was like a thousand drums beating and thumping, staring at her hopefully, anticipating her answer.

Finally…finally, she opened her mouth and she answered me…

“I don’t feel it.” 

“Right now there is no chest, I’ll wait for you to grow up…”


“You didn’t feel it?” I stared in disbelief, woman, you are very good, successfully aroused my anger!

“Touch it carefully and  properly!”

Bastard, you’ve been touching me for a long time and you can’t even feel me? You ate a bun and still think it’s not a bun! Damn it, you should be more careful!

Like an enraged lion, I viciously threatened her to continue to give me another serious touch, but little did I know that she would anger me again….

“I really didn’t find it, ah…”

“How is that possible?” That’s nonsense! Get your fucking hands off me! I’ll do it myself! Did my boobs run off? Wait….wait!

“What happened to my chest?!”

“Where did it go?!”

Why am I not touching my boobs? If this wasn’t the right location, I would have taken off my school uniform and searched for it, it was so hard to grow to that magnitude, why did I lose it for no reason?

“You… don’t cry…”

Don’t cry? Can you stop crying? You cry instead.

“Even if you don’t have them, you’ll still look just as good without them.”

Su Xingyu, she’s simply too full to know how a hungry man feels, how could she possibly understand my feelings!

“I do have them!” My eyes were incredibly fierce, and I vowed to defend my reputation, “I obviously have it, you…it’s just…huh?!”

Yeah! I glared at a certain part of her, almost humiliating myself!

I got dressed normally in the morning, and it’s only been a few hours of school, so can it still shrink? I won’t give up on my search, the gods will not fail me!

“Ah! I got it!” Sure enough, I told you so. I’m the one who knows myself best, so how can I not know if I have boobs or not? It must have been because the clothes were too thick, and Su Xingyu just didn’t touch it, huh.

I was finally relieved and patted my small chest, as if I had lived again,  said happily, “That scared me, I thought it was gone. It was just too small to find!”

Wait, did I say something wrong?

Wait a minute. What did I just do wrong?

God damn it!

“I, I…” Just let me find a crevice to get into, I’m ashamed to face people.

The most important thing is that the ugliness is also lost, others still misunderstand me, the sadness in my heart flows backward [sad face]

I really feel wronged, “I really do have… a chest…” really I do.

I quietly looked up at Su Xingyu to observe her reaction, but she was also looking at me like she was caught spying on someone else, and I was so scared that I even lowered my head.

I pricked up my ears to hear her acknowledgement, but she admitted it, “Okay, you have a chest, I’ll listen to you.”

“You you you… You’re perfunctory!”

Don’t think I don’t know the basic format of a perfunctory, ” good, good, all you say is right”, “good, good, you’re right”, “good, good, listen to you”….

I can’t stop stomping my foot, you can’t deny me, much less gloss over me, it’s that unruly!

“I told you, I really do have them!” I’m cross-eyed and will not allow anyone to touch me. With words of acknowledgment on my lips, but in my heart, I’m secretly mocking my lack of boobs!

Virtue is one foot tall, and the devil is ten feet taller1, who would have thought that Su Xingyu actually wanted to use the warmth spell to paralyze me, she seemed to sincerely or perfunctory told me: “Whether you have it or not, it doesn’t matter, you are still the Su Qianqian I know.”

My eyes became dark, raised my eyebrows, and sneered, “So you still think I don’t have it! Breasts! Is that it!?!”


Oh, you don’t know what to say, do you?

“I really have it! I don’t believe you didn’t touch it!”

Since she had already touched me once, it didn’t seem so unacceptable to let her touch me a second time, so I took her hand and opened up my school jacket a little bit so she could feel it more deeply….

But I’m still so shy, I felt my cheeks burn, and then suddenly there were screaming and I was freaked out.

“Oh my God! In broad daylight and in the world!”

“Little sister Qianqian, what…what are you guys doing?”

It’s the Fire Prince and Senior Xi Che…

Ah! The whole world is going crazy!

“Senior, listen to me, it’s not what you think! We really didn’t do anything! She didn’t touch my chest, she was just helping me with my clothes! It’s true! I didn’t let her touch me!”

I frantically explained, the posture we were in just now would definitely be misunderstood, and although I didn’t know what would be misunderstood, my intuition told me not to let anyone misunderstand.

Senior Xi Che was still so gentle, and although his face was still tinged with confusion, he was quietly waiting for my explanation. But the other one….

“Che, look at who you saved and you still worry about them. Shameless, shameless!”

Asshole! I’m not sure if he knows the meaning of the word “shameless” or if he knows the weight of this word.

Even if he’s just a stranger, which I still find harsh, and he’s a stranger, who is he to say that about us, who is he to tell us what to do?

I couldn’t help but glare at him a little angrily, but I was too good to actually say anything to retort. I was shocked when Fire Prince started to look at me up and down, then looked at my face carefully, and I was reminded of the accident this morning.

Is it too late for me…for me to run now? Without swallowing and then trying to make my face strange, I made up my mind that as soon as he recognized me…I would…I would apologize right away and then demand that he apologize to me!

But there are two other people here, so the Fire Prince won’t beat me up like that, right?

But it’s also like the heavens are helping me, and before I can be recognized, Su Xingyu explodes first.

She spoke sharply and rudely rebuked the Fire Prince, “We do what we do and don’t need your fingers to point at it.”

She only said this simple sentence, but the atmosphere is inexplicably powerful, as if the Prince of Fire was only a pest in front of her, simply handsome and cool. Look at Fire Prince’s stunned stupidity, what a useless man, deserved to get his pants pulled down by me \ ^o^ /.

1 “Virtue is one foot, the devil is ten feet higher” is a Chinese idiom meaning that it takes constant vigilance to ward off evil/temptation

Translator: Hey… Just a little heads up but in the next few chapters, there’s going to be a non-human character. I’m very confused. I’m guessing this novel is part supernatural as well. Anyways, feel free to support this novel on Ko-fi if you enjoyed it and want more chapters.

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