Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 10 Mary Sue (V) part 2

My gaze was sharper than a knife and scared him into place and looked at me dumbfounded.

I looked back to Su Qianqian, then to Senior Xi Che, and politely gave my gratitude, “Thank you very much for your help today, I will definitely return the favor in the future.”

Having said that, I no longer pay attention to the both of them, turned around and left, the whole process stunning in one go.

A few steps later, I paused. “Su Qianqian, hurry up.”

“Ah? Oh, Senior Xi Che, thank you. Then I’ll be going now, see you next time!”

Su Qianqian tried to keep up with me with her small body. My legs are long, so I didn’t walk slowly. She trotted quickly next to me.

Hey, these little short legs, I was amused and slowed down a little.

“Su Xingyu, you were so cool just now!” Su Qianqian’s eyes were going to turn in heart-shape, and pulled my sleeve, “I heard that Huo Xi is the Fire Prince of the school. Are you not  afraid of him complaining to the fans? He’s got a lot of them. Just this morning I was just…hmmm…being chased by a large group of people!”

She opened her arms and stretched, with an exaggeration, “So, so, so much! In short, there are so many, like the stars…”

Huo Xi? I searched in my mind quickly and soon identified his identity.

“Is he the second master of the Yan family?”

“Ah? The Yan family? The second master?” Su Qianqian asked amused, “Isn’t his surname Huo?”

I sighed and explained, “The Yan family strength is also ranked in the world’s top ten families. The current patriarch has a total of seven known sons, combined with the name and age of Huo Xi, I guess he is the second son of the Yan family – Yan Huo Xi.”

“Seven sons? His mother is so fertile!”

I helped close Su Qianqian’s mouth, surprised that she never grasped the point. I smiled enigmatically at her, “Who knows if it’s from one mom and dad?”

“What? What do you mean-“

Su Qianqian had to cover her mouth, like a thief probing the brain around, and then guessed in one go, “You mean his mother gave his father a green hat or his father gave his mother a green hat or his father and mother gave each other a green hat2?”

“You inquired that much?” I patted her head, she was so gossipy at a young age.

Su Qianqian didn’t mind being touched on the head. Touching her demand and giving a shy smile, then the head suddenly lit up, asking, “Huh! No, I thought you didn’t know him, how do you know so much about him?”

I glanced at her gracefully, as part of the world’s first family, I was not as relaxed as I imagined. Not only was I in charge of all kinds of business, but also sorting out as much information as possible from each opponent and partner. It is better to grasp their situation.

The Yan family is just like everyone and Yan Huo Xi is one of the strong competitors in the future heirs of the Yan family. Naturally I know his basic information.

I was hesitant to speak with Su Qianqian about the truth, after all, my identity is not ordinary. Too much knowledge is not good for her. 

“I…I Baidu2 it.” I said at the end.

“Baidu?” Su Qianqian suddenly realized, “Yeah, Baidu, you know, with so many fans, Baidu must have his information!”

……Su Qianqian is a fool to believe that. I am a little worried about her, will she be sold in the future for the number of people to call master?

I thought this, but I might as well make this prophecy come true right away.

Su Qianqian followed me, blushing and asked, “Su Xingyu, where are we going? Don’t we have to go to class?”

Well, look, she’s really stupid. Even if you don’t know where to go, you still go with me blindly. I’m afraid you will be sold when I’m gone.

But luckily she met me. I looked at my watch, it was almost twelve o’clock.

“Let me take you to lunch, to thank you for your heroic deed today.”

“Huh? Aren’t we going to class?” Su Qianqian’s face became anxious, “Delaying for such a long time, will the teacher remember we skipped class?”

“Don’t worry.” I’ve got a heart-warming smile, “Someone will help us take time off.”

“Me too?”

“Of course, I can’t forget you, my little lifesaver.”



“But I brought my lunch!”


I glanced at the backpack behind her, and I didn’t know what was in it, but if it is packed it is likely to be cold, can it still be delicious?

I suddenly thought of something, and stared at her with an evil smile, “The place I was going to take you to eat can help enlarge the breast, are you sure you still don’t want to go?”

Su Qianqian was moved and excitedly asked, “Really? Does it work? “

“Hey.” I raised one of my eyebrows, “Look, I should know the effect.”

I heard her swallowing, and then all kinds of complex expressions flashed by before she finally sighed, actually refusing, “No… I don’t need it… My lunch hasn’t been eaten yet.” She paused for a few seconds, and then went on to say weakly, “And I have a chest, no need to make up… Isn’t that right?”

I doubted, “You do? You really have them?”

“Hey! I really do!” Su Qianqian jumped again. That look is really cute, she blushed and asked, “Didn’t you touch it?!”

I spread my innocent hands, “But I didn’t touch it.”

“You did, touch it again! Right here, they are at least the size of two Wang Zi buns!”

I thought for 0.01 seconds, suggesting, “Perhaps the clothes are too thick and I couldn’t touch them, so why don’t we…”

The author has something to say:
The plot is a bit bland, I’ll try to write ups and downs.
Su Qianqian’s setting is a short loli with a poor breast… attack? Suffer?
Su Xingyu is a serious hooligan!
I also like to Baidu when I have something to do, but Baidu had an accident recently and blocked a lot of bars for some unknown reason, and I don’t know if it will affect my use in the future.

1 “Green hat” is adultery. So mom cheated on dad, dad cheated on mom, or it went both ways.
2 Baidu is the Chinese version of Google

Translator: I’m rereading Female Protagonist is a Blackened Villainess again and I’m a little more than a halfway done and I need HELP. My tear-ducts are overflowing. (╥︣﹏╥᷅ )
And Mary Sue is one dirty, dirty dog.

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  1. “Why dont we…” what? Are you gonna suggest yellow stuff this fast mary sue? Also a cutting board loli set up for the cinderalla wow thats illegal… Welp gonna keep reading anyway. Thanks for the translation. This dog is still waiting for the dog food.

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