Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 10 Mary Sue (V) part 1

“Am I bigger than Wang Zi buns?”

Su Qianqian asked me proudly and arrogantly, almost like an grass horse. 

I felt the feeling under my hands… I feel… Well, I don’t really feel anything. I can’t feel the presence of a chest. -_-||

“I don’t feel it.” I gave an honest sympathetic answer, but then I thought of how young she was. She seemed to be only twelve or thirteen years old, there is still some time for development. So I kindly comforted her, “Right now there is no chest, I’ll wait for you to grow up…”

“You didn’t feel it?” Su Qianqian’s face became angry, pushing my hand against her chest harder, “Touch it carefully and properly!”

Looking at her aggressive appearance, I was confused, is it really that I didn’t find the right place?

So I was very careful, especially careful to touch her front through her clothes. Su Qianqian’s face blushed, breathing unevenly, especially looking at me expectantly. I bit my teeth, finally told her solemnly, “I really didn’t find it, ah…”

“How is that possible?” She was also afraid, slapped my hand away and touched her chest. Then roared in horror, “What happened to my chest?”

I rubbed the back of my hand, my hand was really delicate. It was lightly slapped on and it had already begun to turn red.

“Where did it go?!” Su Qianqian was frightened as a whole, her two small hands kept patting on her chest, crying out anxiously, and her eyes began to turn red.

“You… don’t cry…” I am also somewhat flustered, somehow, Su Qianqian’s mood easily affects me, and I hurriedly patted her shoulders trying to comfort her, “Even if you don’t have them, you’ll still look just as good without them.”

“I do have them!” Like an exasperated bunny, she ended up humiliating herself with her inarticulate, “I obviously have it, you…it’s just…huh?!”

“Ah! I got it!” Su Qianqian’s face suddenly looked happy and realized, with a little bit of the rest of her life, said, “That scared me, I thought it was gone. It was just too small to find!”

Me: Trying to hold back a laugh with all my strength.jpg

“I, I…” She also probably realized the joke she made, blushing like a small apple, even reaching to her ears, pulling on her clothes, and her toes grinding the floor non-stop, finally whispered, “I really do have… a chest…”

I think Su Qianqian with this look was unexpectedly lovely. She was small and delicate, even the face was childish, with a voice with a small voice as if she didn’t grow up, and now she looked shy and pitiful. It really gave me an evil mind1.

I wanted to treasure her and put her in a display cabinet. When you are free, take it out and play. When you’re not free just having it to look at is a good idea2.

Because she has been unilaterally identified as my toy, I said with an indulgent and intriguing voice, “Okay, you have a chest, I’ll listen to you.”

“You you you… You’re perfunctory!”

Su Qianqian stomped her foot angrily… I was really surprised, how did she ignore my indulgent, spoiling, and sexy voice, then went straight to the core of my words?

This is really an interesting…girl.

I raised the corner of my lips giving an evil smile. Very good, Su Qianqian, you managed to  attract my attention.

“I told you, I really do have them!” Her righteous explanations, as if to explain something very important.

I don’t know why she cares so much, I’ve never paid attention to that.

Well…it’s probably because people care so much about what they don’t have.

“Ugh.” I sighed, the melancholy quality of which could make everything move. I straightened my somewhat messy but still noble beautiful purple long hair, helplessly said to her, “Whether you have it or not, it doesn’t matter, you are still the Su Qianqian I know.”

I think Su Qianqian was probably moved deeply by my words, but she may be too sensitive to feeling inferior. Contrary to my thoughts, Su Qianqian stubbornly glared at me, “So you still think I don’t have it! Boobs! Is that it!?!”


Kid, do you want it to be true?

“I really have it! I don’t believe you didn’t touch it!”

Well…the topic seems to be at an enigmatic impasse again.

My hand was following Su Qianqian’s hand over to her chest to carefully feel again. Both of us were too engaged and didn’t notice that someone was near until they cried out a scream.

“Oh my God! In broad daylight and in the world!”

“Little sister Qianqian, what…what are you guys doing?”

Although my back was towards them, I can also guess which two it was, and very calmly drew my hand back incidentally straightening the messy clothes on Su Qianqian’s chest for her.

Once again, Su Qianqian was deliberately doing something to catch my attention.

I hadn’t even cleared up our relationship, but instead she explained it to the two unimportant people in a panic.

“Senior, listen to me, it’s not what you think! We really didn’t do anything! She didn’t touch my chest, she was just helping me with my clothes! It’s true! I didn’t let her touch me!”

Well, the more Su Qianqian explains, the more I had the feeling that I couldn’t wash my hands of jumping into the Yellow River3. Is she deliberately trying to make people misunderstand about our relationship and wants to connect it with my name?

At such a young age, she actually has such scheming and tactics. I have underestimated her.

“Che, look at who you saved and you still worry about them. Shameless, shameless!”

This disdainful voice was a bit harsh, I turned around and gave a cold look to the voice of the owner. He looked like a noble, but didn’t expect him to be so impetuous.

I sneered, “We do what we do and don’t need your fingers to point at it.”

1 Uhh… Sadistic much?
2 Nope!! She’s a YAnDerE!
3 Lol it’s funny because this all started because Cinderella took advantage of Mary Sue first. Accident or not.

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