Mary Sue Meets Cinderella Chapter 1 Mary Sue (I)

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My name is Su Xingyu, sixteen years old, today is the first day I went to Nanfeng High School.

I’m really slain about this, because when I was seven years old, I’ve completed all the courses from junior high school to high school, and by the age of ten I’ve got an excellent diploma from the world’s no.1 university.

Why would I want to go to high school when I graduated from college for six years ago? Also it is only 100 million square meters, my family back garden is bigger! This is not a good place for people to treat!

But my mother was really annoying, if I eat abalone and shark fin every day, I will only have a hanging threat on me. I will come to this school to see if my ears are quiet.

I didn’t want to cause a sensation through the school, so I drove a $10 billion sports car to school after class. Because I’m 175 cm and 90 pounds, with a full chest, slender legs of the devil’s body, plus my lilac flowing hair, like a glazed crystal purple eyes, and a noble temperament, will make everyone crazy and fascinated.

I walked alone on the path of the campus. Although the campus is small, the cherry blossoms on the side of the road are beautiful, just like my face at this time. Unfortunately, the scent of cherry blossoms is obscured by the various aromas I give off.

I picked up a cherry blossom, just as I wanted to smell it carefully, a shy voice like a fawn interrupted me.

“I’m sorry, … Excuse me…”

I looked down. She was a shriveled kid in a school uniform. She was so nervous that her hands were tangled together, and her speech was stuttered.

“Student… I… I’m lost, please… How do I get to sophomore class one? “

Sophomore class? Isn’t that the class I’m going to study in? Is she a sophomore, too? Listen to this childish baby voice, I thought it was an underclassman!

But with such a small school can actually get lost, I’m extremely new, this stupid thing has never happened to me.

It’s funny.

My lips raised into a beautiful smile, so that the world is eclipsed, but this ordinary little girl actually did not show an obsessive look?! This…… This is not normal, unprecedented!

I suppressed the surprise in my heart, and played to tease her mind, with my spring like clear and wonderful voice said: “I also happen to be a new student in the sophomore class.”

Seeing this little girl’s face blooming a surprise smile, I added a bit of fun: “But I also happen to get lost.” 

She suddenly looked like a deflated inflatable doll, with a face of frustration, muttered: “Ah, such a big school, there is no road sign, how can the new student find it?”

Pfft! Such a big school? I really want to laugh, only 100 million square meters felt big? What a stupid girl, I guess the family is very poor.

Alas, not everyone is like me who has the home of the world’s richest man. For ordinary people, a tile in my toilet may be enough for them to struggle for a few lifetimes.

“It’s okay!” “She immediately regained her fighting spirit. “We’ll walk a little longer and we’ll be able to get out!” “

What? She counted me in? But idle is also idle, playing with her is also good.

“Well, this way, this side must be right! This side looks the right way.”

“Ha…” she touched her head apologetically, “this side does not seem to be right either, well, then the right must be right!”

“The direction this time is definitely not wrong!”

Half an hour later, the stupid girl took me back to where she was. I watched her avoid the right route every time, go around, and return to the same spot.

What kind of talent is this?

And I actually accompanied her to play this boring game?

I took her hand and walked out this strange circle that troubled her for two or three times. Looking at the way she worshipped, an unprecedented sense of satisfaction rose in my heart.

“You’re so amazing!” “Her eyes are about to turn loving, “I’ll get lost every time, can you take me in the future?”

Seeing her look at the life-saving straw, my heart was proud and not tasteful. An emotion that I had never felt before enveloped me.

Growing up, I knew I wasn’t a normal person. Everyone who sees me will be crazy about me. They will scream and praise my beauty, my temperament, my figure, and even my family, but no one will ever ignore my beauty. Only because of these small matters they will worship me.

“But…” the little girl pursed her mouth, “Did you know the way earlier?” She actually started to blame me: “Okay, you must be secretly laughing at me! I treated you as a friend, you, you… You jerk!”

She wiped her eyes, covered her mouth and ran away, leaving me shocked.

Yes, I was shocked.

Because she lost her temper at me!

Perhaps for you ordinary people, this is only a very ordinary trivial matter. Isn’t it someone who loses their temper. But for me, it’s more incredible than escaping from the mouth of a ferocious shark.

The strange things from small to big made me realize that I was more than just an ordinary beautiful girl.

I rested sadly under the cherry tree, petals fell, and my hair began to change color.

Geniuses are always lonely, especially the world-famous genius and wise beauty like me.

Ordinary people have the happiness of ordinary people, geniuses have loneliness.

It’s hard to stand high.

I have always known that I was God’s darling, and even my closest mother told me that I had an invisible colorful halo. And every time she saw me, she couldn’t help but worship.

Everyone loves me. This is probably the most appropriate description. They regard me as a fairy, infatuated with me, but they also can not bear to tarnish my beauty and put me on the high court.

But I will also be alone.

Every time I secretly see those ordinary but normal little girls play with her friends, I am disdainful and jealous.

Sometimes I wonder, do they really love me? This kind of reason, no matter what I do, I will only love the admiration of the reaction, really love me?

This emotion haunts me, and it adds a melancholy temperament, very charming, but thinking of the stupid girl who burst with a temper, my heart raised with interest, will she be the exception?

I smiled, next to the people passing who was fascinated slammed straight into the front of the tree. It seems that only that stupid girl is an exception.

Stupid girl, you are very good, you successfully aroused my interest!

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  1. That last line reminding me of the Overbearing President novels, “Woman, you have successfully catch my attention”
    Is the Overbearing Mary Sue hooked by the cinderella? haha
    Thanks for the translation!

    1. Honestly I don’t know what she is. She’s a lot of things: overbearing, cute, narcissistic, and a few others. Those are how I see her. Very catching.

  2. 175 cm and 90 lbs is very underweight; I can’t help but imagine her as looking like one of the incredibly tall and skinny stick people from the xxxHolic anime

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