Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 7 – Giving Away

Xiao Man eventually gave the cat away.

It was Chu Fanxi’s mother who found a family, a middle-aged couple whose son had gone off to college, and the two were lonely, so they thought of adopting a kitten. Xiao Man visited the house several times before and after to make sure her kitten would live well enough in the new home before she let the family quietly adopt the cat while the cat was asleep.

She watched the middle-aged couple take Miao Miao away, and gave them the ten-page “Cat Breeding Guide” that she had written overnight, and asked them to take good care of her cat.

“Miss Xiao, if you like Miao Miao so much, why don’t you raise it yourself?” The middle-aged woman asked Xiao Man.

“I-I’m too busy with school and can’t keep a cat.” Xiao Man accosted them and urged them, “Hurry up and go. Miao Miao will cause a ruckus when she wakes up.”

“Okay, then we’re leaving. Miss Xiao, don’t worry, we’ll definitely take good care of Miao Miao.”

The middle-aged couple drove away, and Xiao Man watched them leave until she couldn’t see the car anymore, before turning around to go back to her own apartment.

She sat in the living room all morning, and returned to her senses by noon, took a glance at the time, rushed to the kitchen to mix cat food for Miao Miao, and opened the refrigerator before she remembered that Miao Miao had already been sent away by her.

Why did she send it away? Xiao Man has been with it for a month, and has obviously started to like it. This kitten is more sensible than any cat Xiao Man has ever seen, and will tenderly pamper her, and squat at the door every day to wait for her to come back, just like a puppy, and can’t even stick to itself to her enough.

But it was too short-lived. If companionship was destined to mean loss, how happy you are now, and how painful it would be in the future. It really is better to be alone, Xiao Man thought. If you don’t gain anything, naturally you won’t lose it.

It wasn’t so hard to get used to it either. 

I didn’t have anything to accompany me for such a long time, didn’t I come here alone too?


Yu Miaoyin was jolted awake and woke up to find herself in a totally unfamiliar environment, as if she was in… a car? She sat up and looked around, and it was a car.

“Honey look, Miao Miao is awake!” The woman in the passenger seat excitedly pointed to the cardboard box in the back seat.

Her husband echoed, “Miao Miao will naturally wake up when she’s had enough sleep, so what’s the fuss.”

Yu Miaoyin looked at the two strangers in horror, recoiling backwards on all fours and letting out a warning-like whimper in her throat.

What was going on? Didn’t she sleep comfortably at her senior sister’s house this morning? Why did she wake up and the world has changed? Was it…that this is a kidnapping?

Yu Miaoyin crawled out of the cardboard box and scrambled in the back seat of the car to get out. I’ve only heard of kidnapping people these days. Why, don’t you even let the cats go? Yu Miaoyin thought sadly that she was really unlucky. First, she somehow reincarnated into a cat, then she even admitted that she had reincarnated into a cat. After all, the owner was her favorite senior sister, but she didn’t expect to run into two perverts who were actually kidnapping! No one can be this unlucky.

The woman saw the cat start to freak out, thinking that she was new to an unfamiliar environment and insecure, she softly reassured, “Don’t worry, Miao Miao, from now on we’re your owners. We’ll definitely take good care of you.”

“Ao wu-” Bah! Who needs your care! I’m sure senior sister will be worried sick when she finds out I’m gone!

Yu Miaoyin was so anxious that she knocked her head against the door of the car without hesitation. The cat was so small that it knocked against the door of the car. What if I hit my head? Immediately stopping the car, the woman reached out her hand from the passenger side to try and hug Yu Miaoyin to reassure her, but Yu Miaoyin brightly displayed her claws on the back of the woman’s hand and scratched a bit. Fortunately, Xiao Man had just given her a manicure, and this scratch didn’t hurt, it just caused some white marks.

“Miao Miao, if you don’t behave, mommy will get angry!” The middle-aged woman with a placid face lectured Yu Miaoyin.

Yu Miaoyin was not a cat in the first place, so why would she be willing to listen to this woman, and was still jumping up and down in the back seat. The man said, “No, the car will be ruined by this cat if we go on like this, so go catch it and I’ll find a rope to tie it up.”

The woman thought and hesitated, “How are we going to explain to Xiao Man if we hurt the cat?”

The man raged, “She gave us the cat and it’s ours, why should we tell her? What if it wrecks the car?”

The woman thought about it, too, and bit her lip, ” Okay, you go get the rope.”

Perfect opportunity! After that, she opened the door and got out.

When Yu Miaoyin had a chance to see the woman open the door, she lightly leapt, stepped on the back of her head and jumped out of the doorway, ran with all four legs, and all of a sudden disappeared into the flower garden by the side of the road.

The couple looked at each other, dumbstruck.

“What should we do?” The woman asked.

The man yelled, “What else can we do? Go home!”

“But Xiao Man…”

“How will she know if you don’t tell her? Besides, she gave us the cat. It’s our business whether it’s dead or alive. The cat went crazy and ran away. Can you blame us?”

With the man’s reassurance, the woman’s inner anxiety subsided, and the couple drove home, discussing adopting another pet on the way.

“Cats are too noisy, this time we”ll get a dog. A dog is obedient and can also watch the house.”


Yu Miaoyin has lived in this city for twenty years and has only ever looked at the city from a human perspective. The first time she looked up at the city, everything looked a whole lot taller.

Yu Miaoyin knows this road, there is a bus stop in front of her, and she can take the 124 bus to go back to her previous home, but… Yu Miaoyin didn’t know where Xiao Man’s house was.

What should she do?

Yu Miaoyin crouched in the flower garden beside the sidewalk and flicked her tail, pondering where to go. Suddenly, she brightened up and thought of a good idea, when a car sped past her and a puddle of mud on the side of the road, its tires rolling so fast in the mud puddle that dirty sewage mixed with mud splattered all over Yu Miaoyin.

“Ah choo!” Yu Miaoyin’s white fur all turned gray. It was winter, the muddy water was cold, and she couldn’t help but sneeze and start shivering.

Where are you senior sister, your cat is being bullied! Why didn’t you come to the rescue!

Yu Miaoyin shifted her gray body and walked towards the station.

Although she didn’t know where her sister lived, she knew where her school was. Yu Miaoyin knew all about Xiao Man’s class schedule, and knew that she would have an architecture class in the morning, so all she had to do was take a bus to the school and wait for her in the classroom.

She thought quite happily, but the plan was not so easy to implement.

There were a lot of people waiting at the bus stop, and Yu Miaoyin avoided the big feet of those people and crouched in a small corner near the stop sign, shivering, when she was violently kicked in the stomach by a man shining a light.


Yu Miaoyin took a painful kick, rolled off the platform on the spot, and rolled into the lane next to him. At this time, it happened that an electric car was driving fast.

Seeing that Yu Miaoyin was about to be crushed into a cat cake by the electric car tires, the cat’s instinct in her body broke out, and she jumped two meters high, grabbing onto a banyan tree in the flower garden and leaping to the top of the tree.

Yu Miaoyin lay on the branch and looked down. The kid who kicked her was a four or five-year-old big kid with fat head and big ears. He looked at his mother invitingly, and his mother clapped her hands and praised, “The baby is great, so amazing!”

Yu Miaoyin’s stomach aches and whimpers softly, cursing in her heart: Big sister, I wish your baby will also become a stray cat and be kicked in the next life.

I’m not going to be able to get down from the tree, Yu Miaoyin thought as she lay on the branch with a headache.

She flicked her tail to watch the people coming and going on the platform. The annoying fat kid hadn’t left yet, kicking people and hitting people everywhere. His mother was standing on the side playing with her mobile phone, and if someone was kicked, she didn’t see it. It wasn’t until someone came to complain that she pouted and defended, “You are an adult, and my son is only four and a half years old. Do you even know him personally?” When passers-by saw her shameless face, and could only endure their anger and hurried away.

The fat child was still kicking and beating people. By coincidence, there was a girl playing with a mobile phone standing on the side of the road. The fat child lifted his foot and kicked towards the girl.

Look out! The fat kid’s foot is about to touch the girl’s trouser leg, when the girl suddenly a dodged and the kid’s center of gravity became unsteady, and fell straight down towards the road. It was at this time that a bus was about to enter the station, in the direction of the child who fell over. His mother finally stopped standing and playing with the phone, holding her head and screaming, the bus driver braked sharply, which could be less than five centimeters away from the boy before stopping. The woman stepped forward and picked up the child, lifting up his butt and started beating him.

“Let you kick people! You’re on the curb! Do you still dare!?”

The boy cried out in pain, “Mama I don’t dare… wahhhh… spare me…”

Yu Miaoyin saw everything from above and had only one feeling: awesome!

Of course, she didn’t really want the boy to get hit by a car or anything, but it was a great pleasure to watch the boy get beaten up.

A gust of cold wind blew by, the crowd watched people get on the train, dodging the wind, and half of the people on the platform dispersed. Yu Miaoyin shivered, found a branch on the tree to protect her from the wind, curled up into a ball and licked her stomach.

Ooh, it hurts.


Xiao Man’s eyes have been dancing nonstop since she sent Miaomiao away. As the saying goes, the left eye jumps for money and the right eye jumps for disaster. Xiao Man has two eyes jumping together, and something big happens at first sight.

She circled around the house several times with anxiety, not being able to read, not being able to concentrate on her drawings and not being able to do anything, and finally couldn’t help calling Miao Miao’s new home.

When the call went through, Xiao Man asked without waiting for an answer on the other end, “Hello, is everything okay with Miao Miao at your place?”

“It… it’s all good, it eats and sleeps… uh… right right! Just scratched me off guard, hahaha…”

“That…” Xiao Man still had to ask again, but the other side had already hung up the phone.

No, although Miao Miao liked to be clingy, it was never mischievous, much less scratchy. Xiao Man frowned, something must have happened to Miao Miao!

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