Let Me Go! I Need to Study! Chapter 6 – Stupid Cat

Yu Miaoyin squatted on the arm of the sofa and wagged her tail, her two black eyes stared at the “ravine” in front of her, and then she stood upright, with her two front paws one behind the other, her tail standing tall, and took a few steps backwards to make a preparation motion.


With a light jump, Yu Miaoyin crossed the ravine, landing firmly on the opposite side of the coffee table.

In the blink of an eye, Yu Miaoyin had been living with Xiao Man for over a month, her limbs were long and sturdy. She could run and jump, and although her soul was human, she was in a cat’s body after all, instinctively jumping around the house restlessly.

Successfully jumping onto the coffee table, Yu Miaoyin raised her head proudly. Standing on the coffee table and wagging her tail, she reached out her front paws to hook the piece of chocolate that was placed on the coffee table.

It was chocolate! Yu Miaoyin’s old favorite! Sadly, Yu Miaoyin hasn’t eaten chocolate for a long time since she accidentally became a cat, and it just so happens that today her senior sister dropped a piece of chocolate on the coffee table when she came back from school. Yu Miaoyin had been lying on the sofa and struggled for a long time, but eventually she couldn’t resist the temptation of chocolate anymore.

“Miao Miao, no chocolate.” Xiao Man sat on the other side of the single couch reading a book, her fingers stroking her glasses, with her head not looking up in warning.

“Meow.” Yu Miaoyin withdrew her front paws back with annoyance, blinked, then jumped from the coffee table and onto Xiao Man’s thigh, with her paw blocking the book in Xiao Man’s hand, and entered through the gap of the book in front of her.

A pure white furry head appeared in front of Xiao Man, two small upright ears moved, revealing its pink outlines, then the front paws, hind limbs, and tail. Until Yu Miaoyin’s entire cat body squeezed in through the narrow gap between Xiao Man’s thighs and the book, flipped over onto the book, with her belly facing Xiao Man.

“Miao Miao don’t cause trouble, I have an exam tomorrow.” Xiao Man scratched Yu Miaoyin’s chin and carried her by the neck to “pick” her off her lap.

“Meow meow meow!” Yu Miaoyin disgruntledly jumped back onto Xiao Man’s lap again, and leaned back on the book with all her limbs twisted and shamelessly. Senior sister stop reading and look at me, look at me!

“Miao Miao!” Xiao Man scolded softly.

“Wuu…” Yu Miaoyin instantly wilted, crawling down from Xiao Man’s lap and jumped to the other corner of the sofa, squatting motionlessly with her back to Xiao Man, her tail wrapped around her body and mimicking out in distress.

What about the promise to roll around in the arms of the senior sister by being her cat? It’s all a lie!

Xiao Man looked at the depressed back of the one-month-old kitten, sighed, put down the thick technical book, and held Yu Miaoyin over with her arm outstretched.

“Okay, I won’t read anymore. It’s always okay to keep you company, right?” Xiao Man scratched the top of Yu Miaoyin’s head, “It’s a good thing that this semester doesn’t give out scholarships, otherwise let’s see who will give you the cat food to eat.”

“Meow~” a second ago she was squatting in the corner of the sofa with dark clouds, now Yu Miaoyin is sunny again, playing with Xiao Man’s fingers and using her paws to bring her hand to the top of her head, indicating that she should continue stroking her.

Oh, don’t stop, the elder sister is so comfortable… Yu Miaoyin was humming, and arched into Xiao Man’s arms, rubbing against her chest.

Xiao Man was home alone and was not wearing underwear, Yu Miaoyin pawed at her chest and pressed it in front of her, her brain filled with blood and thought, Senior sister’s chest is so soft… and shamelessly opened her mouth to try the taste of that place through her clothes. Xiao Man quickly smacked her head, feigning anger, “You little rascal.”

Xiao Man picked Yu Miaoyin back up, thinking that she had it good. It could eat, drink and pee by itself. It didn’t need to be trained, and it didn’t have the tendencies she saw in the pet forum of rummaging through garbage cans and scratching things. Except for one thing. this cat was too clingy.

It didn’t matter when it couldn’t walk, she could ignore it for a long time at most, and it will meow and ask for pets. But when it could start walking, it will be extremely clingy almost everywhere. When Xiao Man went to school, it bit her trouser leg and prevented her from leaving. When Xiao Man came back from class, the cat had squatted at the door and threw itself into Xiao Man’s arms. When Xiao Man slept, it tried every means to get into her bed and wanted to sleep with her… Even when Xiao Man went to the toilet, the cat had to squat by the door of the toilet to guard her, for fear that Xiao Man would run away.

The most important thing is that this cat is not serious … … it always shows an unusual interest in Xiao Man’s parts…

Xiao Man didn’t know what was wrong with her cat. She checked it online and didn’t really find other cats with this hobby. She was embarrassed to post a question, so she had to pat Yu Miaoyin’s head every time to show punishment. Was it effective… Look at Yu Miaoyin now and you will know the answer.

Hehehe, Yu Miaoyin rubbed her stomach against Xiao Man, thinking of a little scheme in her heart. Anyway, she has become a cat now, so of course she can eat senior sister tofu so vigorously, after all there is no shop after passing the village1!

 So the rubbing got more and more intense.

As she rubbed against her, Xiao Man’s computer beeped with a message, it was Chu Fanxi asking for her.

Well-dressed Chu Chu: [A’man, are you there?]

Windy XiaoXiaoXi: [En.]

Well-dressed Chu Chu: [My mom recently found another person who wants to adopt a cat, and sent them a picture of Miao Miao. That family likes it very much and wants to see the cat.]

Windy XiaoXiaoXi: [Send me a picture of the adopter.]

Well-dressed Chu Chu: [image]

Chu Fanxi sent a selfie of the adopter, a young woman with dyed reddish brown hair, looking quite fashionable.

Windy XiaoXiaoXi: [Sassy, I disagree.]

Xiao Man typed these words expressionlessly.

Well-dressed Chu Chu: [……]

Well-dressed Chu Chu: [What do you want to do, A’man? Tell me what you really want.]

This month, Chu Fanxi had introduced about a dozen people to Xiao Man who wanted to adopt a cat. Yet every time Xiao Man was picky and gave an excuse, “They’re too old to take care of the cat”, “There are children in the house, and I am afraid that the cat will suffer”, “Single men can’t even take care of themselves, how can they raise a cat” … In short, Chu Fanxi knew for the first time that Xiao Man could be so unreasonable.

Windy XiaoXiaoXi: [No reason, just find a good home for Miao Miao.]

Well-dressed Chu Chu: [No, if you care so much about this kitten, why don’t you raise it yourself? It’s been with you for so long now and you two are close].

Windy XiaoXiaoXi: [I don’t want to keep it.]

Xiao Man was still trying to type, when Yu Miaoyin bounced from her lap and onto the laptop. Her thick, fleshy palm stomped back and forth on the keyboard, her tail sweeping across the screen and blocking most of Xiao Man’s view.

Windy XiaoXiaoXi: [dhfhwigpfbvjbwbk’]

Well-dressed Chu Chu: [???]

Xiao Man picked up Yu Miaoyin, closed the computer, looked out the window at the dark sunken sky, and caressed Yu Miaoyin back with one hand, not knowing what to think about. Yu Miaoyin didn’t know Xiao Man’s struggle, so she yawned comfortably in the arms of her senior sister and fell asleep.

In the evening, Xiao Man ordered a takeaway, carried the sleeping Yu Miaoyin back to the cat bed carefully, and got up to mix cat food for Yu Miaoyin.

Yu Miaoyin has started to grow teeth and couldn’t drink milk anymore. Xiao Man went to research about it. During this time, she had to mix some cat food and feed it with chicken liver and steamed buns. At first, Yu Miaoyin was completely unaware of the cat food Xiao Man made for her. Later, Xiao Man tried several different formulas and finally added some salt to it to give it a little bit of taste, so Yu Miaoyin ate the cat food obediently.

However, cats can’t always eat salty food, which is not good for their health. So, Xiao Man gradually reduced the amount of salt until it was no longer added, and Yu Miaoyin can still eat it hungrily. In general, the taste of cats is always different from that of humans.

After being raised by Xiao Man for a month, Yu Miaoyin ate and slept all day, or just sat on her body, carefree, chubby, and after a long time, Yu Miaoyin started to move stupidly.

Xiao Man was taking a shower on this day, the sound of water pattering in the bathroom, Yu Miaoyin was lying on the sofa with her tail swinging and shaking her head. She raised her nose and sniffed, so she could smell the aroma of senior sister’s body wash, until her eyes went crooked.

Yu Miaoyin nimbly jumped to the ground, her fleshy paws lightly against the ground, without making any noise at all, and quietly arrived at the bathroom door.

The door of the bathroom is an opaque glass with a layer of steam condensation, and therefore the glass was a little transparent. Yu Miaoyin admired the graceful outline of senior sister through the glass for a while, and in a heartbeat she jumped on the doorknob, shaking it, trying to open the bathroom door.

Unfortunately, Yu Miaoyin overestimated her strength and hung on the doorknob with her two claws. Her body stretched elongated, unable to get up or down.

Yu Miaoyin looked down at the ground, and was frightened that she quickly hooked up her hind legs and bent her body into a half circle.

“Ao wuu-” Senior sister help me!

“Miao Miao? What are you doing?” Xiao Man had heard Yu Miaoyin scratching the door just now. At this moment, when Yu Miaoyin’s cry was miserable and stern. She was afraid that something had happened to Yu Miaoyin and she couldn’t be bothered to put on her clothes, so she gathered a towel and rushed out.

Fully wet and out of the bathroom, Xiao Man looked at the stupid cat that was hanging on the door handle and couldn’t get down.

“Ao… ao…” screamed Yu Miaoyin with her tail flailing, stomping on the glass backwards in a panic.

Xiao Man bent her knees and leaned in next to the door handle and asked amusingly, “Stupid cat, do you still dare to try to climb the door any more?”

“Ao……” Yu Miaoyin was currently less than two months old, her forelimbs had yet to develop enough to support her body weight, and before she could express to Xiao Man that she wouldn’t dare anymore, her paws had slipped off the door handle.

The hairs on Yu Miaoyin’s body stood up, but the expected pain didn’t come and she fell into a soft arm.

“Silly Miao Miao, open your eyes and look. It’s okay.” Xiao Man kissed Yu Miaoyin’s little ear.

Yu Miaoyin opened her eyes and looked right at Xiao Man’s half exposed body, and floated softly into Xiao Man’s arms.

Meow, senior sister is so pretty.

Xiao Man hugged Yu Miaoyin and thought, she might have lived by herself for a long time, and having such a little thing with her, although sometimes stupid, it still feels quite good. At least… have someone to talk to.

So why not just keep it around?

But Xiao Man was scared. She couldn’t even take care of herself, so how could she take care of one more little thing.

1 “There is no shop after passing the village” or 过了这村没这店,现在不吃更待何时啊 means that the opportunity is scarce so strike it when you have the chance.

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