I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 8

Recently, our IT has gone back to their hometown, Vovo was planning to hire another one, but strangely enough, Jade suddenly, for some strange reason, volunteered to take this job!

In order to show determination, she communicated with two people to make a set of internal systems (the two nights that I rejected, she also made such an idiot program by the way, dare to use the company as a dormitory ==), actually won the approval of Vovo (in fact, she mostly thought of increase that person’s salary, than to recruit another person and it is cost-effective, anyway, our small company IT demand is not big – – *).

Watching her instantly transform into a great young woman, that feeling is even more terrifying than watching her transform into a different type!

“Puchi puchi”

I felt my eyelids quiver again, this fellow has been drifting over to me all day long since she became my co-worker to talk nonsense when people aren’t looking, and the opening code word is that silly “puchi puchi”.

“What are you doing…”

She ran over and crouched in front of my desk, offering to spread a design in front of me like a treasure and smiling like a beckoning cat, “Check it out, isn’t it pretty?”

I took a quick glance at it, it was a tuxedo design engagement that looked rather chic.

“Well, it’s okay.” I didn’t want her to get too smug.

“It’s just okay?” She instantly collapsed, “What should I do, I plan to give it as a confession gift on White Day…”

White Day? Confession? It’s really serious this time! This shameless person…. looked at her sad look, I, I, I… (deep breaths, fierce fist).

“That’s too generic! Send it out and you’ll never get a chance!” I purposely raised my eyebrows high, “I think you might as well design a set of underwear that’s direct and wild and have the opportunity to take it off yourself!1

She froze, then gradually transitioned to a deflated state, followed by a tendency to drool, a complete idiot appearance.

Although I’m quite used to this state of hers myself, but…

“Hey, hey! If you want to leave it empty, leave it empty, can you change the subject, please?” I’m about to have two holes stared through me by her = =.

“Ooh…” she swallowed her saliva and finally came back to her senses, “But…. I’ve never designed underwear before…”

If I could express my state of mind at this point in a cartoon, it is definitely that there are only two upturned feet in the entire picture – how could she take such obvious sarcasm seriously? Does love really turn people into idiots and turn idiots into upgraded and enhanced idiots?

I put my hands in the air, “Then I’m not going to help you, sorry I can’t help you.”

Turns out not ten minutes later, I saw her discussing with Vovo with a pile of lingerie magazines and artwork – ah, I almost forgot that Vovo came from a design background too!

But discussing the gift with the giving target? Not quite right, is it? But you can’t say that, at least this will ensure that the target will like it and then say “this is for you”. It’s also quite a surprise…

No, no, no. Why am I getting so angry? Is it really too lonely to see others well? God, I don’t want to be one of those bastards on the Couples Go to Hell Group! Stop it. I grabbed my books and coat and ran out…

“Where are you going?” She suddenly stuck to me again like a back spirit and I wanted to stomp on her beautiful face. = =

“I’m going to [Gale Plaza] to talk about entering the peace treaty.” I sent her off with a taut face.

“Then I’ll go with you!”

“You…” I was near fainting, “Don’t you even have anything to do when I talk about and ask you to do something?”

She looked serious, “When talking about entering, it also involves whether the product concept conforms to the cultural temperament of the square. I am a designer, and I can help you say something that is more than just bluffing!”

I was stunned by her amazing “energetic strength” and was about to say no when Vovo came over and dropped a sentence–

“I heard that Gale’s marketing director is a very eccentric person, you should let her follow, you might be able to use [eccentricity to fight eccentricity].”

I was dumbfounded, not knowing whether I was crazy or the world was crazy.

1 NO! You’re only digging yourself a hole that Jade will willingly join in with you

Translator: Awww. No kisses.

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    Pfft. Man, I can already see the regret in her face in the near future. Dense tsundere bottoms are the best! Especially with such a top.

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