I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 7

“Jade, help me charge my phone…”

I wiped my hair as I walked out of the bedroom, almost yelling without thinking about it until I saw the empty bedroom and then suddenly remembered – she’d been thrown out of the house by me in a fit of rage for two days.

“…… to power it up.”

I just comically filled in the sentence to myself, the last three words like a tape recorder that had suddenly lost its power, the tone slipping for a moment.


I went to turn on the computer in order to do the project planning, originally did not want to open MSN, but then thought: Someone has been set to refuse to answer the user by my 54BS plus mobile phone number for two days. Isn’t it… a little bit? Excessive?

I opened my phone to look through the nearly 50 text messages all from one person. It was actually quite sincere, despite the content…

[I didn’t mean to stalk you. I just wanted to check up on you and I could go back with you on the way.]

[I didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable knowing I was there, so I borrowed the wig…]

[That man’s got peachy eyes. He’s definitely not a good person! You see, he tried to touch your hand when you first met…. >o<]

[I know it’s my fault, but I actually helped you a lot! Think about it: You have to be unfortunate for you to follow a man who can’t stand temptation!]

[Hey, you don’t really like that guy, do you? What are you looking at? You like him better than you like me…]

With a sigh and a roll of my eyes, I logged on to MSN, the window popped up in a flash, and the content was instantly clear to me – as were the messages.

Just as I was about to continue with 54+BS, she suddenly sent me a file called “Sorry”. I hesitated for a moment but finally felt that it was better not to be too unreasonable, so I clicked it.

As it turns out, people still can’t be too soft-hearted….T_T

As soon as the file opened, her cryptic face popped up violently, causing me to think I had accidentally started a video~~~, and a closer look revealed that it was a photo of her, with a small dialog box on it.

[Forgive me!]

  ________ (please fill in “I forgive you”)

…… I swear I’ve never seen such a retarded copycat widget! What a crying shame! So I immediately typed “fuck you” and sent!

[snap] and another crying face pops up, along with the previous one, taking up a small portion of my screen.

Yes, as you may have guessed…. it is an infinite loop program.

I’m not happy, I’m really not happy, but I can’t even find “start” when the screen is filled with more and more crying faces, and I can’t restart the computer without saving the project.

A huge grinning version that almost took up the entire screen instantly replaced those crying faces. I took a closer look – X! There’s a dialog box!

[Do you love me?]

  ________ (You can guess the answer to that one yourself ^^)

&* (&#@#$@……&This dead man!!!! It’s dizzying!!! I’ve paced back and forth like a headless fly for a full seven rounds, yet I’m still delirious with dizziness and a feverish heart rate – this joke is too reckless, isn’t it? Only an irresponsible punk girl like her could have done it!

But, but, why is… my heart racing?

Calm down! Calm down! I took seven deep breaths in the same spot before I could sit down and face her deadpan smile relatively calmly.

Well, anyway, she won’t receive anything I write here. And God knows what kind of weird stuff she’ll come up with to torment my computer if I don’t write…

[I love you] Send.


  —> pop up, [I love you too ^^]

There’s also a picture of her pouting her lips like a pig’s mouth1, but this time there’s finally no dialog box, so that’s the end of it, thank goodness…

I’m finally relieved, but after I’m relieved I feel a little bit lost, lost but a little bit happy. Then soon after I was happy I started worrying, worrying… but feeling sweet…

It’s over, I’m finally having a nervous breakdown from being tossed around by her! 0_0

1 Pucker up ladies because more kisses are coming… I hope…

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  1. Wow. Did Jade just– hacked her way into Laure’s heart? Hahha. A top in attack mode sure is scary.

    My little heart can’t take this and I’m just a passerby reading this ah. Poor Laure.

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