I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 6

I have been a colleague with this person for 10 days without realizing it. I don’t know what to do, She has been living with me for 10 days because her previous apartment was “too far away from the office and I haven’t found a new one yet” is her excuse. And this guy is rubbing it in, and is pretty ignorant! Like a koala, sticking to people 24 hours a day, I have to hang on to her even when I go out to take out the trash, and she also said she’ll “Protect me”, so I can’t even get a date!

If this goes on, she’s going to ruin my personal life completely!

So today I’ve decided to do the first and last thing. This man that Third Aunt has introduced to me seems to be very good. I can’t be dragged into an old aunt by this punk!

“You’re on your own after work, I have an appointment, it’s not on the way!”

After saying that I went off on my own. Only when I got in the car, I found that the N stickers with the address of the hotel seemed to be forgotten on the table, but it didn’t matter, my memory was first class.

When I arrived at the beautifully lit French restaurant, the man was already there. He politely got up and pulled out a chair for me, ordered my favorite brand of wine, handed me the Menu, and let me make all the decisions.

Simply full marks.

I flipped through the menu, but out of the corner of my eye, I looked at his very handsome face, and his peach eyes looked a lot like Jade’s – uh, why am I thinking of her? I was too busy shaking the bastard out of my head to focus on the handsome guy again, and it felt so-.

Hallelujah! I’m lucky!

The next step was naturally the regular procedure of getting to know each other.

“What hobbies do you usually have?”

“I usually prefer to sing, and besides-“

[Kang Dang! ] 

A loud noise from behind him suddenly interrupted my train of thought, as if it were the sound of a knife and fork hitting the floor, and I couldn’t help but peek out to see who was so unlucky as to have this happen in an elegant French restaurant!

A tall woman with long hair was picking up her knives and forks with her back to me, but she seemed very uncomfortable with her high heels and tube skirt and was struggling to pick them up with her crooked body. But this I understand, as any woman wearing a narrow skirt and high heels is going to have some degree of mobility issues.

Rather more striking to me: the full set of clothes she was wearing seemed to be from our company – a die-hard patron, it seemed! And for some reason, I was actually quite familiar with her, probably from a certain client I had been in contact with.

The little interlude didn’t matter, we kept talking and actually had something in common!

“I’m interested in numerology, astrology and the like.”

“Really?” I smiled elegantly, “I’m actually quite interested as well.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I can do a quick calculation for you.”

He motions for me to extend my right hand, and I do so generously. Just as I reached my hand out, there was suddenly another sharp thump in my ear – this was much more serious than before! It seemed that someone had bumped the table, and the table legs made a noise as they rubbed against the floor.

I frowned and looked behind him – it was the same woman again, and although she pretended to cover her face with the menu as if nothing had happened, it couldn’t hide the fact that her table was 15 degrees more crooked than the others.

Although I had a date at the moment, I couldn’t control my analytical thinking – this restaurant was 90% couples, but she was alone. It doesn’t make sense to say she was waiting for someone, because she had already eaten by herself, but if she had already eaten, why did she hold on to the menu from beginning to end?

I narrowed my eyes to look closely at her hand holding the menu – or rather, her ring. Then, rising, I move forward to stand in front of her.


She peeked out from behind Menu extremely slowly, one of her long wigs sticking comically to the corner of her mouth, and she smiled at me with a big smile, “…… Hi~~ What a coincidence~~”

“Yeah, what a coincidence!” I squeezed the words out of my teeth and smiled more flirtatiously than she did.

“Uh, this is…?”

The handsome blind date guy had walked up behind me at some point, looking unsure; I was about to explain, but I didn’t expect to be pounced on by her1

“Yaa, Laure, what a coincidence? Wow, we haven’t seen each other in years! What a coincidence!”

I was stiff in her arms, my brain short-circuiting.

“Come on!” She took my arm and rushed out, “It’s a rare reunion for us sisters today, we must not get drunk.” After that she turned to him, “I’m sorry we haven’t seen each other for ten years, please make an appointment some other time, bye-bye.”

“Hold on!” He suddenly blurted out in a rush, but his face was strangely red, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, here’s my card.”

This time I short-circuited with her because his last words were addressed to her.

But exchanging business cards is a basic courtesy, after all, and she hesitated to take out her own card in exchange. I observed her carefully and attentively at this moment, and finally had to admit–

She’s beautiful.

Tall and skinny, with our latest ready-to-wear (which she probably stole from the company’s warehouse), and a long black wig, “Cleopatra” style (which she probably borrowed from the company’s runway models), she’s a real beauty with delicate bones and a feminine touch (just look)!

“Since you’ve been separated for a long time, I can’t intrude.” The handsome blind date man backed away in a very gentlemanly manner and waved the business card lightly, his eyes shining, “So… we’ll be in touch then?”

Needless to say, his re-contact partner knew with their nostrils that it wouldn’t be me.

And just like that, the Prince Charming who soared in and out of sight was gone in an instant.

At this moment, I hissed at 1000 decibels in my heart –

“Jade! I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes!”


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  1. Sneaky sneaky Jade~

    She’s smooth but her sneak level is weak. Hahaha. Maybe Laure just has a sharp eye for her wifey.

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