I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 5

I was so tired that I couldn’t keep from falling asleep, but this night I had a series of all kinds of chaotic dreams. I dreamt that I seemed to have experienced something quite frightening, but when I woke up I couldn’t remember anything.

“Awake? Just in time for breakfast.”

Because of the backlighting, I squinted for a long moment to get a good look at her – my shirt, short jacket, and pencil pants? And what’s that around your neck, the waistband of one of my pants? That’s too… bizarre of a combination!

But it’s actually very eye-catching ……

“Hurry up and wipe your saliva!” She stroked her hair and smiled a smile worthy of a million hearts, “Actually, I don’t even need to memorize that many questions, I’ll just have to stand in front of your boss and everything will be fine. Do you believe it or not?”

I really want to damage her two sentences, but looking at her at the moment, so bright and beautiful, and then thought of her own unkempt and sleepy appearance, and immediately felt shameful inferiority.

I didn’t say a word as I got up, got dressed, brushed my hair, and put on make-up until the last corner of my lips was covered with a light rose-colored lip gloss, and then I was able to regain a little bit of my confidence.

It’s frustrating. And the worst part is, I can’t figure out what I’m feeling inferior to….

“Wiped it, it’s too heavy.”

“Huh?” I reacted before I noticed in the mirror that she had walked up behind me.

“The colors are too bright.” She approached and turned me towards her, “It’s better to go lighter with your dress.”

She tilted her head close, and I seemed to smell my own mouthwash – and then her lips were so firmly pressed against mine that she even crushed it.

“I just happen to need just a little color, thanks!”

I looked around, between the toilet brush and the mop, I decided on the latter, and swung around to give her a smack, and she deftly jumped and dodged, “Oh, don’t take it seriously!”

Is this some kind of joke? Once is not enough. Twice is not enough. This fellow has lost her mind! I chased angrily all the way out of the bathroom, “You foolish bastard! Tofu is actually eating your buddy’s head!”

She stopped so suddenly that I almost ran headfirst into her back–

“What did you call me just now?” Her expression suddenly became serious.

“Scared?” I was stunned, but quickly gained my voice again, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you just a foolish bastard?”

Her eyes purred, “So, is there anyone you know who is as much of an asshole as I am, besides me?”

I choked up at her question, but after careful consideration, I answered very seriously, “No.”

She suddenly smiled a demented smile that blew up the shock and scared me so badly that I dropped my mop.

“Come on, let’s go eat breakfast!” She dragged me along at a trot, literally dragging.


All morning I had my eyes glued to the door of Vovo’s office, I didn’t know what was going on, these two were actually talking for so long!

When the door finally opened, I turned into stone.

I saw Vovo and her laughing and walking towards me, patting me on the shoulder, “Laure, meet your new colleague.”


“Well? What kind of questions were asked?” At lunchtime I couldn’t wait to drag her into a nearby restaurant for questioning, and boy, did she make it through the famously demanding Vovo!

“It’s not much, the questions are actually pretty much as you guessed.” She flipped through the menu carelessly, “Except for the answers… I answered them all truthfully.”

“Puuu!” I almost spilled my drink in one gulp, “You-“

“She also asked me if I had a boyfriend and at what age I planned to get married.” She trailed off, frustrated.

I froze. I missed this one by a thousand calculations! I almost forgot that she’s also a woman of marriageable age and the company needs to consider the hidden risks of this option…

“So what did you say?”

“What else can I say?” She stalls, “I just told her truthfully that I’m a T, so not only will I not be able to get married, but I’ll have to work hard to earn money to buy a house and support my family because I don’t want the woman I love to work too hard.”

“…..”I literally fainted, “Why would you do that….”

“But I did it!” She smiled with a quirked eyebrow and shamelessly gestured with a “V” sign.

I was so angry that my heart rate was irregular and I was about to attack – wait, what? Favorite woman?

“You have a new direction again?”

“…. Well, I don’t know if it’s going to work yet.” She dropped her eyes, and was actually, actually embarrassed!

“…. Tell me what’s going on, and I’ll see if you have any drama.” I poked my fork at my baked rice with my head down.

“White-collar, quite capable, and I think she’s pretty too, uh… and a mature woman too.”

[Clunk!] I dropped my fork and I opened my mouth.

“What happened?”

“It’s nothing…”

I said it was nothing, but I was quickly calculating – where did this person meet a pretty white collar in her circle – could it be… Vovo?! No way, didn’t they just meet…. but it’s hard to say! She’s a surrealistic romantic, love at first sight isn’t that unusual for her!

There’s no mistaking it. A mature and beautiful white collar worker, who else could it be but Vovo?

This is great, they will get along as co-workers in name only, and considering how Vovo just showed her affection, this fellow might really be able to do it…

“What’s the matter, you look so preoccupied.”

She was also salivating to reach her spoon into my plate for my baked rice, which I knocked off with my fork.

“It’s nothing, I’m worried you’ll bother me again the next time you fall out of love.”

But she smiles calmly, “I don’t think I will this time.”

This one was pretty confident! Thinking that, the baked rice on my plate suddenly lost its taste.

Translator: MY HEART!!! OUH!

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