I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 4

“We’re hiring a new costume designer? Angela’s not doing it?”

“Dug by our nemesis, only until the end of this month.” Vovo’s eyebrows locked, “Time is short, if you guys know anyone in the circle, make a quick recommendation.”

The first person who popped up in my mind was shot down by me at the same time – don’t be ridiculous. Although that person’s technical skills are good, with that nature of hers, I’m afraid we will have to tear down our company within a few days. At that time, I, as the recommender….

But there is also a weak little angel flying out in my heart: But now the financial crisis, job opportunities are very difficult to find, let alone such good benefits and treatment as our company…

Forget it! I quickly shook my head and threw the little angel out, dismissing the thought.


“An interview at your company?”

“Urgently needed, with excellent pay!” I looked at her seriously, “Hurry up and collect and prepare your previous design sketches, I’ll help you brush up on your interview skills tonight.”

“Huh?” She stared at me blankly, a mouthful of apple in her mouth that she had forgotten to chew.


“Which designer did you like best?”

“Karl Lagerfeld.”

“Well, that was the good answer, the next question-“

“But Laure,” she looked confused and frustrated, “My favorite is obviously Domenico Dolce.”

“But Vovo’s favorite is Karl Lagerfeld,” I said bitterly, “You’ll have to do what I say if you want the interview to succeed.”


“Next question: why didn’t you continue with the previous company?”

“Didn’t I tell you! That idiot boss doesn’t know what design is! All-day long, he just tells me what to do and changes my designs! I…”

“Jade!” I really hated it, “Who told you to tell the truth? Did you memorize the answers you were just taught or not?”

“Oh.” She suddenly shrank back as if deflated, “Uh, that, I thought that although the previous company was relatively large, and… all parts of have formed a stable situation. I think….I think it still lacks development potential. And then… although your company is not large, it is, uh, new? Oh no, it belongs to an emerging brand, so I…”

The stumbling was so bad I couldn’t even stand to listen, “Stop! You can memorize it again, and I’ll stay with you all night tonight.”

It ended up not being an all-nighter, but it was three in the morning when I closed up. I explained all the problems I could think of to her and then forced her to memorize them as hard as she could. But even though the last inspection felt like she was almost ready to pass, my heart was still hanging on for fear that she’d have another problem on the spot.

“Finally I can sleep…” she yawned and came over, rubbing her eyes as she automatically and spontaneously crawled into my bed, lifting up my blanket in a heartbeat, getting in there naturally and turning back–

“Huh? Why are you staring at me?” She looked at me in hindsight, with sleepy eyes.

“That’s… my bed.”

“I know.” She blinked innocently, “But it’s so late, if I go home now, I will only have time to wash my face and then head towards the interview- and you know, if I stay awake, I really won’t remember anything… “

What she said actually makes sense, but I always felt there was something wrong with it. After all, she’s “slightly” different from the average girl, and in a way, lying next to her is about as dangerous as lying next to a man…

But then I became ashamed of my own thoughts, we’ve known each other for almost 20 years, how could I be so insensitive? Not to mention that a shallow, naive member of the “Appearance Association” like her wouldn’t even see me out of the corner of her eye.

“What are you thinking?”

By the time I reacted, her enlarged, playful face was less than two centimeters away from me, and I was shocked! I even cleared my throat with a pretense of composure, “Which is your favorite designer?”

“Aiya…” she covered her face with her hands and fell backward with a scream “I’m getting a mental breakdown! Just leave me alone!”

I sigh in frustration, wondering just how many more years it will take for this person to grow up…


“Okay, don’t think about it anymore, tomorrow I will return in triumph!”

She laughed so naturally, but my whole face went rigid because, because…

Before that, she actually, very, very naturally, kissed me on the lips.

It took me a full 30 seconds to discern whether this was an illusion or not, but I was never sure of the conclusion, so I just continued to suffer facial paralysis.

“What’s wrong?” She waved her hand in front of my eyes, her look gradually changing from confusion to shock, “Ah, it’s not your first time, is it…?”

“Do you think that’s possible!?” I hated snapping and immediately turned my back on her and pulled up the blanket over my head, “Go to sleep!”

1 “Appearance Association” or “外貌协会” is the good-looks club.  It is a collective term for people who pursue the concept of “appearance is supreme, appearance is above everything.” It is a group that especially uses the appearance of the other party as a criterion and even determines whether they can continue to be associated with. You should check out the Korean webtoon “Lookism” if you haven’t. I very much enjoyed the story and art. There hasn’t been an announcement about a drama for it yet but it’s very popular so I can only imagine that it WILL be soon.

Translator: I keep getting vibes that Jade likes Laure…no? Is it just me?? Doubt it.

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  1. Same tl, same. Maybe she’s testing the waters with Laure?

    Ohghad first POV always gives me excitement in guessing. Especially if the signs are subtle.

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