I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 3

“…Well…she’s not feeling well…her stomach hurts…me? I’m her sister…”

“…No, I was just about to take her to the hospital…”

“…Hey why aren’t you being reasonable? You can’t bully people like that even if you’re her boss…”

Like a dull pain in the back of my head that had just been crushed by a shipping container. I struggled not to wake up, but I couldn’t stop the string of murmurs drilling into my skull. Rolling over with great effort, the white sunlight suddenly blinded me –

Huh? Who’s talking? Jade?

“…Don’t go too far! I told you she’s got stomach pains, can’t your company even take a sick day?”

After realizing who she was talking to, I not only had a moment of clarity, but I also had the illusion of a sudden brain hemorrhage at the same time. Meanwhile, I grabbed the phone with both hands, one step faster than my brain could react…

“Yes yes yes! It’s me, okay! I’ll be right there!”

Putting the phone down I looked first at the bedside clock, and after making sure there was still a little time to get ready, I turned to look at her face, while feeling the veins in my forehead popping up in a criss-cross pattern-.

“Are you trying to get me fired!?!”

“Please! You were so drunk yesterday, it’s still a question of whether you’re sober now. How are you going to work?” She looked righteous + concerned + unaware of the situation, “That woman is your boss? Why is she so mean? You are not allowed to take sick leave!”

I had nothing to say, so I simply took out my own suit and hurriedly changed into it, ignoring her.

“What kind of company is this! It’s so inhumane!” She followed unrelentingly with a look of righteous indignation, “I wouldn’t have to suffer this if I were you! There are no human rights! Who cares about that stupid company?”

Looking at her eternal [I am God and I’m afraid of no one] swagger, I was so angry that I couldn’t help but turn my head and yell at her——

“OK! You’re great! You’re the greatest in the world! You can quit whichever company you like! But an ordinary person like me, who lives from hand to mouth, can’t compete with you! I have to bend over for five pecks of rice! Where else would this car and house come from? I’m so embarrassed!”

Seeing her expression instantly frozen, I could only swallow halfway down [Miss is a girl life] sarcastic words, paused, and lowered my voice, “Okay, four or five years after graduating from college, playing is fun and fine, but in the end, you have to grow up…”


In fact, because today was the day the big boss was coming to inspect, Vovo was so eager to insist on my attendance, saying that she wanted to take this opportunity to introduce me to the big boss. This woman, although usually walked in a super high-end route, in all sincerity, she is really good to me.

The business is like a battlefield, in fact, let’s forget about her, just look at the way I’ve been dressed. My subordinates will not be able to imagine my vigor when facing Jade.

Wearing a mask is commonplace these days, and people like her, who can’t keep up with their age, are a different breed.

But I’m vaguely worried at the thought of her…those words from this morning were not too strong, were they? While I know this person has always been heartless, she’s been quiet all day….

In fact, there are some good things about her. She doesn’t care about her loyalty, sometimes she is cute, and she looks very good… Uh, in short, she’s pretty decent… I shouldn’t say too much. 

The more I thought about it, the more uneasy I became, so I tried to call her phone, but it showed that it was off. So I rushed back as soon as I got off work and didn’t even know what I was anxious about. 

As soon as I opened the door, the strong smell of burnt smoke shocked me –

Damn you, Jade! If you can’t figure out how to kill yourself, why did you choose to set my house on fire?

Of course, that thought only crossed my mind for 0.000000001 seconds, because she soon appeared grinning in the kitchen doorway with a spatula in her hand, two large teeth gleaming, and my apron hanging messily on her.

“I’m cooking, hehe.”

  –Because of her, I not only lost a quality blind date last night, but I nearly froze to death alive.

  – She gave me a headache from getting drunk; she almost ruined my work in the morning, causing me to almost not see the big boss and getting yelled at by Vovo.

  –And now, after I came back from working all day with a hangover’s grogginess, she, in turn, was attempting to burn down my kitchen.

“Jade!” I shouted unbearably, “I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes!”

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