I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 12

Another weekend of getting away and I somehow slept through the sunrise, woke up and stretched out gorgeously – what a blissful day!

“Awake? Do you want to get some more sleep?” Not far away, someone just turned around and said hello, and then continued to immerse herself in her “drawing”.

I was a little disappointed, but I couldn’t help but wander over with my blanket and say, “What are you drawing?

She didn’t look up, “A part-time design draft.”

“A design draft?” I was shocked, “You’re the designated designer for our brand, you’re not allowed to make extra money like that!”

“Don’t worry, anime character, not clothes!”

She continued to draw and I continued to remain on the sidelines–

Jesus …… What the hell is going on here? I never knew she was such a lover of money! I don’t know where she got a bunch of part-time jobs; I’m getting lazy, I don’t want to study anything outside of work, I just sleep all day long. = =

Is it… that when two people are together for a long time, the vibe shifts?

“Are you cold?” She looked up at me suddenly.

“I’m okay.” I adjusted my blanket, “unintentionally” leaving a bit of lighting, and finally caught her attention…

“But I’m a bit cold….” she said and shamelessly tried to get under the quilt, but I stopped her mercilessly.

“I’m going on a blind date tomorrow.”

“Huh?” She froze, then slapped her forehead down and fell with a sad face, “Going again ah…”

“My mom’s going to kill me if I don’t go.” I trailed off.

“……” she sighed deeply, “Then go, just scrounge up a meal.”

“Are you going to help?”

“Me? What can I do to help…” she suddenly reacted, her eyes brimming, “You, you… I’m not doing it! I hate wearing dresses! And do you know how long that last man pestered me? I was forced to dial 110!”

“What about me?”

“It’s easy, just say it’s inappropriate. Just say no!”

“I’ve already turned down several in a row, and my mom will still kill me if I keep this up.” I looked at her coldly, “But if they reject me, that’s not my problem.”


“Do you think it’s better for you to be pestered, or for me to be pestered?”


“Never mind,” seeing how embarrassed she was, I turned to the closet and went through the clothes, saying to myself as I did so, “Maybe I’ll actually meet a nice guy? It’s good to have more opportunities…”

1, 2, 3 – I counted in my mind.

“I’m going!!!”

Just as I found the “low v-neck dress” she had given me, she rushed over, yelling at me. Then she saw the dress in my hand, and turned pale green!

“This is not going to work! It can’t be seen by a man!” She snatched my dress and flipped out an antique suit from the very bottom that I had outgrown eight hundred years earlier, and the attempt was just plain obvious, “Wear this!”

“That’s weird. It’s impossible that there are only women on the road? You gave this to me but you’re not going to let me wear it. Were you insincere about it?

“Then wear it for me alone…”

She begged her way into the quilt and hugged me around the waist, and all I could think of was how she was “overly busy and neglectful and unenthusiastic and unwilling to help me”! But as soon as I got in touch with her pitiful puppy dog eyes, I softened again (and softened right into a puddle…)

What the hell! Why are we still together after all this time? This was also unexpected for me…. I was surprised at the time! At that time I was worried every day “when will we break up”, and it turned out that we haven’t broken up yet. = =

The two of us got tired of each other for a while, and I saw that she didn’t want to take me out, and I couldn’t help but mutter in my mind: have we really become so old and married that we can ignore it this day? No way…

“Hey, what’s for dinner tonight?” I decided to take the initiative to test it out.

“There’s all the food in the fridge, see what you want to eat, I’ll make it for you.”

“……” I endured, “What about after dinner?”

“After dinner? Whatever. A DVD, TV, or a walk? But you’ll have to wait for me to finish drawing these drafts….”

“Jade,” I couldn’t stand it any longer, “Do you know what day today is? And to think the first time there was a flower and candlelight dinner plus a luxury penthouse view room at a five-star hotel for the holidays! How come it’s only been a few years and we’re in this mess!”

“At that time, I didn’t get it yet, of course I had to pay the money…”

She was actually whispering to herself there, and I was so angry I was going to faint right there!

“You….you…. I’m going to break up with you-“

A small pink brocade box appeared in front of me at the right time, blocking the second half of my terrible sentence.

I stared straight at the little brocade box, almost forgetting to breathe – was it really….? My heart is beating so hard, this person always said buying a ring is a waste of money, is this finally…


I didn’t have to think about it, the box was already in her hand and should open – I was instantly stuck, completely speechless.

How….how is a key here?


I’m gawking at this new car in the garage – huge capacity + super drawn out pink exterior, visual shock is very, very serious! She opened up the back seat to show me, and there was a whole snowy soft blanket in there, roomy enough to almost roll in!

“You… bought this?”

“Well, it’s time to replace your car.”

“Where… did you get the money?”

“What a joke!” She looked insulted, “I earn more than you, okay? What kind of husband depends on his wife for support? Look how many jobs I work!”

I stood in the doorway overwhelmed, completely at a loss for what to say. But she smiles and pushes me in, “Try this backseat, isn’t it super spacious? Try lying down!”

I lay down for a bit, and it sure is nice….

She slammed the door closed and came up against me, with that super nice face close at hand–

“Don’t you love to sleep? How about this, from now on I’ll drive in the morning and you can sleep in the back during the journey.”

Looking at her sweet smiling face, I was completely touched.

Without saying anything, I immediately grabbed her by the neck and gave her a deep kiss.

But this gesture of pure gratitude soon triggered her impure thoughts…

“What are you doing…. it’s in a car… don’t do anything!”

“Don’t worry, the windows on this car are visible in one direction….”

“I, I donโ€™t want…I wonโ€™t be able to sleep here in the future, there will be a psychological shadow!”ใ€€

“This is not a psychological shadow… you’ll have good dreams here later…. be good….”


“Don’t look for it, there’s no ashtrays here.”


“What is with this dress, so hard to take off….”




————- [And so it ends very yellow and violent, Amen~. ~] ————-

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  1. Such a good follow up. It ended on such a steamy note~

    Thank you for picking this up. That was such a good read.

      1. No problem. But I understand. I didn’t know that it only took a month (Feb. 14-March 14) for them to get together until they got together and I wish I knew how many years had gone by with them as a couple

  2. Congrats on completing the translation! I realise you had it all done you uploaded, but I waited till I read it to comment.

    Pretty good, short and sweet. It was fun to see Jane’s confidence grow. I don’t really go for slapstick especially in the genre, but it was nice to see none of the cliche forced drama (just general gay panic).

    Do you think you will translate more shorter, complete stories like this one in the future?

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