I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 11

The follow-up to the entrance into Gale caused me to work overtime for several days, and then again into the wee hours of yesterday. I was so tired that I fell back to sleep, and it was already one o’clock in the afternoon when I opened my eyes again.

No one was around. I sat up in a daze and looked around, but she wasn’t there.

When I got up, I found three dishes and one soup already prepared on the table, with a note saying.

[Wake up and eat by yourself, I’m going out to do some business and will be back later, you rest well and don’t go out.]

I had to heat up the food and eat it alone, and it tasted pretty good, this fellow is improving so fast! It seems there was some benefit to taking her in.

But eating alone is really boring. Where the hell did she go? A while ago she was all good to stay home and get well… I thought with boredom before suddenly realizing – today is White Day!

Unknowingly, the chopsticks all fell off the table, and realizing what she was going to do, I suddenly lost my appetite.

The empty room has suddenly become infinitely bigger, and I can’t help but get so frustrated that I’m furious: this girl went out on a date by herself, so why did she tell me not to go out? Are you trying to suffocate me?

Then the phone rang and I picked it up in a trance, but it was Vovo!

“Ah Laure, I just sent you a report in the mail.” She said with an ambiguous smile, “But don’t be in a hurry, just make it before work on Monday. Today is a good holiday~~”

“Uh, a holiday?” I pretended to suddenly remembered the holiday, and tried to test nonchalantly, “Oh yeah… that, have you seen Jade today?”

“How could I see her today? Isn’t she spending the holiday with you?”

“Spend with…. to spend the holidays with me?” I was literally lightheaded, “Vovo are you misunderstanding something-“

“Okay why are you pretending? The whole company knows about it! You go in and out together every day and still live together, so why are you hiding?”

“I….her…” I’m really going to have a brain hemorrhage… Vovo is even thinking that! Wouldn’t that mean she’d be wrongfully condemned? “You really misunderstood, I have nothing to do with her! She actually…. she actually to you-“

“You don’t have to do that, we’re all young! I’m open-minded!” Vovo blurted out, “She confessed to me at the time of the interview, and I recognized that she was the one on the phone. The one who pretended to be your sister and quarreled with me. I just saw her care for you so much, so I thought she would be very motivated and aggressive, so I took her.”

I held the phone petrified for N seconds, and I couldn’t hear Vovo’s shouts on the other end at all, and I don’t even know how I ended up hanging up the phone.

Then I continued to hold the position petrified for another N minutes, or possibly N hours, until I heard the doorbell ring–

The oversized bouquet of roses almost completely overwhelmed her face, but I still saw her in an elaborate outfit worthy of a super model, and I was dazzled by the gold glitter…

I tried to tell myself to calm down again and again, but my face felt like it was going to burn and I bet it was comically red.

“Why did you… bring back flowers?” I cleared my throat and pretended to be serious.

“To let you help identify if it’s beautiful enough to use for a confession?” She stared straight at me with a very…. insidious smile.

“…” I can’t hold on anymore.

“Hey,” she shifted over so suddenly that the tip of her nose was touching my hair, “Do I have to say it explicitly? It’s silly eh, just tell me if it works or not!”

It’s fine if she doesn’t mention it, it’s only when she does that I’m furious, “Can I still say no? You’ve been all over the place! Where are you!”

But she held out her index finger and confidently “no” gesture, “That’s not true, I’m doing this for your sake! I see you’ve been crushing on me so hard, so why don’t you just take the loss and ask first-“

“Wait wait wait wait-” my heart is starting to fail me again, “What did you say? Who says I… have a crush on you?”

“You said so yourself.”


“Yeah.” She smirked, “Do you remember I slept with you the day before the interview? You talked in sleep that day.”

A chill went up and I asked carefully, “What did I say…?”

“It’s hard to hear the first part, but the last one is really explosive – you yell [how could I possibly like that foolish bastard!?].”

I’m totally embarrassed, because when she said that, I found out…I seem to have an impression.  

“…That doesn’t necessarily mean you!” I argued with a guilty conscience, because I’m really used to using the phrase [foolish bastard] to refer to her…

She had a [it’s okay if you don’t acknowledge it] look on her face, “Okay, so do you remember the program I sent you last time? In the end, you wrote [I love you] of your own accord.”

I was simply exasperated by it, “That can’t be helped! Who asked you to design such a sick program! What if I don’t write and you hack my laptop?”

“You bring the laptop.”



[Do you love me?]

  ________ (You can guess the answer to that one yourself ^^)

She cracked up “You’re an idiot”, and I was stunned.

“You’re an idiot.” Send.


  —> pop up, [I love you too ^^]

She looked back with a traitorous smile, “See how infatuated I am, no trap at all, I love you even if you call me a pig eh!”

I was, completely, defeated.


“Alright, there’s no shame in admitting a crush on me.” She hugged me from behind, causing my heart to immediately miss a few beats.

“……You better think this through.” I stared back at her, suddenly feeling a little sad, “You…… never fall in love more than three months, you know the result of a spur of the moment may end up… friends don’t even get to do. “

“I’m actually confused as to why people come and go so quickly, but you’re the only one who’s always there.”

She leaned closer and closer to me, the heat hit my hot face and burning my brain.

“So all I can say is that we just both figured it out a little late…”

The ending sound disappeared on my lips.

Completely different from the last two sneak attacks, this prolonged gelatinous state of affairs made one become completely pasty and about to fall apart with a touch. Her nimble and leisurely tongue convinced me that she was definitely a master of the art, so I couldn’t help but sprout a little jealousy halfway through, but it was quickly evaporated by the heat…

If it wasn’t for her mousy hands waking me up, I would have most likely passed out.

“What are you doing?!” I yanked her hand out of the hem of my blouse and pushed her away furiously.

“I’ll have to help you put it on before I can take it off myself.” She opened a box, and inside lay a set of lace lingerie in black silk with pink satin in a super hot style!

“You, you…” I was so shocked that I was only monosyllabic.

“If you don’t have amnesia, you’d remember that this was your own request, right?” She played innocent, “I was very serious about carrying out your instructions oh, not only did I beg Vovo for help, but I also had to risk peeking at your underwear size. For the sake of me working so hard….”

The beast showed its fangs in an instant, and its prey was thrown down.

——————————–three minutes later——————————

“I can only consider it if we’ve been dating for a year, otherwise don’t even consider it.”

After dropping this sentence, I put down the ashtray and went back to my room without looking at her, who was covering her head and sobbing.

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