I’m so unlucky to know you for eight lifetimes! Chapter 1

After driving carefully around 17 or 18 bends in the dark, I cursed Jade for the umpteenth time: Why do you have to live in a shabby neighborhood with few streetlights if you’re not really poor?

I pull over and turn off the engine with a handbag in one hand and a cake in the other, and roses? No hands, just let them lie in the car. The rain seemed to be coming down as if it was the end of the world. As I locked the car and used my new Ferrara bag to block out the rain. I hurriedly stepped into the rain and was suddenly chilled….

I stepped in a puddle.

“OH SHIT!” in that moment I subconsciously held the cake over my head and couldn’t help but burst out with a crude remark.

My new joy&peace lambskin boots….

It was supposed to be a romantic and pleasant Valentine’s night, but I already smelled bad. And this premonition was becoming more and more likely to come true after I had been ringing the doorbell dead for more than five minutes.

I knew she was in. Shivering, I dialed the number with difficulty, thinking that if there was no answer for more than eight times, I would stab the window with the dustpan outside the door.

I heard her vague voice on the thirteenth ring, and then the door opened – she was barely standing with the doorframe, her T-shirt crumpled like pickles, her bangs practically falling into her struggling eyes.

“Laure? What…what are you doing here?”

Resisting the urge to just blast her in the head with a dustpan, I take a deep breath and then another, ” You called me yourself 48 minutes ago, do you want me to show you the phone records?”

Her face took on an infinitely stunned expression, and the end result of her thinking was a hiccup and an abundance smell of alcohol.

I closed the door, tossed the bag, and carefully placed the cake on the table. I grabbed her by the back of the collar and shoved her into the bathroom, adjusting the water temperature and drenching her with my hands.

“Hey…” she mumbles inarticulately, struggling weakly.

The air reeked of mildew, the curtains were drawn tight, the bed was littered with pillows, blankets and bottles. The wine-stained sofa cover had slid completely to the floor, the floor was littered with trash, and half a bowl of instant noodles was exposed under the bed.

Rooms that had been robbed were all better than this.

Before she came out of the bathroom, I had gritted my teeth and put everything in order – I wasn’t under any obligation to do her laundry, of course, so I tossed anything that didn’t look good into the trash.

“Hey! That was from her!” She seemed to be a little awake after the shower, and ran over to try to rescue Ms. Sofa Cover.

I calmly closed the bowl of instant noodles and tie the bag tight, ” Just a reminder: she’s already dumped you.”

A large bag of garbage was packed and formed instantly, and I clapped my hands with a sense of accomplishment.

She hung her head in frustration, and only after a long time began to speak, “Sorry to interrupt your date, right?”

“Knowing it would interrupt, isn’t just as being intrusive?”

“It’s not like I did it on purpose, I was so drunk just now that I don’t even remember calling you…” she played the rogue card with her hands.

“I’m really unlucky to know you.” I glared at her without a good look, “It’s just getting dumped, isn’t it? How many days have you been home? The company doesn’t even care?”

“Company?” She waved her hand haphazardly, “I quit long ago!”

“What! Are you out of your mind? You say you’re not going to do it at a time of financial crisis? And leaving at a time like this…did you received your year-end bonus?”

“No claim.” She said simply, “I can’t work a day in that damn company anyway! It’s only a matter of time before I go crazy being in charge of someone who doesn’t know shit!”

Good Lord! I was completely speechless and was left to stare at her.

Originally, an outstanding woman like me, who is diligent, studious and successful in her career, shouldn’t be hanging out with an over-age, idle and busy woman like her. However, God was unforgiving and forced us to be in the same class all the way from elementary school to high school. Later, although we finally entered different universities, this unreliable person since childhood made a more shocking choice at this critical moment. ——While growing up into a beautiful girl, she fell in love with those of the same sex, girls.

Unfortunately, when she said to me, very lonely, helpless and miserable, “You will never speak to me again, I am about to be abandoned by the world…”, my very shameful sympathy overflowed and led me to make a promise that I would regret for the rest of my life.

The consequences of which are hard to put into a nutshell in three words, including the fact that on such an infinitely romantic Valentine’s Day night, I had to give up my wine and light music – although I wasn’t too interested in the man, but it was better than running to this hellhole to be her mother anyway.

“Okay, don’t talk about it. Let’s go eat cake.” I couldn’t continue the discussion with her about work because I knew I might get mad at her.

“What cake?” She lifted the lid and peeked, “Chocolate mousse cake? It looks great! A special Valentine’s Day gift for me?”

“Are you stupid?” I squinted at her, “You’re lucky to have leftovers packed tonight.”

“Oh, really generous. Eating eight servings for two is great! Generous!”

She opened the package, and I peered in: a full circle had been cut off at a 90-degree angle, thus revealing an internal layering and delicate texture that was appealing to the eye.

We had one piece each. The rich smell of dark chocolate suddenly infiltrated the small room, which suddenly smelled a little bit like Valentine’s Day.

At the end of the day she asked me if I wanted to take the remaining half back, and I was extremely generous and said no, “I’ll give it to you.”

“Really give it to me? Then you have to think about it, giving someone chocolates for Valentine’s Day has a special meaning and I’ll be imagining things.” She narrowed her eyes slightly as she said this, her slightly wet bangs shadowing her, and she was bad and beautiful. Truly mesmerizing.

“I wouldn’t mind being charitable if thinking that way would give you a little comfort to your heart that’s been dumped so many times.” I smiled very sweetly at her, “I have an appointment tomorrow, I have to get back to my beauty sleep, bye.”

It was past midnight when I got home, and there were still clinging couples in the corners of the neighborhood saying goodbye. I struggled to hold a large bouquet of roses, ready to lock the car, but caught a glimpse of the almost forgotten cake in the back seat. So I turned back, but couldn’t get it. Finally, I threw the flowers in the car carelessly and took the cake away.

It’s a pity that it’s such a big bouquet. It was definitely worth a fortune.

But this cake is worth every penny, it’s delicious. Tomorrow I’ll have a piece of cake for breakfast and a piece for afternoon with tea. I decided to get fat and die.

I shook my head as I remembered how happy she looked when she ate the cake. Suddenly, I felt a little annoyed, but I couldn’t help but smile.

Translator: AH! What a useless lesbian! Well…a dependable girlfriend that doesn’t realize she wants a girlfriend.

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