For The Rest of Our Life – You are the one who can fascinate thousands of boys and girls (2)

Lin Xian also followed behind Xiao Yuqing, who frowned imperceptibly, then loosened her face and looked like her usual self.

On the way back, Xiao Yuqing received a phone call from work. During the conversation, Xiao Yuqing seemed to be in an extremely good mood, smiling and talking wonderfully.

Lin Xian quietly tilted her head to check her, but she saw that the corner of Xiao Yuqing’s lips had the shape of a smile, but the corners of her eyes didn’t have the warmth that a smile should have. In her eyes, there was vaguely indifference and an imperceptible desolation.

Lin Xian turned her head and looked out of the car window, her sight was full of fast-passing scenes, but Xiao Yuqing’s smiling words and calm face were in her mind.

She vaguely thought: under the so-called, calm lake, the dark waves are turbulent. Is it, just how Xiao Yuqing is?

Lin Xian didn’t quite understand. However, she wanted to be the one who could see the dark surges.

That night, after midnight, Xiao Yuqing got up for a late-night drink of water. When she passed by Lin Xian’s room, she subconsciously stopped for a moment, and to her disappointment, the sound of keyboard crackling entered her ears again.

Xiao Yuqing looked aloof, lifted her hand that was holding the glass, gently took a sip of water, and went back to her bedroom again without a sound.

At 6:30 am the next day, before Xiao Yuqing took off her apron to wake Lin Xian up, Lin Xian had gotten up on her own accord. After she washed up, tied her hair into a ponytail, put on her military training uniform, grabbed her military training cap, and walked to the dining table.

Xiao Yuqing had already set breakfast on the dining table, was tugging the strings of her apron on her back, and was about to clean up and wake Lin Xian up.

Upon seeing the figure of Xiao Yuqing, Lin Xian gave her a bright smile, greeting, “Good morning, Aunt Xiao.”

When Xiao Yuqing turned around at the words, Lin Xian’s gallant and handsome posture was reflected in her eyes. She looked Lin Xian up and down, and there was a flash of shock in her eyes, “Good morning.” After saying that, she tilted her head slightly and said jokingly, “Very handsome and energetic.”

Lin Xian suddenly burst out laughing, happily turning in front of Xiao Yuqing in a circle, proudly saying, “I feel the same, I just looked in front of the mirror a few times, and I almost couldn’t bear to walk away.”

Xiao Yuqing’s lips had an upward curve at the corners, walked to the table, helped Lin Xian to get the chopsticks, and handed them to her who sat down across the table, ignoring her narcissism, but changed the topic of concern, “Did you put on sunscreen?”

Lin Xian took the chopsticks and shook her head, “I didn’t. I’m not in the habit of doing that, it’s too much trouble. It’s okay, I had done the same with my previous military training.”

Xiao Yuqing became slightly worried and sighed helplessly, “You, little slacker.”

Lin Xian drank a mouthful of porridge and curled her eyebrows, looking like a spoiled and sweet little model.

As she ate, Lin Xian noticed that Xiao Yuqing seemed to be tired and yawned several times in succession. She stopped her chopsticks, lowered her eyes, and asked guiltily, “Aunt Xiao, you don’t seem to be in full of energy, is it because I have caused you to wake up too early?”

Xiao Yuqing gently shook her head and denied, “No it’s not. I got up around this time before too.” After a pause, Xiao Yuqing explained, “I just haven’t slept well these past two nights. In the early hours of the morning, it seems like I always hear the sound of a keyboard tapping and the movement of tables and chairs next door, so I don’t know if it’s the little boy from the family across the street who is playing games late at night making too much noise.”

When Lin Xian looked almost imperceptibly stiff when she heard this. Then, there was something unnatural, in her heart, there is some guilty conscience: what she had heard, actually be from her?

Xiao Yuqing was quietly watching Lin Xian’s appearance as she spoke. Seeing her unnatural look, Xiao Yuqing knew that Lin Xian probably understood. So she continued without care, “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter, you don’t necessarily have to hear these strange sounds at night to get a good night’s sleep.”

Lin Xian nodded her head with a guilty conscience and didn’t make a sound in agreement. She thought to herself: two days, the problem of accepting the bed should also be getting better, right? No, I’m going to stay in bed tonight, even if I have insomnia.

Xiao Yuqing sighed silently in her heart, looking sympathetically at Lin Xian’s guilty look as she lowered her head and quietly let out a sigh of relief. There was no need to beat the bush again, she believed that Lin Xian would not disappoint her.

After finishing breakfast, Lin Xian packed her dishes into the star basin and was about to turn on the faucet to drain the water to wash the dishes when Xiao Yuqing stopped her, “You promised to leave the kitchen to me, did you forget? It’s not too early, so hurry and pack up for school.”

Lin Xian had to put down her chopsticks, wash her hands, and turned to get ready to leave. When she turned around, she saw Xiao Yuqing standing firmly in front of her and naturally reached out her hand to gently help turn over the collar of her uniform.

A warm voice sounded in her ears, “Make sure you check to see if you’re properly dressed before you go out, or else it will be embarrassing to be discovered by others when you go out.”

Lin Xian felt that her ears suddenly became a little hot.

Xiao Yuqing lowered her head and carefully and meticulously helped Lin Xian adjust the tied belt, smoothing the hem of her clothes.

As she drifted down the line of sight, Lin Xian saw Xiao Yuqing’s long eyelashes fluttering, eyes full of concentration, and the fragrance of her hair lingered on the tip of her nose. Strangely, Lin Xian’s heart missed a beat, and she almost felt that she could hear her heartbeat beating too loudly.

Finally, this gentle touch was over. Xiao Yuqing took a step back, lifted her head to appreciate Lin Xian, and said with satisfaction, “Alright, our beautiful, handsome, and valiant Xian can go out and charm thousands of young boys and girls.”

Lin Xian looked at Xiao Yuqing with amusement and couldn’t help but tease, “Did that charm you?”

Xiao Yuqing was lightly absentminded. Suddenly, as if she remembered something, she called out to her, “Wait here for a moment.” Afterward, she walked back to the table, picked up her phone, walked a little farther away towards Lin Xian, and turned on the camera, “Xian Xian, smile.”

Lin Xian looked at Xiao Yuqing’s serious and gentle look from afar, and couldn’t help but soothe her face and smile, her starry eyes shining.

She thought from the bottom of her heart: Xiao Yuqing, you are the one who can charm thousands of young boys and girls.

The author has something to say:
Including me.
A little cutie told me that she dialed Aunt Xiao’s number yesterday and, she felt that she wouldn’t be the only one…..
I’ll ask for her, hahaha, is there such cute little cuties?

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  1. Ah… Having insomnia is indeed very annoying most of the times. This jiejie also wants to sleep early to be healthier and more beautiful but dear insomnia just really loves to constantly visit this beautiful jiejie aiya

  2. Haha I’m pretty sure Lin Xian is the one that’s gonna be discovering she has feelings first.

    Mhmhmh you could say even when reprimanding Xiao Yuqing is gentle and careful but you could also say she evades confrontation and is too soft.

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