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The so-called counselor discussion was not a very formal and necessary procedure. Everybody was in the same circle, and during the summer vacation, Zhou Qin had greeted all of the college officials here. It was just that, as a relatively small number of walk-in students, the counselor still needed to go through the motions and knock her around a bit before she officially enrolled.

The general idea is that she hopes that even if she is a walk-in, the activities of the class group should still be more actively involved, club organizations should be enthusiastically enrolled, university is not like high school, or to integrate into the community life is good, and told her that in the first semester, there are early morning study with mandatory participation and evening study that can be voluntary in the case of ensuring the safety of the road. It was also revealed at the end that there were two or three other students in the class who were also walk-ins, and hopefully, a few of them could casually walk around and communicate more, so that they wouldn’t be out of touch with the larger group.

With no accommodation, the trouble is quite a lot, but it’s also not without its benefits. The closest thing is that the military training’s morning running drill and evening training housekeeping inspection, walk-ins can be exempted from participating. Lin Xian felt that this was the best news she had heard all day.

After waiting for the counselor to come back from the meeting for twenty minutes, the conversation only lasted ten minutes. Then, Lin Xian followed the senior sister to walk another ten minutes to the service center to get her military training uniform.

 It took more than an hour to go back and forth.

As soon as she got the clothes, she thanked the senior sister and picked up the clothes and jogged back along the road in search of Xiao Yuqing.

As soon as she arrived at the Finance and Economics area, Lin Xian spotted Xiao Yuqing at once. It was obvious that Xiao Yuqing was standing so far away and her figure was small, but Lin Xian recognized her with just a glance.

She was standing under a cottonwood tree in a more remote area than the bulletin board, surrounded by people, but she seemed to be oblivious to them. She just stood there with her head slightly raised, as if she had separated herself from the world around her.

Lin Xian’s quick pace gradually stopped. She clutched her clothes and frowned.

From such a long distance, it should have been obvious that she couldn’t see anything clearly, but Lin Xian was keenly aware that Xiao Yuqing seemed to be upset. This kind of knowledge, for some reason, made her also feel a bit sad for a moment.

After a moment, Lin Xian bit her lip, adjusted her expression, and strode towards Xiao Yuqing.

After Lin Xian left, Xiao Yuqing initially wandered around the financial and economic department building. But because the wait was too long and the sun was too hot, Xiao Yuqing strolled around and found that Lin Xian hadn’t returned yet, so she looked for a cool and shady place to hide. She stood under the tall and upright cottonwood tree, glanced at the surrounding passers-by, watched the vehicles, the parents and children, big bags and small bags, the parents’ face of keen concern, children’s face of hidden impatience…

Ten years is like a dream, and things have changed over the years, but the scene before her is so similar that it seems to be a reappearance of the past.

Xiao Yuqing’s superficial smile gradually faded into the corner of her lips.

When Lin Xian reached behind Xiao Yuqing, Xiao Yuqing was still thinking about it, didn’t even notice that Lin Xian was standing behind her for a long time. It wasn’t until Lin Xian took out a hand and lightly patted Xiao Yuqing’s left shoulder that Xiao Yuqing regained consciousness and abruptly turned around, but her face was calm and unperturbed.

Lin Xian blinked her eyes and pursed her lips in regret, “How come you’re not scared, that wasn’t very fun.”

Xiao Yuqing smiled softly and didn’t chastise her for being naughty, gently asking her, “Is it all over? Wanna go home?”

Lin Xian nodded and answered back, “En, it’s over. I don’t need to come in the afternoon either, just wait until tomorrow and come straight to military training.” After saying that, she hesitated slightly, but still couldn’t help but ask out, “What were you thinking about just now, you were so out of it, you didn’t even notice that I was standing behind you for a long time.”

Xiao Yuqing’s smile stiffened undetectably, but it was fleeting. She didn’t conceal it and confessed, “I just saw the scene of parents bringing their children to school, and thought of the scene where my parents… used to bring me here to register when the university first started.”

Her demeanor was indifferent, but her tone was full of nostalgia, and Lin Xian heard it clearly.

“At that time, my home was also far away from here, so I had to apply for housing. The first time I lived away from home, I was incomparably excited, but my parents were a hundred times uneasy, and all the way from the house they kept on babbling and advising me about all sorts of trivialities of life. All I could think about was my new life of freedom, I was so tired of their nagging. As soon as I entered the school, I was busy experiencing my new life. They helped me make my bed, and I couldn’t wait for them to hurry back…, isn’t it silly?” She laughed to herself, but her smile was distinctly bitter.

Lin Xian’s heart suddenly turned sour. She remembered the year she was eleven when she attended the parents of Xiao Yuqing’s funeral with Zhou Qin, and how frail and vulnerable Xiao Yuqing was kneeling beside the coffin and sobbing.

At the age of twenty-five, Hetero had become a real orphan in the world overnight. The unexpected death of her parents is the biggest knot and eternal regret of her life.

Lin Xian opened her mouth several times, wanting to comfort Xiao Yuqing, but for a moment, she didn’t have the words. In the end, Lin Xian could only tilt her head slightly, look at Xiao Yuqing seriously and say, “I won’t drive you away.”

Upon hearing that, Xiao Yuqing suddenly curled her lips, warmth spilling from her eyes, and the sadness of the party was completely gone in a flash. She stretched out her hand to help Lin Xian carry away most of the books, teasing, “Of course you won’t drive me away, you still have to take my car back. Let’s go…” She turned around and walked towards the parking lot.

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  1. Thank you for the chapter.

    I also can’t help but be confused at what they say sometimes though, the way they speak isn’t fluid at all but more inflexible.

  2. Mhmhmh so her parents died, is that all she was sad about though? I feel there’s more to this.

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