For The Rest of Our Life – Sometimes she seems to be unexpectedly alienated and inaccessible (3)

In front of her forehead, there were a few strands of long, fine hair that slid down playfully, blocking Xiao Yuqing’s view. Xiao Yuqing’s hand movements were inconvenient, so she had to tilt her head slightly in discomfort, trying to shake her hair on her forehead to the side.

Lin Xian saw the situation and pursed her lips and smiled lightly. She put down the garlic clove in her hand and approached Yuqing quickly and naturally, tilting her head up to gaze at her, and then reached out her hand to try to fix those strands of hair back.

As soon as Lin Xian’s hand was about to touch Xiao Yuqing’s forehead, Xiao Yuqing noticed that Lin Xian’s movements were almost unconscious and Xiao Yuqing reflexively took a step back.

In the next moment, Lin Xian’s movement fell short and her outstretched hand was awkwardly frozen in mid-air.

The air was strangely silent for two seconds. Lin Xian retracted her hand as if nothing had happened and smiled, “I’ll go find you a clip to hold your hair.”

Xiao Yuqing also looked composed and went along with it, “En, the clip is inside the small drawer at the top right of the bathroom. You can grab one for me.”

Lin Xian nodded and quickly turned around to retrieve it.

After a half a minute, however, she brought back a small and delicate clip and handed it to Xiao Yuqing. Xiao Yuqing washed her hands and took the clip, combing her delicate hair on her forehead to clip it back while joking, “Don’t be afraid if you eat my hair later, I just washed it an hour before you came.”

Lin Xian smiled and acknowledged her words. She returned to the plate and grabbed the peeled and washed garlic into the plate of ingredients prepared by Xiao Yuqing and opened her mouth to ask what else she needed to do. She looked over at her quiet side face and opened her mouth to call out “Xiao Yuqing”, but when she called out the word “Xiao…”, she inexplicably couldn’t get it out.

Xiao Yuqing turned to look at Lin Xian in confusion.

Lin Xian pulled out a smile, like a sensible child, and asked, ” Aunt Xiao, what else can I do?”

After looking around at the things around the bowl, Xiao Yuqing finally spread her lips and replied with a smile, “It seems like there’s nothing else I need your help with. There’s a lot of grease in the kitchen, so go out into the living room and take a break.”

Lin Xian smiled and without answering and she ran out of the kitchen in a flash. Xiao Yuqing smiled in relief, thinking that Lin Xian had agreed to her suggestion. In the end, she was still a child with a playful heart.

However, what she didn’t expect was that Lin Xian would come back in a short while with a small chair and placed it in front of the kitchen. She naturally sat down on the chair and looked at Xiao Yuqing with rosy lips and a clean, lovely and youthful smile. “I’ll sit here and chat with you, otherwise you’ll be so bored by yourself.”

After being slightly stunned, a smile instantly filled her watery eyes. She no longer rejected Lin Xian’s good intentions and agreed, “Okay.”

Lin Xian quietly gazed at Xiao Yuqing’s slender back and gently bit her lips, her eyes gradually becoming a bit more curious and doubtful. Through several close physical encounters, Xiao Yuqing’s reaction gave Lin Xian a very strange feeling.

Although this gentle and beautiful woman always has a gentle smile on her face, she looks kind and approachable, but sometimes she seems to be unexpectedly alienated and inaccessible?

Lin Xian gently leaned on the back of the chair, her eyes gazing at the figure of Xiao Yuqing without a moment’s notice, and a phrase suddenly came to her mind; “Time reveals a person’s heart1.”

The young girl’s fair and bright face gradually had a bright smile blooming and she released the thought; yes, she still had a long period of time to spend with Xiao Yuqing, which was enough for her to slowly understand Xiao Yuqing.

Even though she still didn’t know why, she was full of curiosity towards Xiao Yuqing.

1 “Time reveals a person’s heart” or 日久见人心 = After a long time, you can see how a person is (obviously)

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  1. Attraction to a fine booty.

    She’s a bit reluctant towards physical closeness hu.

    And it indeed seems like Xiao Yuqing has quite a fragile gentle heart, the little one is gonna have to bring the big dick top energy, mhmhmh will she be able to do it?

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