For The Rest of Our Life – Sometimes she seems to be unexpectedly alienated and inaccessible (1)

When she returned home, Xiao Yuqing changed her shoes and went straight to the kitchen, putting the unused ingredients in the refrigerator, and then put the ingredients that would be used for dinner into the basin.

Lin Xian, on the other hand, changed her shoes and went to her room to find a place to hide, holding her bag of “Sophie”.

When Xiao Yuqing took off her apron from the hook on the wall and was about to put it on, she heard Lin Xian’s voice coming from a little distance with a little smile, “Let me help you with that, shall I?”

As she put on her apron, Xiao Yuqing looked back at Lin Xian. Lin Xian was wearing a new pair of chinchilla slippers and was looking at her with a bright smile on her face. Xiao Yuqing smiled and replied, “No, there’s not much work, I can handle it alone.” She pondered a little and said gently, “There’s probably still some time before dinner is ready, so if you’re bored, you can go visit the various rooms. Don’t think of any worries, just treat it as if it’s your home.”

Lin Xian smiled, but she curved the corners of her lips, her eyes filled with a tight smile, “Will I accidentally discover some remarkable little secret?”

Xiao Yuqing’s clean and beautiful eyes flashed with some doubt, puzzled, “Such as what?”

Lin Xian laughed, and winked, but didn’t answer the question, saying, “I’d better stay and help you around. It’s better to wait for you to take me with you when we visit the room.”

Xiao Yuqing laughed lightly, seeing her insistence. She had no choice but to compromise, “Here, then, see the carrots on the countertop? Can you peel the skin for me?”

Lin Xian broadly smiled and made a saluting gesture, comically responding, ” As you wish, Your Majesty!”

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t help but tolerate it.

Lin Xian’s speed in peeling was surprisingly fast, and in no time at all, she completed the task successfully and asked for the next task. Xiao Yuqing assigned her to peel the yam next which was a little more difficult.

“Are you this good at home too?” Seeing Lin Xian’s clean peeling action, Xiao Yuqing couldn’t help but be confused.

Lin Xian moved her eyes from the yam to Xiao Yuqing, quirked her eyebrows and said deviously, “You should ask my mother about this. I say I’m good, I have the suspicion of the old king selling melons and boasting1.”

Xiao Yuqing laughed lightly, looking at Lin Xian’s eyes filled with enjoyment and affection. She cut the carrots into shreds for the plate and suddenly exclaimed, “It seems like it would be nice to have a daughter like you.”

Lin Xian was slightly startled, then immediately said with justified displeasure, “That’s right, you said that my mother is so lucky to have a daughter like me, but she still doesn’t know how to cherish it, and she dislikes me for this and that every day.”

Xiao Yuqing managed to be amused by Lin Xian’s shamelessness and said with amusement, “Aren’t you now boasting that you’re selling yourself as a king?”

Lin Xian tilted her head, her high ponytail shifting gently with her movements. She smiled and asked Xiao Yuqing in return, “Do you think I’m boasting?”

Xiao Yuqing was slightly stunned, her eyes smiling gently as she replied softly, “Well, I don’t think so, what you said is true.”

Lin Xian’s smiling eyes curved, satisfied and happy like a Samoyed that had been fluffed2.

However, soon after, Xiao Yuqing wanted to bite off her tongue and retract those words she had just said praising Lin Xian for being a good girl. When Xiao Yuqing had finished frying the two dishes and started to handle the fresh shrimp, her good helper, Lin Xian, started to make fun of her.

1 “The old king selling melons and boasting” is based of a story. The story goes like this: Once upon a time there was a man named Wang Po who took refuge in a village in the countryside. He had made a living by harvesting and selling melons (the cantaloupes) and had brought with him the seeds. He planted them and tried to sell them but no one knew what they were nor did they look appetizing. He claimed and boasted that they were sweeter than any other watermelons, he kept boasting until someone eventually came forward to try it. One person became five, five became ten, and ten became a hundred. Eventually, one day, the Emperor went to the market and saw a crowd of people. He asked left and right, “What’s the noise?” A bystander replied, “Emperor, he is a melon seller who attracts everyone.” The Emperor found it interesting and decided to watch. After a while, Wang Po spotted the Emperor and didn’t panic, instead he asked the Emperor to try his melons. Once the Emperor tasted it, he praised that it was sweeter than honey and asked, “If your melons were this good, why do you keep boasting?” When Wang Po heard the question he answered, “Emperor, this melon is well-known in the Western Regions. People of the Central Plains do not know of it. No one will buy it.” The Emperor said with emotion: “It is better to boast when you do business, like a king who sells melons and boast yourself. What’s wrong?” As soon as the emperor’s golden mouth opened, this sentence spread throughout the Yellow River from the north to the south until today. The end. Basically it means to exaggerate and think highly of yourself.
2 A fluffy and happy Samoyed picture

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