For The Rest of Our Life – It turns out that she is not afraid of loneliness (3)

The kitchen was the same as before, leaving only Xiao Yuqing alone and her long shadow. The sound of water flowing suddenly became abnormally distinct, and in the quiet air, it was dreadfully loud.  

Xiao Yuqing looked indifferent as she carefully scrubbed and washed. As she continued to wash, a shallow smile gradually emerged on her face.

This house, which had been deserted for a long time, seemed to be radiating life that had never been felt since Lin Xian’s arrival. It was Xiao Yuqing’s long-lost warmth. 

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t help smiling in the bottom of her heart with emotion: Xiao Yuqing, it turns out that you are not afraid of loneliness.

When Lin Xian came out of the bathroom wiping her hair after taking a shower, she heard Xiao Yuqing talking in the living room, saying, “Okay, I’ll talk to her later”, “It’s okay, I also got up early to cook in the morning…”

As Lin Xian walked to the living room, she guessed in her heart that it might be her mother on the phone.

Sure enough, as soon as Xiao Yuqing saw Lin Xian, she smiled gently and said to the other end of the phone, “Sis, Xian Xian is out of the shower. I’ll give her the phone, so you can talk to her.”

Don’t know what Zhou Qin answered on the other end of the phone, but a few seconds later, Xiao Yuqing handed the phone to Lin Xian and smiled, “Your mother is on the phone.”

Lin Xian continued to wipe her hair with one hand, took the phone with the other, placed it by her ear, sat down on the sofa and called out softly, “Mom, it’s me.”

Xiao Yuqing saw Lin Xian wiping her hair with one hand, her movements were clumsily adorable and couldn’t help but soften her eyes. She stood in front of Lin Xian and pulled the towel on top of Lin Xian’s head with both hands, saying warmly, “I’ll dry it for you.”

Lin Qian was slightly surprised at the words and raised her head to look at Xiao Yuqing.

Xiao Yuqing’s eyes were soft with a smile, blinking lightly towards her in gesture. She moved closer to Lin Xian. The movements of her hands were gentle, carefully and gently wiping Lin Xian’s hair.

Lin Xian felt like something slipped in her heart, and she couldn’t catch the trace for a moment. She didn’t listen to what her mother was saying anymore, she couldn’t help feeling the gentle movement on her head seriously.

Until Zhou Qin noticed Lin Xian’s absent-mindedness did she raise her voice to wake Lin Xian up, “Lin Xiao Xian, are you listening to me?!”

“Ah…ah? Yes, I’m listening to you, go on…”

She also told her that she had sent some English learning materials to her mailbox and asked Lin Xian to check them out.

Lin Xian was quite obedient in terms of studying and promised Zhou Qin that she would check them when she returned to her room.

Zhou Qin thought about it and added, “Your Aunt Xiao’s grades were very good when she was a student, especially in language and literature. You can also ask her for advice if you don’t understand anything.”

Lin Xian slightly raised her eyes to look at Xiao Yuqing, but she could only see Xiao Yuqing’s slender and flexible waist and plump, white… Lin Xian’s face became hot all of a sudden. She quickly moved her eyes away and replied to her mother absently, “Okay, I understand.”

Xiao Yuqing had no idea about this. What she was thinking in her heart was that Lin Xian’s hair looked very good; black and supple, and it should feel comfortable to the touch.

Half a minute later, Xiao Yuqing wiped Lin Xian’s hair. She put away the towel and couldn’t help but gently rub the hair with her hand. It was indeed fine and soft to the touch. She curled her lips and poked Lin Xian’s shoulder, and pointed to the bathroom, indicating to Lin Xian that she was going to take a shower herself.

Lin Xian looked up at Xiao Yuqing and locked gazes with her smiling eyes for a second, feeling inexplicably hollow.

She nodded to Xiao Yuqing, indicating that she understood. As she watched Xiao Yuqing walk away, Lin Xian asked herself strangely in her heart, why did she feel so empty?

Was it because she had just thought about how Aunt Xiao’s breasts were so full? Ah, hell, what was she thinking…

Translator: I’m excited for when Lin Xian eats Xiao Yuqing. And feel free to support this novel on Ko-fi if you enjoyed it and want more chapters.

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  1. There are two reasons girls stare at other girls’ boobs. It’s either they’re envious of the size and extremely resentful of your boobs (probably unconsciously cursing them inside their heads) OR they’re just gay; openly gay, hopelessy gay, suspiciously gay, in deny gay, unconsciously gay, accidentally gay or still on the road to being a baby unicorn….or simply all of the gay definitions above

  2. I agree translator lol Lin Xian definitely seems like the one that’ll have to attack, which I really like haha, Xiao Yuqing just seems too passive and I’m sure she’s the type to let everything hold her back ….

    Lin Xian seems a lot more open and with a “fuck it” or ‘sure why not” personality.

    I also always like it when the younger one tops.

    Already noticing the feast eh.

    Not afraid of loneliness though what does that mean? Is she being sarcastic? Or does it mean that she is or what?

    I mean 1 day in and we can already tell she really appreciates someone being with her and she seems to really like Lin Xian’s outgoing, direct personality.

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