For The Rest of Our Life – It turns out that she is not afraid of loneliness (2)

Xiao Yuqing thought for a moment and said, “Forget it.”

Lin Xian continued, glowing, “Since we are all mature and independent people, we must have mature and independent behaviors and make mature agreements. Come, let’s drink red wine and toast to celebrate.”

Xiao Yuqing giggled lightly and circled a large circle, originally waiting for her here. She sighed leisurely, looking helpless, and after a long while, faintly said, “No, can, do.”

Lin Xian gave a “hey,” and slumped her head, half lying on the table, and began to weep, “You don’t respect my integrity.”

Xiao Yuqing calmly replied, “No can do.”

Lin Xian continued to complain, “You are disrespecting my human rights.”

Xiao Yuqing calmly and steadily drank the soup, “No can do.”

Regardless of what Lin Xian said, Xiao Yuing always smiled and answered her with an unhurried and calm repetition machine like, “No can do.”

After making a scene for a while, Lin Xian found out that Xiao Yuqing was really indifferent and insensitive. Finally, she gave up.

She straightened her back and restrained her look, looking steady, as if she wasn’t the one who was just playing a child’s temper. She cleared her throat, picked up the coconut milk, smiled and raised her glass, and said to Xiao Yuqing, “Alright then, the agreement is a success, we have a deal, happy cooperation.”

Xiao Yuqing watched her face change drastically in a short period of time and found it both new and funny and at the same time cute and touching. She raised her wine glass, smiled, and said angrily, “Silly…”

Lin Xian looked at Xiao Yuqing’s smiling face, her large black jewel-like eyes smiling into crescent moons. She candidly accepted Xiao Yuqing’s anger, listening to her gentle and clear voice, she felt as if her heart had suddenly become soft in a flash.

After finishing her meal, Xiao Yuqing naturally began to clean up the dishes. Lin Xian also stood up and helped move the dishes on the table to the kitchen together with Xiao Yuqing.

When Xiao Yuqing almost put on her apron and was about to wash the dishes, Lin Xian grabbed Xiao Yuqing’s hand and offered, “You cooked so I’ll wash the dishes.”

Xiao Yuqing shook her head and smiled gently, “No need, there aren’t many dishes. I’ll finish washing them soon, you go take a shower. It’s been a busy day.”

Lin Xian frowned, her clear eyes were filled with perseverance, “I can’t do nothing. I can’t cook, I can’t help you with anything, but I can wash the dishes. I can help you, I can clean them very well.”

Xiao Yuqing’s eyes softened as she looked at the serious and insistent look of the young girl in front of her. She slightly pondered and suggested, “Usually you’re not free in terms of class time, so I’ll take care of everything in the kitchen. If you want to do something for the house, then how about this, every weekend we’ll do a big cleaning and this cleaning will all be left to you, okay?”

Lin Xian thought about it briefly and felt that what Xiao Yuqing said was not unreasonable and that the proposal was doable. So she nodded, loosened her hold on the apron and promised, “Okay, I’ll do it. Don’t even help me on the weekend when I’m cleaning up, don’t steal my work.”

Xiao Yuqing laughed, “Of course, I’ll be lazy if I can, why should I grab it. I’m not as silly as you.”

Lin Xian also laughed, showing a mouthful of small white teeth, and said plainly, “That’s not necessarily true.”

Xiao Yuqing tied on her apron, smiled nonchalantly, and said, “Alright then, go take a shower. Washing your hair too late will not be easy to dry. Do you need me to explain to you how to use the water heater?”

Lin Xian answered her as she walked out, “No need, I should be able to understand it with a little practice. I’ll go wash up then.”

Xiao Yuqing softly responded with “En” but Lin Xian had already walked away and probably didn’t hear her.

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