For The Rest of Our Life – It turns out that she is not afraid of loneliness (1)

More than half an hour later, the food was ready to be served. The table mats were light grey with white and light blue porcelain dishes which held five-colored delicate dishes. Xiao Yuqing’s plate was as beautiful as a piece of art. Lin Xian was secretly astonished.

In the supermarket, Xiao Yuqing had asked Lin Xian what kind of drinks she liked to drink on a regular basis. After getting Lin Xian’s answer, she brought a large box of coconut milk back to prepare it. At this point, it came in handy immediately.

As for Xiao Yuqing herself, she took a red wine from the wine cabinet and paired it with a clear glass.

When Lin Xian saw the red wine in Xiao Yuqing’s hand, her eyes started to shine and she looked like she was eager to try it. Usually at home Zhou Qin and Lin Qin practically had a small glass of red wine every night to help them sleep, but for Lin Xian, she was required not to touch wine until she was an adult. However, the more parents don’t allow their kids to do something, the more they would want to do it.

This rule also applies to Lin Xian occasionally. For example, Lin Xian is extremely curious about red wine and really wants to try it. Now that she was free from Zhou Qin’s strict rule and the gentle and affectionate Xiao Yuqing was in front of her, Lin Xian felt that she had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try it out.

After they took their seats, Xiao Yuqing immediately gave Lin Xian a piece of sweet and sour pork cutlet with a pair of chopsticks and said with a smile, “You shouted that it smells good when it was deep-fried just now, and almost grabbed it with your hands. Here, try it now, how does it taste.”

Lin Xian apologetically stuck out her tongue, grabbed her chopsticks, picked up the ribs and took a small bite. The heat was just right, the meat was perfectly tender. With just one bite, the meat juices overflowed from the deep-fried soft skin, leaving a fragrant taste on the lips…

As Lin Xian bit into the meat, she couldn’t help but nod her head repeatedly, praising vaguely, “It’s delicious…”

Xiao Yuqing smiled and curled her eyebrows at the sight of the little glutton…

When Lin Xian had happily nibbled on two pieces of ribs and stopped for a moment, only then did Xiao Yuqing raise her tall glass and leaned forward slightly, “Lin Xian, you are welcome.”

Lin Xian’s dark eyes turned, looking at Xiao Yuqing’s tall glass of red wine, then at her own glass of coconut milk. Pouting her lips and requested, “I also want to drink red wine. A toast with coconut milk is meaningless.”

Xiao Yuqing lightly smiled and refused, “No, you’re still young, drinking is not good.”

Xiao Yuqing, herself, actually felt that it was alright to drink a little bit of red wine to have a taste because she was curious, but Zhou Qin had specifically instructed her some things about Lin Xian earlier, and one of the things was to not let Lin Xian drink. Xiao Yuqing had promised Zhou Qin, so it was her responsibility to help monitor the situation.

In the meantime, Lin Xian looked at Xiao Yuing and frowned a little, saying seriously, “Auntie Xiao, let’s make a promise.”

Xiao Yuqing put down the wine glass in her hand and smiled gently, “Tell me.”

Lin Xian raised her eyebrows, her eyes shining brightly and sincerely said, “Putting aside my mother, treat me as a person with an independent and mature personality and become friends with me. Within reason, we maintain the privacy of both parties. For example, I don’t reveal how you work on weekdays, what time of day you’re free for blind dates, you don’t reveal if I have a crush on anyone, what friends I’ve made, and so on. The two of us get along with each other, the two of us can do things on our own, and if there are any problems and conflicts, we also solve them internally ourselves, without involving my mother, the third person. How’s that?”

Xiao Yuqing’s sparkling eyes lit up and there was a flash of surprise and appreciation. She smiled warmly and her eyes softened, “Lin Xian, you have pleasantly surprised me. I promise you.”

Lin Xian’s young and bright face had a bit of teenage pride that she couldn’t hide. Her eyebrows were full of openness and with a little pride and cunning she asked Xiao Yuqing again, “So, this is considered a promise made between two people with independent and mature personalities, correct?”

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  1. Ohhh nice terms there Lin Xian it seems you really know how to get to the heart of the matter, your mom’s quite an annoying person though good intentions or not.

    A bit of wine doesn’t really hurt like c’mon lol I was allowed to drink red wine with my family whenever we had steak, that’s just what you gotta pair steak and mash potatoes with otherwise you’re disrespecting the meal.

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