For The Rest of Our Life – If I get married, what about the little girl? (3)

After Lin Xian saw Xiao Yuqing, she was afraid that Xiao Yuqing would mention this matter to her again. When she had asked her, she wanted to find a hole to crawl into. However, she felt that she could not reveal her weakness, so she pretended to be calm and cleared her throat with ease, “I think that little girl should have already forgotten about this matter.”

Xiao Yuqing curved her eyebrows, neither opposing nor approving, just gently said, “Oh?” and gave a laugh with a smile.

Lin Xian felt her face getting hotter and hotter under her gaze. Finally, she couldn’t help but get annoyed. She stomped her foot and said in a coquettish voice, “Don’t mention this matter again.”

When Xiao Yuqing saw this, she couldn’t help but endure it, her eyes were warm like water overflowing.

Lin Xian hugged Xiao Yuqing’s arm and lovingly shook it, softly saying, “Aunt Xiao, we need to forget about this matter, you don’t even know how long I’ve been laughed at by everyone because of this incident.”

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t stand her coquettish behavior, her look softened and surrendered, “Okay, I won’t mention it anymore, whoever mentions it again in the future is a dog, okay.”

Lin Xian was satisfied, hugging Xiao Yuqing’s arm and rubbing hard against it, happy and saying, “Aunt Xiao, you’re so nice.”

Xiao Yuqing scratched her nose and lost her smile, “Clever little devil.”

Lin Xian’s black jewel-like eyes turned and seeing the situation was great, she took the opportunity to make another request, saying, “Aunt Xiao, can I call you by your name in private in the future, I feel that calling you aunt is calling you old.”

Xiao Yuqing was unconcerned and smiled, “I’m already an old aunt ah.”

Lin Xian disapproved, pursed her lips and retorted, “Nonsense, only those like my mother are old aunts.”

Xiao Yuqing was amused by her power to pit her old mother and ridiculed her, “You talk about your mother like that, I’m going to give her a report.”

Lin Xian smiled good-naturedly, “I know you won’t. Okay, can I call you by name?”

Xiao Yuqing gently helped her lift the strap back to her shoulders, and softly agreed, “You can call me whatever you like, it’s okay.”

Lin Xian got what she wanted, smiling with a quirked eyebrow, a picture of smart and silly.

After picking out the grapes, Xiao Yuqing took the shopping basket from Lin Xian’s hands and carried it to the measurement station with all the ingredients that needed to be weighed, Lin Xian didn’t follow her. In the middle of the walk, Xiao Yuqing suddenly heard someone behind her call her name, “Xiao Yuqing…” the voice, was the unique clearness of a young girl.

Xiao Yuqing suddenly felt that there was an unknown string in her heart that was gently plucked, however, in a flash, it vanished without a trace.

When she turned back, she saw Lin Xian standing ten paces away from her, tilting her head and staring at her with a smile on her face.

Lin Xian walked step by step towards Xiao Yuqing, chewing the word “Xiao Yuqing,” smiling warmly as if the ice could melt thousands of miles. “Xiao Yuqing… your name is so beautiful.”

Xiao Yuqing looked at her, infected by her smile, but she also felt her heart soften and warm somehow.

She allowed Lin Xian to reach out and hook her arm, revealing a gentle smile, said to Lin Xian, “Let’s go, after weighing we’ll go check out and get ready to go home.”

The author has something to say:
What motivated Aunt Xiao——Maybe Lin Xian’s innocent shoelessness O(∩_∩)O

Translator: Ugh!!! All the sweetness is killing me! (-1000 HP) But it’s also very cute!! (+0.02HP)

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