For The Rest of Our Life – If I get married, what about the little girl? (2)

It was so full of items, but Lin Xian frowned faintly – everything here, except for the fruits and some common characteristic vegetables, she could barely match the raw ones to the cooked ones she usually ate. She thought about it, and said, “I eat everything except coriander and durian. However, I can’ t eat anything too salty or too spicy.”

Xiao Yuqing curved her eyebrows and slightly praised, “Not picky, that’s good.” When she saw that the eggplant looked right, she reached out to take it, but Lin Xian interrupted softly, “I… I don’t really like eggplant.”

Xiao Yuqing moved and silently turned her hand in a different direction, her gaze falling on the wild chstnuts next to the eggplant.

Lin Xian hesitated, mumbling, “I think that the wild chestnuts, seem like they’re not very tasty either…”

Xiao Yuqing’s movements stalled again. She withdrew her hand and looked at Lin Xian with soft eyebrows, laughing quietly. Lin Xian blinked apologetically, quickly walked over to Xiao Yuqing, pointed to the tomatoes and said, “I think this is pretty good.”

The tomato area was full of people buying vegetables, Xiao Yuqing had no place to stand. So she stood to the left rear of Lin Xian and stuck close to her and reached out to pick the tomatoes. As she picked the tomatoes, she naturally brought a gentle smile as she whispered in Lin Xian’s ear, “Xian Xian, there’s no need to be embarrassed. We’re a family, you can treat me as your close aunt, you can be frank with me if you have any preferences and needs.”

Lin Xian felt light hot air slowly brushing by her ear, only to feel as if the tip of her heart was gently tickled by a feather. Crispy and tingly. In the next second, it seemed as if Xiao Yuqing had also sensed something, and almost unconsciously moved back a little, distancing herself from Lin Xian.

Lin Xian felt as if Xiao Yuqing moved, and then her breath was far away.

She nodded her head and softly responded to Xiao Yuqing, “En.”

The people who came to buy food were mostly middle-aged women in their thirties and forties, some with children, and a few with their husbands attached to their arms. Xiao Yuqing’s appearance was outstanding no matter where she was, and in here it was even more beautiful and somewhat out of place.

She was picking out apples with great concentration, slightly lowering her head to the side of her face, her hair slipping down, slightly hiding her pretty face, adding to the hazy beauty of her face.

Lin Xian noticed that several male gazes landed on Xiao Yuqing, and politely checked her up and down several times.

She stood to the side of Xiao Yuqing without making a sound, blocking the gaze, and, with a frown, stared at the men several times, causing them to avert their eyes in embarrassment.

She turned her head and stared at Xiao Yuqing, looked at her soft and gentle face, quiet and serene smile, and laughed a little at the thought of those men’s intoxicated and vulgar looks just now.

When Xiao Yuqing heard her laughter, she raised her head and saw Lin Xian looking at her without blinking, asking somewhat curiously, “What are you laughing at?”

Lin Xian helped Xiao Yuqing lift the plastic bag with the apples in it and replied with a smile, “I was just thinking of my mother’s blind worry.”

Xiao Yuqing was puzzled, “Why do you say that?”

Lin Xian explained frankly, “My mother is often worried that you have no destination at this age, and always wants to introduce you to someone. She’s afraid that you won’t be able to pick someone in a few years. I think she is really worrying about it.” She smiled and said sincerely, “Aunt Xiao, you are so gentle and beautiful, whoever can marry you must be a treasure. How can it be difficult to choose a partner? If you choose someone else, who wouldn’t want to marry you?”

Xiao Yuqing was always calm and was embarrassed to be praised by her. She stretched out her hand and pinched Lin Xian’s chin, with a bit of a shy smile, “Did you just steal someone’s honey, your mouth is so sweet.”

Lin Xian smiled so much that she showed a mouthful of cute little white teeth and graciously said, “What I said was true and from the bottom of my heart.”

Xiao Yuqing laughed lightly and said helplessly but with a spoiling anger, “Poor mouth.” She turned around, walked towards the grapes stall, walked for two steps, then suddenly stopped. She turned back to look at Lin Xian, her watery eyes filled with laughter, and teased, “Many years ago, there was a little girl who cried in front of many people and said she wanted to marry me. If I get married, what about the little girl?”

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  1. “Lilies Are in Full Bloom” when I recommend this manga guys it’s pretty similar to this premise.

    Mhmhmh so the mom is a busybody hu, well I get it wanting to see your friend get a partner and all but still … Are they really such good friends if mom doesn’t know Xian Yuqing’s preferences?

    Well it is china and all ….

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