For The Rest of Our Life – If I get married, what about the little girl? (1)

Entering the supermarket, the two of them first went to the daily necessities section to choose slippers.

Xiao Yuqing looked at the rows of slippers up and down on the shelves and smiled sideways and asked Lin Xian, “What style and color do you like?”

Lin Xian casually took down a pair of slippers from the shelf to check them out. The corners of her lips had an upturned curve, and she asked Xiao Yuqing back slyly, “Aunt Xiao, what color and style do you think I like?”

With a slight smile and a glance up and down, Xiao Yuqing reached out without hesitation and took a pair of flat slippers with an anime chinchilla pattern from the highest place. She waved the slippers in her hand in front of Lin Xian and smiled, “I guess you like this.”

Lin Xian gazed at the slippers in Xiao Yuqing’s hand, but she was really surprised. She took the slippers and said in amazement, “This pair is so cute!” Saying that, she looked up with her eyes shining brightly and asked Xiao Yuqing, “How did you guess, Aunt Xiao?”

Xiao Yuqing looked at her somewhat childish smile and also felt a little cheerful, so she didn’t play tricks and said frankly, “When I was younger, I bought you a birthday present and had asked your mother what you liked. She said you liked chinchillas. When I was just sorting out clothes with you, I found that you had a few T-shirts with a chinchilla on them, so I guessed that your preferences probably haven’t changed.”

Lin Xian hugged the slippers and gawked, “So long ago, you remember everything.”

Xiao Yuqing gave a soft “En” and blinked, suddenly her smile deepened and meaningfully added, “Stuff about you, I remember more than that.”

As if Lin Xian had suddenly remembered something, her smile suddenly froze. She hurriedly snatched the shopping basket from Xiao Yuqing’s hands, put her slippers into the shopping basket and walked forward quickly as if it was natural. Changing the subject to acknowledge Xiao Yuqing, she said, “Aunt Xiao, let’s go buy something else.”

Xiao Yuqing watched her run away and couldn’t help it.

The two of them lingered in the daily necessities section again, buying teacups, shampoo, shower gel, sanitary napkins, etc., before moving on to the fresh fruit and vegetable section.

When buying sanitary napkins, Lin Xian was somewhat shy and nervous. Although it has been several years, but these things are usually prepared by Zhou Qin for her. This is the first time she came to purchase them on her own. She watched the strangers picking out the items, always feeling embarrassed and inexplicable.

But Xiao Yuqing was very generous, carefully looking up and down at the various brands and styles. As she stood beside Lin Xian, she turned her head and saw Lin Xian’s slow movement, so it didn’t take her long to understand what the girl was thinking. She smoothed her glossy hair behind her ear and asked Lin Xian in a warm voice, “What brand do you usually use, cotton soft or mesh?”

Lin Xian’s exposed small white ears flushed red. Hesitantly, she lowered her voice before answering Xiao Yuqing, “Sophie, the net surface.”

With a gentle look, Xiao Yuqing touched Lin Xian’s little red ears and thoughtfully said, “I’ll write it down, I’ll just come buy it in the future.” Saying that, she carefully identified and took a few packs of daily use, a few packs of night use, and the extended version of night use from the shelves and put them into the shopping basket that Lin Xian was carrying in her hand. And then, she reached out and clasped the shopping basket’s handle, smiling, “I’ll carry it.”

Lin Xian didn’t want to let go, but at the sight of the bags of Pink Sophie that were exposed to the public’s view, in the end, she numbly let go and handed over the shopping basket to Xiao Yuqing. She thought about it and suggested, “I’ll go get another basket later, specifically to hold the food I’ll buy later.”

With a smile and a nod, Xiao Yuqing chimed in, ” Okay, I remember that there is a supply near the fresh produce area. The fruits and vegetables might be a bit heavy, so it will be hard for you then.”

The young girl’s ebony eyes were filled with a clear smile, and she responded in one breath, “It’s okay, I’m strong.”

At the fruits and vegetables fresh area, Xiao Yuqing seriously asked Lin Xian, “Do you have any taboos? How about taste preferences?”

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  1. I still don’t understand what’s so embarrassing on buying pads in public tho? Maybe because from a young age, my mother, older girl cousins, aunts and older sister always make me buy their pads and as the youngest one at that time I had no choice but to follow what the elders order me to. So when I had my first period AT school DURING break time, I wasn’t that all embarrassed to burrow a jacket from a guy classmate/friend, buy my own pad and visit the clinic for an extra panty on my own. Even until now, as a young adult, I still don’t feel embarrassed by it. There was even one time where I had to buy bunch of pads for my younger sibling and I(bec we had the same timing that day) at a store where I just smiled casually at a man that was next to me in the queue……….ah… Or is this jiejie perhaps the only abnormal one here? 🤦🏻‍♀️

    1. Idk. I feel the same. (Except I still feel embarrassed for staring at pads for a long period of time because I can’t tell the difference.) I’m pretty open when it comes to talking about periods, pads, and tampons. I mean, come on, I mention periods in front of guys because they should KNOW about it. No need to get all embarrassed and tell me that there’s a guy there, Ik there is a guy there but he’s a grown man. If a guy asks me about periods I tell them. Some of them have very little knowledge of it and need to be educated. However, although I don’t mind telling them I would never show them.

      1. Its cuz at the end of the day it’s a very personal thing, nothing to be ashamed of sure but it’s not just a topic you bring up just cuz and different people have different levels of shame and anything having to do with something so private can be shameful, it’s weird just bringing it up and trying to teach someone about it.

  2. I love this author’s writing style he can really capture the essence of the characters so fast and characterize them so well.

    Like already we know that Xiao Yuqing has a good memory, a soft temper, is attentive and knows how to make people feel calm and is in a sense reserved and a bit quiet.

    Lin Xian though is a boisterous teenager that is just hitting that sweet spot of wanting to become more independent and free from her overly pushy mother but is still a very conscientious girl that knows her mom is doing her best for her so she’s chill about it, active, happy-go-lucky type of person that seems pretty straightforward but is still quite childish and knows it

    Haha I’m loving it already really.

    1. Also we’re early in but this author is also great at expressing the characters emotions and state of mind she’s just got a way with words and expressing feelings.

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