For The Rest of Our Life – I think I’ve seen you before… (3)

Xiao Yuqing put away her umbrella, and saw Lin Xian on her feet, swaying her head and looking around. It was extraordinarily cute, so she couldn’t help but tease her, “Lin Xian, let’s have a competition to see who can find your placement information first, the one who loses will be in charge of the dishes tonight, how about it?”

Lin Xian frowned and looked at Xiao Yuqing, who was half a head taller than her, then at the black swarm of heads in front of her, and protested with dissatisfaction, “No, that’s not fair. You’re so much taller than me…”

Xiao Yuqing chuckled, “I’ll lend you my shoes to wear?”

Lin Xian pursed her lips and snorted, unconvinced, “Hmph, Shanren have their own tricks1.” After saying that, she was like a loach and began to squeeze into the front of the crowd at every opportunity.

After being surprised, Xiao Yuqing laughed dumbly, this clever little devil.

After three minutes, Xiao Yuqing moved several times and finally found Lin Xian’s name on the class list of Finance Class 3. She raised her eyebrows and searched for Lin Xian’s figure in the crowd. At the same time, Lin Xian also stood on tiptoe, turned around and looked at Xiao Yuqing outside the crowd.

As a result, Xiao Yuqing saw a high ponytail in front of her and than the young, tender and beautiful face of Lin Xian. The eyes of the two collided, almost at the same time, they opened their lips lightly and said a few words, “Finance Class 3.”

In the next second, the two of them looked at each other and laughed softly in unison.

Lin Xian squeezed out of the crowd, her eyebrows dancing with a bit of pride, “It’s even, but I think I’m a bit better.”

Xiao Yuqing indulged her, “Yes, Lin Xian is the best.” As if coaxing a child.

They followed their respective classes and found the Finance Class 3 check-in booth, queued up for a while, handed in the bank receipt for the payment of fees and received their campus cards according to the instructions of the senior sister in charge of check-in. They thought that the check-in schedule could end here, but when the school sister heard that Lin Xian was a day student and did not apply for accommodation. She was a little surprised and gave a new instruction-go to the college office building to talk to the counselor, then go to the service center to pick up her military training uniform.

Lin Xian didn’t know how long it would take to get there, let alone whether the journey was far. It was almost noon and the sun was getting hotter and hotter. She looked up and saw a layer of sweat on Xiao Yuqing’s forehead. Lin Xian looked at the senior sister who was assigned to show her the way, and then at Xiao Yuqing, she suggested, “Aunt Xiao, why don’t I go follow the senior sister to find a counselor, then go to get my clothes. Can you wait for me here? It’s also closer to the parking area, so you’ll be able to walk a little less later.”

Xiao Yuqing was fine with taking a few more steps, but she nodded her head and readily agreed as she looked at the equally young girl next to Lin Xian and thought that perhaps in her absence, Lin Xian could be a little more carefree about communicating with her senior sister.

She handed Lin Xian her umbrella and promised, “Okay, go ahead, I’ll wait for you here.”

Lin Xian refused, “Keep the umbrella Aunt Xiao, I’m not really afraid of the sun.”

Xiao Yuqing dimly looked at Lin Xian, and then at the young girl waiting beside her, and teased, “You’re not afraid, but the young lady beside you may be afraid. Take it and cover up together.”

The senior sister in the red voluntary department uniform had actually been secretly checking out this pretty and elegant sister. After suddenly being named, she even waved her hand repeatedly in panic and bluntly said, “I… I’m not afraid either.”

Xiao Yuqing still insisted. She put the umbrella in Lin Xian’s hand and said with relief, “It’s okay. If I am too hot, I can find a cooler place to hide. It will be different for you when you walk on the road. Take it. Go ahead and follow the senior sister.”

In the end, Lin Xian couldn’t resist Xiao Yuqing and was convinced, so she had to repeatedly instruct her that if it was too hot, she could just go somewhere to enjoy the shade. Then she would just go find her.

Hearing this, Xiao Yuqing remembered something and asked Lin Xian, “Your mother said she bought you a cell phone, but I still don’t know your number.”

Lin Xian pursed her mouth and whispered with dissatisfaction, “But I know yours is 134637929xx, xx929736431. Aunt Xiao, you haven’t done enough homework.”

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t help but be startled. Did Lin Xian actually recite it backwards? Her smile softened more and she sincerely admitted her mistake, “Yes, yes, yes, I was wrong.”

Lin Xian generously accepted and took out her phone from her trouser pocket, unlocking it. While her fingers flew and three seconds later, Xiao Yuqing’s phone rang. Lin Xian smiled and said, “Just write in the contact, Super Invincible Beautiful Girl.”

Xiao Yuqing couldn’t help but laugh as she typed in the contact name “little one” on her phone, urging her with a smile, “Go quickly, senior sister has been waiting for you for a long time.”

Lin Xian then waved his hand at her and said goodbye, “Alright, that super invincible beautiful girl will excuse herself first.”

Xiao Yuqing looked at her back and smiled helplessly and tenderly.

The author has something to say.
Lin Xian: Secretly take a small notebook and write down all the bad people who wants Aunt Xiao to punish me! Huh!?
Defeated by your cuteness, hahaha, let me mosaic the numbers.

1 “Shanren have their own tricks” means you have your own strategy to deal with the situation

Translator: Oops. Uhhh…in the author’s note I was definitely one of the “bad people” who wanted to see her get punished. Heh I’m sorry Lin Xian.
Just a minor update from me but my baby boy has been feeling sick since yesterday and he’s taking a nap right now so I’m trying to update this chapter and Mary Sue today because I’ll be taking him to get check out tomorrow. Wish him luck!
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