For The Rest of Our Life – I think I’ve seen you before… (2)

At 7:50, the two finally left together, got into the car and drove to Jiangnan University.

On the way there, Lin Xian sat in the passenger seat and chatted with Xiao Yuqing from time to time. When they were almost at Jiangnan University, Lin Xian suddenly asked Xiao Yuqing on a whim, “Aunt Xiao, which school did you used to go to?”

Xiao Yuqing gave her a sidelong glance and asked back with a small smile, “Didn’t your mother tell you?”

Lin Xian thought back, Zhou Qin had only mentioned that Xiao Yuqing’s grades were very good, and indeed didn’t say which school she was from. But…with good grades, the university she entered must be a major university, right? Then later, she got into her grandfather’s graduate school in the same city… She blessed her soul and spoke out, “Aunt Xiao, you also graduated from Jiangnan, didn’t you?”

Xiao Yuqing looked at her approvingly, “En, my undergraduate degree is from the Jiangnan Chinese Department. By the way, you’re also considered as my junior sister, but I’m a bit old.”

Lin Xian immediately retorted with a fury, “Nonsense, Aunt Xiao, you don’t look old at all. You’re in your early twenties at most, if you wear the same t-shirt and shorts as me to school today, people will probably think that you’re a freshman like me.”

Regardless of whether what Lin Xian said was true or not, good words always sounded soothing, and the smile of Xiao Yuqing’s lips couldn’t help but rise more and more. She turned a corner and looked at Lin Xian, her eyes held a soft anger towards her, “You can talk.”

Lin Xian vowed to her name, “I’m telling the truth.” Her eyes turned, her nosiness livened up, and she began to ask Xiao Yuqing, “Aunt Xiao, you’re so beautiful and have good grades, when you were studying you must have been the talk of the school, the goddess of boys’ hearts, did you receive love letters by the bucketful?”

Xiao Yuqing broke her fantasy with a slight absurdity, “Back then, when we wrote love letters to whoever, all of the department would know all of a sudden. When I first went to university, Jiangnan just had a new principal, and the learning style became very strict. There was a boy who made a heart-shaped candle confession under the dormitory building during Christmas at night, and he was caught by the security department, criticized by the campus circular, and was also disciplined to do a review at the department’s annual meeting.”

Lin Xian didn’t believe it, “If you can chase the person you like, it’s okay to be criticized by the circular. If you lose the whole world but can win the heart of one person, it’s worth it to be a bear in the eyes of the insignificant people and a hero in the eyes of your sweetheart. What’s wrong with that? Those who don’t dare to do it are cowards, and if it were me, I wouldn’t be afraid at all.”

When Xiao Yuqing heard this, the ten fingers gripping the steering wheel stiffened almost imperceptibly.

Startled, she turned the steering wheel to the right to enter the school, and only a long time after, she sighed softly, her tone seemed to be envious and lost, “Children…”

In the meantime, Lin Xian was about to say something, but the next moment she heard Xiao Yuqing turn off the engine, reminding her, “We’re here, let’s get off.”

Lin Xian turned to look at the car window and realized that they had entered the campus at some point. There were special signs directing the vehicles to enter the temporary parking lot that was divided. This was how Xiao Yuqing followed the traffic and parked her car in the temporary parking lot.

The campus is full of bustling crowds, including new students chattering with their parents, veteran volunteers running to and from to guide the new students, and older students yelling at the top of their lungs to sell everyday items. University students generally live on campus, and most of the new students and parents who had come from afar had large bags of luggage in their hands, and only a few of them had nothing in their hands.

Xiao Yuqing had graduated many years ago, but the school hadn’t changed much over the years. When she got off the car, she opened her sun umbrella to shield herself from the sun that was already high in the sky, and then she walked with Lin Xian to the Finance and Economics area. As she walked, she also introduced the artificial lakes and buildings that they passed by, and occasionally interjected some anecdotes about the history of the school and famous alumni. Lin Xian hid under the shade of the umbrella, listening to the stories with great interest. When the welcome volunteers saw the two of them empty-handed and in a leisurely posture, they assumed that they were not new students, so no volunteers came up to welcome and lead the way.

When she entered the area, she saw a huge banner in front of a building, under which there were chairs and tables, each with a person sitting in front of it. A little beside it, there was a long bulletin board, where several layers of people were surrounding it inside and out.

A smile could not help but be on Xiao Yuqing’s lips, after all these years, the place still hasn’t changed at all.

She turned her head over to the side and pointed to the place where the crowd was swarming in the distance, and said to Lin Xian, “The class division notice should be there, let’s go over and have a look before we find the class registration place.”

Lin Xian, following the good advice, trailed beside Xiao Yuqing and responded, “Okay.”

When they reached the bulletin board, Lin Xian and Xiao Yuqing realized that there were far more people than they had imagined. The class division notices and dormitory arrangements for several majors throughout Finance and Economics were posted on the same bulletin board. They were separated by several layers of people and could only stretch their necks to look at the notice board.

Xiao Yuqing was not short and was wearing high heels, so it wasn’t too hard for her to check the notice. But Lin Xian couldn’t, and could only stand on her tiptoes, struggling to look at the board.

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  1. Lin Xian should just ask her tall wifey to look at the notice for her. That’s one of the perks of being short you know~ you don’t have to battle yourself with the crowd of tall people. Just order your wifey to enter the battle for you kekeke

  2. Yeah that sentence just touched Xiao Yuqing’s heart, idk if she was cowardly herself and wished she could be strong or a person she liked rejected her out if fear of what others would think but ….

    Its not really children being brave girl there’s just people that are brave and can handle others cuz they really don’t care about random people, but others get too caught up in what “society” will think, we only live once though so might as well enjoy it and always put yourself first.

    I hope you live up to those words mc.

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