For The Rest of Our Life – How’s your Aunt, do you like her? (2)

Lin Xian still rejected her good intentions and insisted, “There’s really no need, I can wash it myself.”

When Xiao Yuqing saw her insistence, her eyelashes fluttered twice, smiled, and she no longer insisted on persuading her. She changed the subject and asked Lin Xian, “What time are you going to be checking in at school tomorrow morning?” There is no fixed time for reporting to the university. Lin Xian doesn’t have to clean up the dormitory or purchase groceries, so it’s a lot more convenient and relaxing.

Lin Xian replied without hesitation, “At about half-past eight.” Zhou Qin specifically told her to go early and not to rush for everything.

Xiao Yuqing then volunteered, “Then I’ll send you to check in tomorrow. You don’t need to stay in a dormitory, so you only need to go there to pay the tuition and get your military training clothes1. But the university is not like high school. The campus is bigger and you may not be familiar with the road the first time you go. It just so happens that I also have time tomorrow, so let’s go together and I can introduce you to the usual route to school on the way.”

Lin Xian used to start the new semester with Zhou Qin driving her there, the reason was that the new semester books would also be distributed after registration. If you don’t have a seat on the bus, it will be a difficult journey home. Zhou Qin and Lin Qin couldn’t get away from their work because the new semester starts tomorrow, so they thought that Lin Xian could get a bus from Xiao Yuqing to there, so they agreed to let Lin Xian go without any worries.  Faced with Xiao Yuqing’s proposal, Lin Xian was somewhat tempted, but she still hesitated and asked slowly, “Would it be too much trouble for you?”

Xiao Yuqing then reached out and gently tapped Lin Xian’s nose, with an angry, spoiled voice, “I said don’t be polite to me, and it’s not troublesome at all, silly.”

Lin Xian’s eyes looked at Xiao Yuqing momentarily. Under the dim light with only a thin dress, the elegance of Xiao Yuqing added a few points of charming and touching, making her almost forget to react.

Xiao Yuqing raised her hand again and gently touched the tip of Lin Xian’s hair. There was still a little bit of wetness, so she softly ordered her, “Your hair is still wet and it’s not good to leave it alone, so go and dry your hair.”

Lin Xian looked away and nodded obediently, promising her, “Okay.”

Not long after, when the hands were just pointing at ten o’clock, Lin Xian’s door was knocked on by Xiao Yuqing. At that moment, Lin Xian was leaning on the bed with her headphones on, listening to music.

Xiao Yuqing brought in a glass of warm milk and gently placed it on Lin Xian’s bedside table.

When Lin Xian took off her headphones, she heard Xiao Yuqing’s soft voice reminding her, “You have to prepare to get up early from tomorrow onwards, so rest early at night.”

Lin Xian nodded her head in a good manner.

Bending over slightly, some strands of Xiao Yuqing’s hair slipped down from the side of her ear. She gently swept them behind her ear and picked up the electronic alarm clock on the bedside table, her eyes sparkled, asking Lin Xian, “Do you need me to set the alarm for you?”

Lin Xian thought about it briefly and nodded, “En, set it to six-thirty, I should be able to make it in time.”

However, Xiao Yuqing was a little pensive and suggested, “I’ll help you set it for seven, and since you want to get there at eight-thirty, I’ll send you over in time. Get some more sleep.” Her smile slowly bloomed up to her eyes as she joked, “It’s not good if you sleep less and don’t grow taller.”

Lin Xian frowned and muttered, “That can’t be true. All these years, in order to study well, I got up earlier than a chicken and slept later than a dog. Now I know how much my height has shrunk for this, it’s so sad. Well, I don’t want to study anymore. I have to go to bed early and get up late. If I study again, I won’t be able to grow any taller.”

Xiao Yuqing looked at her little appearance of teeth and claws and couldn’t help but say, “Nonsense.”

She carefully helped Lin Xian set the alarm clock and gently put it back on the bedside table before telling her, “Go to sleep soon, good night.”

Lin Xiangyi also put away the terrible appearance that she had just made, gave a smile, and softly responded to Xiao Yuqing, “En, you should also go to bed soon, good night.”

It wasn’t until after she closed the door and her back disappeared from Lin Xian’s view that she slowly averted her gaze.

Maybe it was because it was a new environment or because her mind was too excited or some other reason, but after Lin Xian finished drinking the milk, brushed her teeth, and turned off the light to go to bed, she couldn’t sleep.

After half an hour of struggling in the darkness, Lin Xian decided to get up and go play with the computer, waiting for sleep to come to her. But perhaps it was because she had promised Xiao Yuqing that she would go to bed early, she felt a little guilty. So, she walked to the door and locked it carefully. Then, not daring to turn on the light, she went to the computer and turned it on.

Shortly after the clock struck twelve, in the study room, Xiao Yuqing finally set down her work plans and the direction of the topic for next week. She moved her shoulders, stood up, and went to the living room to get water.

Not far from the opposite side of the study was Lin Xian’s bedroom, the only way to the living room. As she passed by Lin Xian’s room, Xiao Yuqing keenly heard something. There seemed to be the crackling sound of the keyboard coming from Lin Xian’s room, which was particularly distinguishable in the silent night.

Xiao Yuqing was slightly stunned and her footsteps trailed off, thinking that it was her own illusion. But when she stopped and raised her ears to listen carefully, she found that it wasn’t her illusion. The sound of the keyboard was definitely coming from Lin Xian’s room.

Xiao Yuqing’s always warm eyes gradually turned dark, her eyebrows slightly furrowed. A few seconds later, she slowly walked past Lin Xian’s door and went to the living room.

The author has something to say:
Lin Xian: Seriously, will I grow any taller in university?

1 I’m not sure if I ever mentioned or if you know but military training is required in China for every university students ranging from two weeks to a month

Translator: Hahaha Lin Xian shouldn’t be worrying about her height but how she got caught for staying up late. And shockingly, I still had a lot of my stuff at my parent’s place and there were so much dust. Ewwww. Anyways, feel free to support this novel on Ko-fi if you enjoyed it and want more chapters.

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  1. Aiya…. Lin Xian don’t worry child. You are not alone. This jiejie is right beside you, I’m even shorter than you. But fear not for this jiejie believes that the shorter you are, the more dangerous you are. My, being tall isn’t that great you know~ they always bump their heads and foreheads when entering the car you know~ they have a hard time looking for jeans that fit their height you know~ they’re always the one to suffer holding the umbrella when they’re walking with shorter people during the rain you know~ they’re also always the one to suffer grabing stuffs that are too high for shorter people to reach you know~ they always have to bend low when taking a selfie or a groupie with shorter people you know~ they don’t look cute wearing cute clothes no matter how addicted they are to cute things you know~ and they’re always suffering from the hands of shorter people you know~ like being forced to become a horse for a piggy back ride you know~ being that tall isn’t superior at all you know? You should be proud of your short height like me you know? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m just stating all the facts here you know~ 😊

  2. Will she? I kinda get the feeling she will grow taller then Xiao Yuqing so we can have that “at this moment Xiao Yuqing realized she now had to look up to look into Lin Xian’s eyes, the little girl has sometime grown up” moment lol.

    I’ve always had pretty bad insomnia lol thankfully my school hours were from 1 pm to 8 pm.

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