For The Rest of Our Life – How’s your Aunt, do you like her? (1)

After hanging up the phone, Lin Xian went back to the bedroom and turned on the computer. She turned on QQ and then opened the mailbox to check the information Zhou Qin had sent her.

Thirty minutes later, she had carefully listened to one piece of audio and did two readings. After stretching for a while, Lin Xian found that there was a guy’s picture in the QQ1 message bar constantly jumping.

Lin Xian recognized that the message came from Xu Chengjun when she saw the old picture that had remained unchanged for thousands of years and a smile appeared on her face.

The two of them have known each other since they were young. Although Xu Chengjun is four years older than Lin Xian and is quite mischievous, Xu Chengjun always takes care of Lin Xian and is not afraid of teasing from his friends. Lin Xian also likes to play with him and treats him like her own brother. After graduating from high school, Xu Chengjun had gone to the US to study abroad, but he and Lin Xian always kept in touch with each other on the Internet.

Throughout the summer, Xu Chengjun and Lin Qian played games, hunted materials, and played in the arena.

The first thing that Lin Xian saw when Xu Chengjun looked for her was that the poor ranking in the arena this week was saved and she couldn’t be happier.

Xu Chengjun had heard earlier that Zhou Qin was going to entrust Lin Xian to an aunt she was not familiar with, so tonight, he specifically came to ask how Lin Xian felt on the first day of staying there.

Lin Xian kept screaming “Aunt Xiao” one after another, and she didn’t feel much after she got used to it. The first time Xu Chengjun asked her, “How’s your aunt?” At the same time, she suddenly felt that the word “aunt” was an eyesore and sounded harsh to her ears.

She trailed off and corrected Xu Chengjun, “Don’t call someone an Aunt, at most she’s a sister. She’s not much older than you. If you call her Aunt, I can call you Uncle.”

Xu Chengjun was happy, it seemed that Lin Xian felt good about this aunt. He had a good temper and said, “Sister then, how about sister, is it to your liking?”

Lin Xian thought of Xiao Yuqing, and her eyes unconsciously had a bright look in them. With one hand on her chin and a bright smile on her face that she hadn’t even noticed, she half-joked back to him, “It’s more to my liking than my mother anyway.” On second thought, she also asked Xu Chengjun, “Brother Chengjun, do you have time now?”

Xu Chengjun was familiar with Lin Xian’s temperament. Whenever Lin Xian calls him “brother”, she must be asking for something.

Sure enough, Lin Xian begged him, “Brother Chengjun, can you bring me to the arena. I only have a 20% chance of winning this week, cry2.”

Although Xu Chengjun felt that even though Lin Xian was starting school the next day and should gather her thoughts and get ready to study, he couldn’t resist Lin Xian’s begging and finally gave in and took Lin Xian to the arena.

It was about an hour later when Lin Xian came out of the arena satisfied with an 80% win rate. She said goodbye to Xu Chengjun, stood up from the computer screen, and stretched her body.

She bent her neck, twisting it left and right, and suddenly felt a little worried in her heart. She didn’t know what to do. As if she had forgotten to do something.

As she wondered what she had forgotten, she bent over to loosen her muscles. Suddenly, in a flash of inspiration, Lin Xian straightened up and ran out with a jump, rushing to the bathroom.

She remembered what she had forgotten to do and had forgotten to wash her clothes!!!!

Zhou Qin told her a thousand times that she must wash her clothes immediately after taking a shower. Don’t wait for Xiao Yuqing, who couldn’t take it anymore, and had no choice but to help her wash them.

However, Lin Xian looked at the empty bucket of dirty clothes in the bathroom and couldn’t help but rub her forehead: Miss Qin, I’m sorry, I failed to meet your expectations.

She heard the sound of splashing water on the balcony outside the living room, and occasionally, there would be one or two “brush brush” sounds. Hope returned to her heart and she ran to the balcony.

Hearing the sound of Lin Xian’s running footsteps, Xiao Yuqing turned to look at Lin Qian, lifted her eyebrows, and asked Lin Xian, “What’s wrong? Running in such a hurry.”

Lin Xian had approached Xiao Yuqing and looked at her hands, which were about to hang up her own jeans, and then at the ones that were already hanging up on the hanger. Her own white t-shirt, undergarments, and panties….

Lin Xian’s face suddenly turned red. Ashamed and embarrassed, she stammered and explained, “I’m sorry, Aunt Xiao. I’m sorry to trouble you, I forgot… I forgot to wash my clothes right away… I didn’t mean to leave them for you to wash…”

Xiao Yuqing smiled slightly at the words, “I was wondering what was wrong. It’s okay, I washed it together in passing. If you want to say sorry, it should also be me who should say that. I washed your clothes without your consent, I hope you don’t mind.”

Lin Xian waved her hands repeatedly, “No no no, I can’t even thank you enough.”

Xiao Yuqing laughed out softly and said warmly, “Then from now on, all the clothes you change into will be washed by me together.”

Lin Xian shook her head and refused repeatedly, “No, no, I’ll just wash them myself. I’m so old. I still have the ability to wash two loads of clothes, so I don’t need to bother you, Aunt Xiao.” As she spoke, her eyes couldn’t help but drift to her hanging underwear, how embarrassing it was.

Xiao Yuqing noticed Lin Xian’s gaze and had a few seconds of clarity. She washed her hands and said understandingly, “Then I’ll only wash your outer clothes and the underwear is for you in the future. You will wash them yourself, is that okay?”

1 QQ and WeChat are two popular communication apps in China
2 (╥︣__╥᷅)

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      1. Yes!!! Haha, trying to catch up until here, the story is really interesting. ^^

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  2. Ohh a good friend that will probably have to hear Lin Xiao talk about how much she likes her big sis? Lol maybe even helps her realize it by pulling the “you sure talk a lot about Xiao Yuqing are you sure you don’t like her” and makes mc have that epiphany of “do I ?”.

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