For The Rest of Our Life – Happily Living together (5)

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She looked at her watch and reminded her mother, “Mom, it’s four o’clock. Didn’t you say you were going to have a meeting at six o’clock? Do you still have time?”

Mother Zhou originally wanted to help her sort her luggage. Taking a look at her watch, it really was too late. She was embarrassed to say to Xiao Yuqing, “I wanted to help out and eat together in the evening. The restaurants were all booked, but the school temporarily informed me of the meeting and I have to hurry back.”

Xiao Yuqing replied, “It’s okay, sister, do we need this kind of courtesy between us? We can eat a meal anytime, you can go ahead and go back to work.”

Mother Zhou nodded and smiled comfortably, “Then we will get together again when there is time.”

Xiao Yuqing also smiled, “Well, Wen Tong also has not seen you for a long time, and has been thinking about when to gather together.” Wen Tong was a classmate of Xiao Yuqing when she was studying back in graduate school and was also another disciple of Mother Zhou’s father, Zhou Qin’s other sister.

Mother Zhou said swiftly, “That’s exactly when we will make an appointment. I will leave now.”

Xiao Yuqing and Lin Xian sent Mother Zhou out together back at the entrance of the door. Xiao Yuqing suddenly remembered the previous preparation, and from the door frame, removed a spare key to give to Mother Zhou. Making it more convenient for her to come to see Lin Xian at any time.

Before leaving, Mother Zhou couldn’t help but quickly reminded Lin Xian, “Listen to your Aunt Xiao, don’t give her any trouble.”

Lin didn’t answer back. Xiao Yuqing smiled and said, “Sister, Lin Xian is very sensible.”

In the end, Mother Zhou was a little proud when she heard Xiao Yuqing boasting about her child. She raised her eyebrows and laughed, and finally solemnly said, “Little Xiao, Lin Xian will trouble you and work hard. Don’t get used to her, you can do whatever you want. I trust you, and I will entrust you with full power. I’ve given you trouble, sister is here thank you.”

Xiao Yuqing bent her eyebrows, reached out to touch Mother Zhou’s arms, and gently shook it a bit. She sincerely said, “Sister, don’t be so polite, we are a family. You entrusted Lin Xian to me, you can rest assured.”

Lin Xian couldn’t stand such politeness, looked at the time, cleared her throat, and said, “Mom, it’s four fifteen. If you don’t leave, don’t think about having dinner and a meeting again.”

Mother Zhou said, “Oh,” and finally left in a hurry.  

At the age of 17, I feel that the vast sky and sea are the best place to go. It is rare to leave the house and the parents, just as happy as a bird that left the cage. Lin Xian looked at her mother’s hurried figure and had no worries at all. She smiled like a little fox who succeeded in being stealthy and heartless.

However, when her mother left and closed the door, only Lin Xian and Xiao Yuqing were left. Lin Xian suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

She stood by the door, not knowing herself for a while, where to go, neither standing nor sitting.

Xiao Yuqing seemed to see her anxiety and suddenly laughed with a “Pfft”.

Lin Xian looked up at her and saw that Xiao Yuqing’s eyes looked like the autumn water. She smiled and stretched her hand to scratch her nose. Her voice, warm and pleasant, said “Lin Xian, happy living together.”

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